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I don't know why I've been thinking about this so much. I guess maybe I'd just like to live in a simpler world sometimes, where things actually are as they appear to be. So, what's really real? Here's Websters take real   actual, true; genuine   Let's say I'm attracted to you, want to do business...
okay, I open the website and I see a picture of this gentleman and he looks 40 ish with brown hair and a full brown beard. Attached is a video about material which is company is marketing. I have an interest so I click on the arrow and open the video. His father is doing the presentation! You can...
you know, ordinarily in a posting about Cape Coral I'd want to make sure I mentioned our 400+ miles of waterfront and I'd certainly want to sneak in a shameless plug about the weather like currently it's sunny and 70 degrees heading to a high in the upper 80's  today I'm going to leave that stuff...

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