oklahoma city homes for sale: Seven Hot Home Improvement Trends That Make Your House Work for You – Part I - 07/15/11 11:16 AM
Homeowners in Norman, Oklahoma like their homes to work harder (and smarter!) for every hard-earned dollar they spend on maintenance and improvement. They're no longer looking for bigger spaces; instead, they want flexible, efficient spaces that create order. They're also looking for ways to preserve their weekends, by focusing on maintenance-free exteriors.
This week and next, we'll look at some home improvement trends which have been found by houselogic.com to improve the way homeowners live happily with their homes.
The hottest new thing is maintenance-free siding. It lives just as long as we do, and requires a lot less upkeep. One … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: What Oklahoma City House are you Looking For? - 05/30/11 04:31 AM
What is the best method for deciding where to live? It's about the place, people, activities and what goes on in the neighborhood. How do you find the best spot for your family?
Here are some things that might sway where you choose live.   
Education: There's not just one type of school anymore. Pick one - private, charter, magnet, public - a fairly wide option from which to choose. The public systems typically adhere to district boundaries in order to enroll; though since some states are reconsidering changing this method, you will want to be very clear on it when looking … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Insurance for Your Oklahoma City Home: What's Covered? - 05/23/11 08:08 AM
Should my policy cover tornadoes? The short answer is yes. If you own a home, you should have an insurance policy to cover the dwelling and its contents. Have you reviewed the policy lately? If not, read the preparation points suggested by the Insurance Information Institue.
The Insurance Information Institute (III) notes that policies most likely cover the home and its contents for wind damage which includes tornado damage. However, III suggests every homeowner review their policy and determine if it is enough to pay for all rebuilding and replacement.
During April 2011, deadly tornadoes stretched across southern areas destroying millions of dollars … (0 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Start Oklahoma City House Shopping - 30-Year Rate Hits Low - 05/09/11 02:43 PM
If you are in the market for a house in or near Oklahoma City, start shopping today! Great news was released on another drop in mortgage rates.
Realty Times reports that the first week in May, Freddic Mac is letting you know mortgage rates are traveling down. Freddie's Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS®) indicates the 30-year fixed mortgage is now matching a yearly low of 4.71 percent. In addition, the 15-year fixed has hit 3.89 percent, another yearly low for rates.
This time last year the 30-year fixed was averaging 5.00 percent, with the 15-year fixed at 4.36 percent. So for the … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Oklahoma City Home Inspection - Getting Ready - 05/02/11 02:41 PM
When planning to buy a home, you understand that a home inspection will happen. As a buyer, you should ask yourself: What does this mean for me? What's covered under the inspection? If a problem is discovered immediately, how is that addressed? If later, who is responsible?
Let's review some general guidelines on home inspections.
Any residential property you are buying, whether new construction or pre-built, requires an inspection. Inspection is a house health check. Most every house will have some repairs necessary in order to get it in apple-pie shape.
Realtytimes.com says that inspections typically address repairs that are needed immediately and repairs … (0 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: What is the Best Method for Selling Your Oklahoma City House? - 04/18/11 01:54 AM
It's spring, that time of year when homes are listed and sellers anxiously await an offer. It can be a frustrating experience in the atmosphere of a buyers' market.
How do you save time, money and nerves? Just what is the best method for selling your Oklahoma City house? There are definitely trouble areas that you should address. First trust your real estate agent who has in-depth knowledge of locations, taxes, and what amenities buyers are most interested in.
At this time, buyers definitely have the greater advantage. There's more inventory, giving buyers choice advantage. They can take more time … (0 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Why New Homes in Oklahoma City Are Important - 04/15/11 01:50 AM
APRIL - New Homes MonthHave you thought about building a new home in Oklahoma City? What about building versus buying a home?  It's more than just a slogan: "April - New Homes Month." RIS Media reports the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) wants to let consumers know how residential construction has such a high positive effect on local communities.Think about what goes into home construction. The jobs go way beyond just houses being built. NAHB estimated that, in a classic metro area, a 12-month impact is generated for the local community. The economic movement, if 100 homes are built and sold, may include "$21.1 … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Mortgage Rates in Oklahoma City are Still Low - 04/11/11 08:26 AM
If you are considering buying an Oklahoma City home, now is the time, while mortgage rates in Oklahoma City are still low.
Recent news at Realty Times indicated the Primary Mortgage Market Survey, released by Freddie Mac, shows the 30-year fixed rate again increased for the third successive week. This particular mortgage rate climbed to 4.87 percent.
A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage is averaging 4.10 percent with weekly increases of .01 percent.Reports from Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac Vice President and Chief Economist, offer hope for home buyers. The rates are reflective of employment changes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over 200,000 jobs … (0 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: How Does Your Oklahoma City House Look Outside? - 04/08/11 10:44 AM
Potential buyers may drive around to get a feel for different Oklahoma City neighborhoods. What does your house say? According to the real estate industry, the outside first impression may be as important as the loving care for the inside.
Landscaping is an excellent path to increase property value. Research indicates that if the outside appearance of your homes goes from plain to well-landscaped, the value potential increases over 12%. Likewise minimum, unkempt landscaping may take away from the value.
If you just want to spruce up the outside area of your home, think long term. How will this affect the … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Is Your Oklahoma City House Secure? - 04/04/11 09:24 AM
When you leave for work or play, are you confident your Oklahoma City house is secure? Security technologies have definitely kept up with the gadget industry, are less obtrusive, allow off-site control, and monitor necessary information. Parents can know when the kids are home from school and if they are in to something not allowed. Going on vacation? Without a security system, what happens if a pipe bursts, or you have concerns about your parents? If the cameras are installed, you'll know.
Many of the new security tools are in the wireless realm. Going wireless eliminates the costs for labor and … (0 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Are Home Improvements a Tax Advantage? - 04/01/11 02:36 PM
 Should you buy an existing house, build a new one, or remodel your current home? Will modifications increase the value of your current house? To decide the path of buying, building or remodeling, the following offers initial information on what constitutes capital improvements for a tax advantage. Why is it important to keep accurate records for home improvements?
You put energy, time and sweat into your house. While you may believe that all changes are truly home improvements, the IRS classifies it differently. Think of modifications in two ways: a) capital increases the home value, or b) repairs return it to … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: What Can Home Ownership do for Your Taxes? - 03/28/11 01:20 AM
Are you still figuring those home deductions? If you choose the wrong things, you may pay more, or worse, the IRS might come calling.  Real estate agents like myself often have information at their fingertips and can also refer you to a tax specialist.
Following are some common things people miss when completing their tax returns.
Energy Tax Credits: There are different credits, ranging from windows, HVAC systems, insulation and roofs, which could be a boost to tax savings. These credits apply only to your primary residence. Houselogic.com provides an outline for some of these energy credits. And always check on state … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Goodbye, Freddie and Fannie - What's Next? - 03/21/11 02:01 PM
If you are considering house hunting, is now the time to get a good mortgage deal?
With recent news headlines on the government proposal for a breakup of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it may indeed be the best time to get in on the good rates.
Fannie Mae was established in 1938 to raise the number of homeowners. In 1970, Freddie Mac was started, essentially to divide the pie by removing the monopoly.
Fannie and Freddie are the two largest government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) for residential mortgages. According to a National Public Radio report, about 90 percent of all new … (4 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Finding a Mortgage for Your Moore Home - 03/14/11 01:53 AM
Are you looking for a mortgage on your Moore, OK home?  Are you befuddled figuring out the mortgage maze? Are you daunted by the rates? Before you do much house hunting, it's important to know what you should do before application and what you need to get that mortgage loan.
You may be working with a Realtor® who can offer information on mortgage guidelines and who may have suggestions for lenders to try. As you approach shopping for a mortgage, you need to get a lot of documents together. In Oklahoma City, realize your house will be an investment which makes … (2 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Is the Oklahoma City Home You're Looking at Worth The Investment? - 03/07/11 11:05 AM
When you start looking at investment homes in Oklahoma City, you have to keep a few things in mind. Is it going to make you money down the road? Is it worth the price?Many brokers will try to tell you to figure out the CAP rate (capitalization rate) by taking the Net Operating Income (NOI), dividing it by the sales price, and you will have your final figure. But this figure is very misleading - it is merely based on someone that is paying in cash. It does not take into consideration someone who is financing.The only way to ensure you can … (0 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Oklahoma City Elementary School Defies the Odds on Literacy - 02/28/11 01:22 PM
Students at Eugene Field Elementary School know that when they are at home their education continues, as it is up to them to keep reading.Many students in these areas come from homes where parents do not always think education is a priority, so kindergarten teacher, Vicky Watson, instills in her students that when they get home they must read, read, and then read some more.Due to the teachers working hard with these children, and the students wanting to read and learn more, Eugene Field, along with many other Oklahoma City Public Schools, have scored at or above the state averages, not … (3 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Snowstorms will not Stop Oklahoma City Kids from Getting Healthy Food - 02/18/11 01:57 PM
Many area Oklahoma City students depend on school days so they can get a healthy nourishing meal. Nutritious food is very important for focusing and doing well during the school day.
With so many snow days throughout this winter, many kids went without a healthy breakfast or lunch, something they have come to depend on while attending school. Many children even went without their Friday food surplus to help get them through the weekend.
When reflecting on the many snowstorms and the many more children without snacks or food, local food banks made a very important decision. The Food For Kids … (4 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Foster Grandparents Program Helps Oklahoma City Elderly Stay Healthy! - 02/11/11 01:16 PM
Knowing that four days a week, for six hours a day, they will be helping first-grade students from Arthur Elementary School, helps many Oklahoma City elderly stay healthy.
The Foster Grandparents Program allows those aged 60 and older and in decent health to work with children with spelling, reading, or any assignment the young child may have. The grandparent must also commit to at least 15 hours a week.
Many find themselves volunteering for the program because they are just plain bored at home, doing the same thing day to day. Working with the children gives them a sense of accomplishment, and … (3 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Oklahoma Man Successful With a Series of Children's Songs - 01/31/11 12:43 PM
Becoming a Godparent led an Oklahoma City man into the world of music for children. When it came time to decide on the perfect gift for the newborn, diapers and onesies seemed too unoriginal. That is why he decided to give their goddaughter the gift of music.
Brendan Parker wrote one song for the child, which led to another and another. The songs are based on daily concerns of children, along with helping them learn about things they may encounter.
Children loved the songs and so did the parents, which led Brendan to keep writing and singing. Before long he had an … (0 comments)

oklahoma city homes for sale: Native Americans Help Oklahoma Beat the Economic Crisis - 01/24/11 02:30 PM
Many companies and growing families love to flock to our state due to our strong resources, quality of life and work ethics. Oklahoma is a young state, only admitted to the union in 1907 as the 46th state when Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory were combined.
What makes us so unique? Our history starts with Native Americans who helped establish our state when in search of a new beginning. Today, we work together with our technology and the Native American tribal governments to keep our state strong.
During an economic crisis everyone needs to remember we all have to work together … (0 comments)

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