mold remediation: A Year Later And There Is No "Toxic Mold..." - 08/08/16 09:32 PM
A year later and there is no "toxic mold..."
A little over year ago new neighbors moved in next door.  We had the initial greetings and are friendly, as neighbors should be. They have three children who are always happy to see me and I tease regularly.
A few weeks later they decided to finish their basement.
During the framing work, but just before the drywall was installed, we had a huge storm which dumped a couple of inches of rain.
The downspout indicated by the yellow arrow was angled such that it dropped its water directly into the corner on the ground.
The soil at that … (70 comments)

mold remediation: Conditions Ripe For Mold - 10/08/15 08:11 PM
Conditions ripe for mold.
This is a house with a basement inundated with mold.
Inundate - verb - to overwhelm with something; to flood.
Either definition applies.  The basement was inundated with water from three sources.  Just walking in the front door I was attacked by a serious moldy odor.  The house was apparently inundated with mold too!
The rear gutters on the house had been clogged for so long, and cascading over the edges for so long, that a literal canal had been dug beside the rear foundation wall.   Hidden by drywall are apparent breaches in that foundation wall.
The water heater was leaking somewhere … (21 comments)

mold remediation: Beware The Repair Receipt From A "Licensed Professional " - 09/05/13 11:00 PM
The longer I am in business the more I realize that we should all beware the repair receipt from a "licensed professional."
A couple of weeks ago I was to do a re-inspection of some work done to correct some serious problems I had identified during the initial inspection.  There were a few posts about that house.
The realtor canceled the re-inspection, saying that they had receipts from professional companies that had repaired everything.
But I got a call from an underwriter to please go back to the house to check a number of things he wanted investigated that were on … (22 comments)

mold remediation: Intentionally Trying To Hide Problems On A Flip - Chapter 3 - 03/16/13 09:45 PM
This will be the last in a series of unfortunate posts regarding a real estate "investor" who is intentionally trying to hide problems on a flip - chapter 3.
In the last post it had been revealed by neighbors that there was a substantial foundation crack, improperly repaired, and water was found inside the house after a very minor rain storm. 
That, and roof problems had apparently been letting moisture into the house for approximately 9 months while the house sat vacant between owners.
The new owner put on a new roof, on top of the old.  They tried to use … (22 comments)

mold remediation: Mold Is Not The Problem - You Must Treat The Source - 03/16/12 09:01 PM
Inspecting a seven-year-old condo a week or so ago, one of the things discovered was mold.  MOLD IS NOT THE PROBLEM - YOU MUST TREAT THE SOURCE.
My clients were not present at the inspection.  They are an investor couple and have employed me many times, sometimes while not attending the inspection.  Their absence requires careful explanation of found items.
From the outside I noticed two things that bothered me before going in.
And they both looked like potential moisture concerns.
This is a swollen door thresh hold.
It is diverting water toward the corner of the door.
On the left … (79 comments)

mold remediation: There Was Little Evidence Of Mold, But The Whole House Smelled Moldy - 08/15/11 12:25 AM
Have you ever entered a house and smelled the mold?  Like the whole house is full of it?  That was the case in this house, built in the 60s, with an entirely subterranean basement.
There was little evidence of mold anywhere, but the whole house smelled moldy.
And I couldn't find it! 
The grading was good and the basement walls were dry, according to my meter, and without staining.
There was no evidence of previous flooding.
The water heater was newer, but no staining around it.
I did see a little mold under the entry staircase, which is a typical spot, … (26 comments)

mold remediation: I Speak Chinese - 06/22/11 08:03 AM
It must be true.  I speak Chinese.
Why do I say that?  Because when I speak perfect English, and even write it down for all to see, people don't seem to understand me. 
My conclusion is that I speak Chinese.
This has happened twice in two weeks.  Seldom am I called by a client to return to a house after a home inspection to review how well repairs are made.  But when I am it is always an adventure!  Often the repairs have been done poorly or not at all. 
I returned this morning to a house Cindy Jones had referred … (29 comments)

mold remediation: You Have To Inspect From Top To Bottom - 03/26/10 10:23 PM

While walking around the outside of a house today I pointed out to my client that the shingles at the bottom of a valley, draining into a gutter too small, was apparently getting behind the aluminum fascia wrap and the vinyl siding.  The dripping can be seen on and coming from behind the vinyl siding all the way to the foundation wall.  I said we would check that when we got inside.

In the upstairs bedroom, about 4' … (22 comments)

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