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Wow! Where has this year gone? With all this rain and cloudy weather we've had lately, it feels as if the month of June hasn't existed, we've gone from May right into July. In any event, this market is still very interesting and the time to buy really hasn't been better. Here is a brief summary o...
Predicting rates isn't very easy and at times it is somewhat difficult trying to guess in what direction the rates will be headed. The fear of inflation usually helps in determining if rates are headed up or down. In the past week or so, it appears that the threat of inflation seems to be diminis...
On the fence about buying a new home today? Today's market, though troubled economically for some, offers some great opportunities for those that are in a position to purchase a new home. There are still a few buyers waiting and thinking about whether or not they should make a move and I think th...
I just wanted to comment on a couple of positive occurrences on the lending side of things. More specifically, on the underwriting side of the business. I just had two back to back appraisals from an appraisal management company come back basically free of any headaches. Also, one of my investors...
Gas Stations. One of the commercial investors that my office works with announced this afternoon that they will begin lending on gas stations. Here are some details from this announcement. Maximum loan amount against the properties value will be 50-55%. The business must be branded or franchised ...
This new bill was recently passed (still waiting on the Presidents signature) to help drive more traffic into dealership showrooms. Here are the highlights of the program. •Passenger cars from 1984 or newer with combined miles per gallon ratings of 18 or less are eligible. Owners could get a $3,5...
Here is a helpful video that answers some basic questions about the federal tax credit.   My offcie is also available if you would like ot call and go over your options. Jason
Product Announcement- 203K Streamline My office is now able to offer this FHA rehab loan. This is a streamlined product, so the property cannot be in the need of anything considered major. This is also strictly for someone who will occupy the property as a primary residence; this is not intended ...
How to interpret today's data on new housing orders increasing by 17% in the month of May? Mortgage rates were beginning to look incredible as we were comfortably in the 4"s and the stock market was in the territory of being up ytd by 30%. Both of these would be strong motivators and confidence b...
As I was loading a file into underwriting this afternoon, it occurred to me that the majority of the approval process was all done electronically.  I've got a loan request that was initially submitted through my website. I imported all the information into my loan origination system and once I wa...

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