boston: The Art of Appreciation in today's business - 08/02/16 10:59 PM
The landscape in real estate has changed considerably.  We no longer are the owners of the information like it was 20 years ago.  With 3rd party sites providing information to buyers and sellers the agent must realzie how to combat that lost feature in their value proposition.
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Above check out some of my tips I provide to Grant Cardone.  A titan in the real estate space, his associate Robert and I converse on the need of appreciating more and more often.  This is one nugget that Zillow and Goolge may not have on us .. and certainly I … (0 comments)

boston: My Latest and Greatest - 08/01/16 10:58 PM
I love to share great experiences to my real estate and SendOutCards audiences.
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The real estate market is always changing and with birth of search engines and 3rd party businesses, one must be mindful of where your business and margins will be in the next 5 years .... 
I have been watching a compression of profit margins and suggest strongly that a second or third income stream is necessary to sustain your lifestyle going forward.

boston: Appreciation - What is your system currently? - 01/27/16 10:32 PM

There...I said it....what many don't like to talk about because they don't have one in go build your article Jay.  
Recently, I returned from Houston after speaking to a great group of business professionals.  The excitement in the room was contagious.  Much of the same subjects came up.  How do you do it Jay?  How do you compete with Google; Zillow; Trulia etc. How do we get started.  And many others.  Now what does this all mean?  If you are not appreciating your clients; your business is doomed to be gobbled up by an on line experience in the future. … (9 comments)

boston: Monday Morning Message February 2 - Jay McHugh - 02/01/15 10:57 PM
    Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I trust you had a great weekend filled with fun.  This week would be a great week to start taking the bull by the horns.  Are there things in your life that you have consistently put off?  Are there things in your business that you know you should do, but you keep telling yourself you can do them later?  Well, this week is it.  Let us get some of those things done and off the list.  You will feel a great sense of satisfaction when you take something that has been on your mind … (0 comments)

boston: Crazy Busy this Season opening offices all over the Country - 12/19/14 06:59 AM
Happy Holidays.....

  Hope all is well...let me know what you LIKE about this presentation I put together for Stacey......thanks...     Click here if it easier thanks Jay          

boston: What does it take to build your Real Estate Firm? - 12/18/14 07:03 PM
The New York real estate mogul turned television personality Barbara Corcoran is every bit as succinct and quick on her feet in person as she is on the hit show Shark Tank.
What does it take to build a multimillion-dollar empire? Who better to ask than a women with experience as a bootstrapping entrepreneur and an angel investor who swoops in and saves struggling companies? Here are four lessons for achieving massive success, Shark style, that we learned from our conversation with her at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood, Mass., after her recent appearance at a Greater Boston Real Estate Board event. 

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boston: Give Thanks this Year to your Staff and Clients - 11/07/14 08:29 PM
   There's no better time of year than the approaching holiday season for company owners and agents to roll up their sleeves and spread gratitude to the people who have contributed to the business all year long:  the amazing employees who embody the culture, vision and soul of an organization as well as the customers and clients who fuel your business.
Showing appreciation should be a regular year-long practice at any business. But the end of year is a great time to step up the expressions of gratitude and go above and beyond in saying, "I love you!" Here are five simple ways to say … (2 comments)

boston: West Roxbury 98 Keith Street New Listing-Boston-JayMcHugh - 08/17/14 09:00 PM
Plesae view and share this wonderful new listing:
Located near bus line, Catholic Memorial High School and South Newton and South Brookline,
this home offers a wonderful opportunity for a buyer looking to own a home rather than a condo or townhome...
98 Keith Street here in Boston Call Jay today
Open House will be this Saturday from 12-2 .... Offers will be reviewed on Monday, so plenty of time to meet with your loan officer and place your best offer forward.....

thanks again,

boston: Why Listening and Executing will save your Real Estate business - 07/14/14 09:11 PM

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Oh my! Now entrepreneurs have so many ways to reach out and talk to the world. Entrepreneurship is all about building a platform of loyal advocates who are excited about listening to your message and hopefully buying from you.
That said, the five biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make on social media all come down to one important lesson: You talk too much (at least on social media). Stop talking and start listening and you will turn your use of social media into a lean, mean, money-making, advocate-building, client-relationship machine. Avoid these social media mistakes and build a wider following:

boston: Why Appreciation wins out over Self Promotion every single time - 07/14/14 08:28 AM
Here on a wonderful Monday afternoon reaching back and saying thanks…thanks for your most recent order….here at SendOutCards….to many of my clients.....
Did you know that less than 1% of all small or medium size businesses do not have an appreciation or follow up system to say thanks for business?  And in the real estate world where it is most necessary folks start and stop; start and stop; start and stop…and they wonder why their business is like a roller coaster regardless of the seasonal ups and downs…..

This above new listing on for $1.5 million dollars … (1 comments)

boston: What to do during a Blizzard Weekend...... - 02/09/13 04:41 AM

Happy Saturday!  Days like these are perfect for organizing our lives and businesses to make for easier navigating throughout the rest of the year.  A good place to start re-organizing is your home office.  Below you will find some great tips for cleaning up the clutter in your home office space.  One to two hours of organizing can increase your efficiency tenfold.  Spend some time today getting ready for an amazing year.  As business ramps up in the coming months it may soon be difficult to find an hour to do this much needed organizing.  As always, … (6 comments)

boston: Are you saying Thank You enough? If not Why not? - 01/13/13 04:14 AM
Over the years I have read nearly 100 books on sales, self improvement, business and throw in a few Boston Mob books...I sponge to learn and recently my message of appreciation marketing has never been clearer....

I see folks who talk a big game fail.  I see folks implement my coaching succeed.  I see large organinzations pu pu the power of an unexpected card as meaningless.  Yet, their agent count has dropped nearly 1550 agents in five years.  Conversely, I assisted one company from 6 offices and 70 agents to the powerhouse of 17 offices … (4 comments)

boston: Come visit this webinar to learn Appreciation Marketing in Real Estate - 07/30/12 02:37 AM
Come join us for a webinar to learn how to use Appreciation before, during, and after a transaction. 


Whether you have used SendOutCards before or not you will learn startegies that can improve your real estate business immediately.

Put personal touch back in a technology industry that is thirsty for your appreciation to clients and referrals.


boston: The Gratitude Challenge - 06/18/12 08:56 PM

The Gratitude Challenge is an excellent way to remind oneself of the importance of thanking and appreciating others.
When I speak around the country I am amazed how few agents have an Apprecaition Marketing campaign in place.
They are begging their clients to go elsewhere; they are begging their clients to search Google next time they need something; they are begging their clients for social indifference.
The Gratittuce Challenge introduces you to create a habit of Appreciation.
Take it; practice it; email me questions; let's see how your life and business … (5 comments)

boston: Happy New Year and may 2012 be Healthy, Prosperous, and Healthy.... - 12/31/11 01:30 AM

Wishing all our agents, vendors, and customers.....

A wonderful New Year and a Healthy Year ahead..

Continue to stay positive and share your knowledge....

Read 2 books a month on personal development...

Attend as many conferences as you can .....

...and most importantly apply the information you learn.....

"Imagination without Implementation is Hallucianation"

"The worst that happens to you; can be the best that happens for you;if you don't let it get the best of you"

boston: The Monday Morning Message-Happy 2012 - 12/26/11 12:44 AM

Welcome to this edition of  The Monday Morning Message..... I hope you had the best weekend ever and found the time to relax, laugh, and enjoy the Holiday.  This is the last week of 2011.  I truly hope that you have enjoyed these Monday Messages as much as I have enjoyed sending them to you.  They will continue this upcoming year and I would love to hear from you when you enjoy them.  All of us have accomplished much and we should be proud of the amazing progress we have made.  We take with us the experiences that we … (4 comments)

boston: Keys to a Happy Life in 2012 - 12/25/11 11:28 PM
21 Keys to a Happy Life “taken from my life experiences” 
1)    Compliment three people every day…try to do this at each food setting…
2)    Watch a sunrise.
3)    Be the first to say "Hello."
4)    Live beneath your means.
5)    Treat everyone as you want to be treated.
6)    Never give up on anybody; miracles happen.
7)    Forget the Jones's.
8)    Remember someone's name.
9)    Pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage.
10)  Be tough-minded, but tender hearted.
11)  Be kinder than you have to be.
12)  Don't forget that a person's greatest emotional need is … (7 comments)

boston: Encouragement Corner.... - 12/20/11 10:18 PM
Feel free to share and enjoy your holiday week......   cheers..... ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER... Simple Principles - Dramatic Effects   1) Understand that everything happens for a reason. 2) Believe in a grand plan. 3) Stay calm during an argument. 4) Get enough sleep. 5) Don't fight just to be right. 6) Use your influence to help others. 7) Let go of regrets forever. 8) Recognize your achievements. 9) Make time to do absolutely nothing. 10) Learn the art of compromise. 11) Take responsibility for your actions and words. 12) The right foods improve your moods. 13) Don't wish to trade your … (3 comments)

boston: Happy Holidays from Jay McHugh here in Boston, Massachusetts - 12/13/11 08:01 PM
Wishing everyone a great Holiday Season.....
2012 will be your best year ever if you decide to practice Appreciation Marketing..... I cannot stress enough how much our business has improved by working only with the Eagles and saying no to the Ducks.... cheers....

boston: Words to Live By - Jay McHugh - 12/12/11 11:31 PM

WORDS TO LIVE BY...   If you complain you will remain, if you praise you will raise. Joel Osteen   Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Winston Churchill   Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.   Whenever you fall, pick something up. Oswald Avery   A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties. Harry Truman   Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold. Maurice Setter   The power of the mind is … (3 comments)

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