jay cash: What is a Buyer's Premium at Auction - 04/25/15 05:57 AM
If you have attended a public auction in the last 10 years you might have seen where the auction company has added a  "Buyer's Premium" to the final bid to determine the sales price,
As the buyer, an additional fee, called a buyer's premium, is issued to the winning bidder, typically as a percentage of the closing bid price.  This can range from as little as 1-2% up to 15-20-25%.    When you attend your next auction, this should be one of the first questions asked; "Is there a Buyer's Premium?"
As a bidder you must factor in the buyer's premium when deciding how … (0 comments)

jay cash: Nashville Benefit Auction Division - 03/05/15 09:36 AM
Conducting Benefit / Fundraising Auctions has been a side part of our Auction business since 2007.  That year, we became some of the first few auctioneers in the country to obtain the Benefit Auction Specialist designation, that less than a 130 auctioneers in North American have acheieved.
Ever since our first benefit auction in San Jose, California  where we raised $147,000 for the Sigma Chi Foundation we have enjoyed working and helping raise thousands of dollars for charities and organizations across North America.
I am pleased to announce we are now booking Benefit Fundraising Auctions full time just as … (0 comments)

jay cash: Art Gallery Liquidation & Auction - 02/18/15 01:32 PM
The Elizabeth Robinson Estate & “Picture This Art Gallery” Liquidation

2008 Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback, Red, Only 49,000 Miles!
“Picture This Art Gallery” Complete Liquidation
100's of Quality Prints
Original Paintings on Canvas
VERY NICE - Framed & Matted Pictures
Patty Douglas Crewel Work Pictures
All Remaining Inventory of Picture This Art Gallery Will Be Sold!
Art Gallery Equipment:
Tullis Russell Hot Press, HGP 360 Vacuum Press,
Bienfang Masterpiece 500tx Dry … (0 comments)

jay cash: Rockin' Acres Farm Liquidation - 12/15/14 01:05 PM
Rockin' Acres Farm Liquidation Selling At Auction 1-24-15
10:00 AM • Regardless of Weather
3773 Bethlehem Road Springfield, TN 37172
visit www.jamesrcash.net for complete details
The Rockin' Acres Liquidation Auction!  
4 Tractors, Combine, Farm Implements, A Very Nice Home on 32± Acres!
Mike & Linda Noonan are retiring to Oregon and will be selling Quality Household Items, Furniture, Professional Music Equipment, Coins as Well as all the Farm Machinery and Real Estate!!
32 ± On Bethlehem Road in Springfield, TN Selling in 2 Tracts!
TRACT 1: Featuring a very nice All Brick 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home, with 2 Car Garage Basemet, … (0 comments)

jay cash: 2 Places at the Same Time - 08/11/14 06:28 AM
Have you ever wanted to be two places at the same time?   In the past this has always been impossible, but thanks to the Internet now you can!
In 2013 James R. Cash Auctions began simulcasting select auctions.  Bidders can either attend the auction live onsite (in person) or log on the internet, register and bid from a computer.   With Simulcast auctions you can watch and bid from the comfort of your home or office and get the exact same excitement as if you attended the auction in person.
Additonal fee's usually apply for online bidding but … (0 comments)

jay cash: Absolute Auction is an Auction Without Reserve - 05/14/14 07:33 AM
If you are looking into having an auction you have no doubt heard the term absolute auction.
I have written many blog posts on the differences between an absolute and reserve auction.
May 31st, 2014, Shelbyville, Tennessee
 James R. Cash II Auctions will be conducting an ABSOLUTE REAL ESTATE AUCTION.
These are the factors we used to determine why this property would sell absolute. 
• This is a property that is in very high demand. It will generate lots of interests, and many potential buyers.  At auction all potential buyers must bid against each other in order to … (1 comments)

jay cash: Absolute Auctions & Reserve Auctions - 01/27/14 09:29 AM
Throughout my service area (Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri) The most common questions about auctions from sellers is what is the difference in an Absolute Auction & Reserve Auction?
About Absolute Auctions
•     The property is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the price.
•    Since a sale is guaranteed, buyer excitement and participation are heightened.
•   Selling Absolute generates maximum response from bidders and buyers in the market place.

•   Prospective bidders will take the auction more seriously and invest time into coming to the auction.
Reserve Auctions
•    If there is a high mortgage or a … (0 comments)

jay cash: Creating An Auction - Coins, Knives and More! - 01/27/14 09:02 AM
It's common to find sellers who have a collection or lifetime of collections they want to sell at auction.
People reconize  Public Auctions as the highest and best way to obtain the most for your assets.  
Last month I was making phone calls updating our mailing list and found several folks who had items they wished to sell.  A Coin, Currency & Bullion collection, A Case Knives collection and Guns.
Alone these items would be difficult to market and draw a large crowed, so we are combining them all to one very nice large auction!
Here is … (1 comments)

jay cash: Becoming An Auctioneer In Kentucky - 01/27/14 08:53 AM
From time to time I get asked what does it take to become an auctioneer?  
How do you learn to talk like that? How do you get into the business?

For many, it is a family business - That's  how I got into auctioneering; It's all I know!
There are many successful first generation auctioneers such as past NAA World Champion Auctioneer Justin Ochs, who has done many great things to advance the auction profession in recent years.
Regardless of background - if you want to become a professional auctioneer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, this is what … (0 comments)

jay cash: Business Liquidation Auctions - 10/03/13 08:53 AM
Some of my favorite sales are Business Liquidations; They generate a huge amount of interest and bring a large pool of bidders and buyers to sales.
Business Liquidation Auctions are a great tool for owners to utlize their time and money to generate the most for their companies assets.  From Car Dealerships, Restaurants, Wood Working Shops, Feed Stores, Hardware Stores, Sports Bar -  you name it.
Our next big liquidation sale is October 21st, 4:00 PM in Arlington, KY
Terrific Opportunity At Auction
Real Estate Sells First At 4:00 P.M.
Tract 1 - Git-n-Go Situated On Corner Lot - Paved Parking, Dual … (0 comments)

jay cash: Estate Auction - All Day Sale, Two Rings! - 08/13/13 08:31 AM
We were contacted via our website a few weeks ago in regards to an estate settlement needing to be conducted in Middle Tennessee.  James R. Cash Auctions is proud to be handling the 
The Richardson Estate Auction • Murfreesboro, TN
 We are selling....
Real Estate • Household Items • Furniture
1994 BMW • 1977 Jaguar • 2000 Nissan Quest Passenger Van •
 100's of Nice Items!
 The house consists of....
Very Nice 2 Story Home, Located just outside the Murfreesboro City Limits!
Immaculate Landscaping, and a Garden Oasis in the Back yard, 2 Story Deck, Detached Office Area, Outbuildings and Carport … (0 comments)

jay cash: Murfreesboro Sports Bar Liquidation - Selling At Auction - 06/04/13 09:10 PM
Everything Must Go! Selling To The Highest Bidder At Auction!
100's Of Great Items From the Former Duggers Sports Bar In Murfreesboro!  I am very proud to be handling the absolute liquidation auction of Duggers Sports Bar-
Duggers is now a family buffet, and There are 100's of Sports Bar Related Items Being Sold At Absolute Public Auction!
Flatscreen TV's, Bar Signs, Bar Lights, Beer Taps, Coolers, You Name It!   
- 6 ft. Dos Equis XX Framed Mirror
- Daytona 500 50th Anniversary Racing Print
- Framed Titans Jersey
- Rubber Bar Drink Mats- All Brands
- Bud Light, … (0 comments)

jay cash: Lake Malone, Lake Front Home - Lewisburg Kentucky At Auction - 06/04/13 09:05 PM
Sellers are relocating and will no longer be able to enjoy this property. 
This rustic style home has been renovated and features a nice open floor plan. 
Home is move in ready, and fully furnished! Property is offered with a boat dock on Lake Malone, permit expiring in 2024  

Renovated Home, On A Gently Slopping Lot
Three Tiered Deck, Amazing Views
2012 Taxes $630.39 • Lot #8
Lot Size: 72’ Water Front • 50’ At Road • 100’ Depth
4 Car Parking • A Well Kept Property
Electric Central Heat & … (0 comments)

jay cash: Absolute Vs. Reserve - 01/25/13 02:27 PM
        Absolute Auction If you have questions about having an auction - here are two important things you need to know.
All Auctions are conducted with a reserve unless it is an Absolute Auction.  Just because the property is selling with reserve does not mean that the property wont be sold- it just means the seller has the right to accept or reject the final bid. 
One reason an auction is conducted with a reserve is due to their being a lien or mortgage on the property.

The property is sold to the highest … (0 comments)

jay cash: Buyer Benefits at Auction - 01/25/13 02:16 PM
When you are looking to purchase real estate, take notice of the newspapers for local auctions.  Buying at auction can be one of the best ways in to invest in real estate.  
At an Absolute Auction the buyer knows the seller is committed to sell
Properties are usually purchased at fair market value 
Buyers can compete fairly and are all on the same terms as other buyers Buyers determine the purchase priceAuctions eliminate long negotiation periods and Purchasing and closing dates are knownProperty is sold with Warranty Deed, Free and Clear of all Liens or defects

jay cash: Seller Benefits At Auction - 01/25/13 02:10 PM
      SELLER BENEFITS Some people have pre concieved notions about why sellers choose to auction their property.  While some auctions are a last resort for sellers-- Auctions will always generate the most interest and give the seller the best chance of getting the most for their property.
Competitive bidding at a properly advertised and conducted auction is the best way to achieve the most for any property!

Assurance that property will be sold at true market valueBidding creates competition among buyers-- auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated saleProperty is sold in “As-Is” condition, … (0 comments)

jay cash: Best Types of Auctions - 09/03/12 02:14 PM
• Estate Settlements
• Residential / Commercial Real Estate
• Divorce Settlements
• Business Liquidations
• Investment Property
• Vacant Property
• Property that is Unique or difficult to appraise.

jay cash: Best Situations that Lead to Auctions - 09/03/12 02:09 PM

A good auction situation is one where the seller:
Needs an immediate sale or has a partnership / marriage break-up.
Whenever a seller is moving out of the state or is retiring.
When property is part of an Estate and includes personal property items.
If Seller has already purchased another house or has high carrying costs on the property.
Sellers that have equity in property or if the property is in need of repairs.
A professional Auctioneer will tell you if an Auction is not right for you.

Jay Cash
 2ND … (0 comments)

jay cash: Types of Auctions - Absolute and Reserve Auctions - 09/03/12 02:05 PM
There are two types of auctions, Auctions with Reserve and Absolute Auction.  If you ever see just the word "AUCTION" it typically means it is with reserve.  As a seller, you can decide what type auction you want to have.
Selling Real Estate at Auction can typically generate the best results.

Absolute Auction
The property is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the price.
Since a sale is guaranteed, buyer excitement and participation are heightened.
Selling Absolute generates maximum response from the market place. Prospective bidders will take the auction more seriously and invest … (0 comments)

jay cash: Auction Benefits- for Sellers & Buyers - 09/03/12 01:59 PM
There are many reasons to consider an auction.  Auctions are not a last resort.  When you want the most for your assets, an auction can generate the most!
Assurance that property will be sold at true market value
Bidding creates competition among buyers-- auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale
Property is sold in “As-Is” condition, Seller sets Terms & Conditions of Sale
The seller knows exactly when the property will sell, closings usually in 30 days
Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings
Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility
Exposes the … (0 comments)

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