duct tape: Ye Olde Duct Tape Dryer Vent - 05/12/17 03:21 AM
Ye olde duct tape dryer vent.
And why not? 
Can you think of anything more longer lasting and flexible than duct tape?
Well, except for a replacement dryer vent flap.
But what's the fun in that?
Who wants to be same old, same old?
That cover has been there a while.  Obviously it's working!
My recommendation:  it's funny how the same kind of repair can be seen over and over, like duct tape, and in so many different places and ways!  Yes, this post is tongue in cheek.  But still, we have all seen this kind of thing before!  Does this sort of repair surprise anyone?  If you … (16 comments)

duct tape: The Term "Duct Tape" Is A Misnomer - 01/27/17 02:01 AM
The term duct tape is a misnomer.
But how can that be?  Duct tape has been around forever!
I have a wonderful book in my library called, Did Monkeys Invent the Monkey Wrench?
It is a fun history book of tools and hardware information.  In my version, copyright 1999, on page 171, there is a brief history of duct tape.
It was invented by Johnson & Johnson in 1930 (... Remember Band Aids?  That's J&J too ...)  as a white, cloth tape for use in hospitals.  It was called Drybak.
During World War II it took on its modern gray color, and more waterproof shiny side.  They … (19 comments)

duct tape: Where Duct Tape And Electrical Panel Boxes Meet - 05/30/16 07:09 PM
Sometimes you have to look carefully to see where duct tape and electrical panel boxes meet.
First glance you might not notice it!
When I first opened the panel box door, both of them actually, I didn't see this either.
Then, before I took the cover off, I saw them.
Two covers were different, each indicated with a yellow arrow.
There was another smaller one in the other box.  Perfectly placed, exactly the right color.
Touching one I felt the familiar stickiness of, of,
Well, you kind of knew that was coming.  And why not?  Duct tape has the perfect width for the job!  Everyone knows duct … (13 comments)

duct tape: HVAC Ducts Should Not Have Holes Inside The Walls - 11/11/14 08:18 PM
HVAC duct planning is a difficult enough of a science, but some installations are designed to fail as 
HVAC ducts should not have holes inside the walls.
Why do I say planning duct work is a difficult science?
Because their job is to balance air flow and the indoor temperature, and that ain't easy!  Many, many factors go into designing the HVAC system for a house - sizes of rooms, open spaces, numbers of windows and doors, cubic this and that, and on and on.  Air has to evenly come and go.  It really is a design best done with computer programs.

duct tape: How To Improve Duct Tape - 10/30/14 06:38 PM
You might not think it possible to do, but this is a lesson on how to improve duct tape.
When I pulled up to the house and saw rolled asphalt roofing OVER an entire roof and could see that this rolled asphalt roofing was laid over a previous layer of shingled asphalt roofing I thought to myself that the only thing that could improve this rolled asphalt roofing repair would be a roll of duct tape.
Sure, even I could see it was … (12 comments)

duct tape: Old, Metal HVAC Ducts Are Famously Inefficient And Leaky - 09/04/13 06:50 PM
In the good old days HVAC duct work was small, metal and did not efficiently carry air because old, metal HVAC ducts are famously inefficient and leaky.
Because there are many joints, elbows and unions that either were left with gaps, or the gaps and holes developed over time.
Additionally, they ran the ducts inside walls and ceilings.  Heated air escaped at every opportunity!
The ducts were not insulated and so they would emit heat everywhere, in addition to the heated air they blew into the house.
As time passes these same ducts would be used for air conditioning.
This … (44 comments)

duct tape: They Didn't Use Duct Tape - It Brought A Tear To My Eye - 04/16/13 07:58 PM
Coming around the side of this house I noticed that they didn't use duct tape - it brought a tear to my eye.
Now don't get me wrong, the rest of the job was ugly, unprofessional and should not have been done. 
But still, they didn't use duct tape!
These are the direct vent tubes for a high-efficiency, condensing gas furnace.
They are very efficient furnaces.
But the tubing is large.
I think people worry that birds will get inside and block things, or damage the mechanisms.
Often homeowners have screened them over.
And in this case they used real screening!

duct tape: Christmas Tree Tinsel In The Attic? - 12/19/12 07:11 PM
It is that time of year, decorations, ornamentation, tinsel and such.  Do people usually put Christmas tree tinsel in the attic?
Certainly festive, tinsel is great, but not perhaps at the dryer vent in an attic.
Ornamentation is always popular at holiday time, no matter the holiday, so the argument could be made that this location is ready for whatever the season!
But it is never good to see lint build up in the attic near the dryer discharge tubing.
It is important to check the dryer vent regularly, clean it as often as necessary (which could be once a year) … (25 comments)

duct tape: Duct Tape Medusa - 06/23/12 08:48 PM
When I first looked at it, I was a afraid the duct tape Medusa might turn me to stone.  But quickly reaching up and feeling sweat still pouring from my face I knew I was safe.
While in the upper chambers of a house, with the temperature 100 degrees outside, and enjoying my 145 degree sauna immensely (he says with a slight cough), I was first alerted to the Medusa by the TracPipe and interesting horizontal sediment trap.*  This trap was obviously intentionally installed this way to point me in the right direction!  Like the North Star!
Following the convenient pointer … (26 comments)

duct tape: Fence Repair - The Truth Be Told - 04/19/12 07:54 PM
My daughter likes to play soccer in the back yard.  I ask her not to take shots against our fence as it is 14 years old and she is strong enough to break it.
You know the answer. 
One day last week the dog got out twice in the same day.  Different neighbors brought her home after she visited their house.
One of the neighbors decided that since I was not home (as I am always out in the market place, offering and multiplying my capitalist talents for pecuniary gain), he decided to help me by … (20 comments)

duct tape: Thank Goodness For Duct Tape - 11/20/11 09:27 PM
You have to understand before I even begin that I am being facetious when I say thank goodness for duct tape.
From outside this house we saw a rather large vent covering on the front of the house.  It was rather ugly too, and damaged as if it had been hit by a fallen tree limb. 
Of course my client asked me what it was.  "A vent cap.  Likely a bathroom vent, but we will see once we get into the attic."
Little did we know what we would run into in the attic!
It was an older house, and both … (29 comments)

duct tape: Vent Tape - 04/22/11 12:11 AM
When HVAC duct insulation breaks, or you are trying to tape together two pieces to create one nice long tube you can use in new construction ***, it is best practice to use Vent Tape.

Yes, Vent Tape is the perfect product for such an application.  It is MADE to tape vents together.
Be sure you use the right thing for the right job, and you will never go wrong!
This was the first time I have seen Vent Tape used, and...
Oh, wait a minute.
Now that I read it closely it isn't Vent Tape at all.
It's Venture … (18 comments)

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