boston: The Monday Morning Memo November 27th - 11/27/17 05:21 AM
Welcome to this edition of The  Monday Morning Memo.....I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and relaxation. We all face challenges each and every day, but there is only one question that really matters. What will you do about them?  You are in total control over your life because you get to choose what it is you will do each day and all day.  As these challenges sneak up on you, take them head on and make a decision as to the best way to proceed.  The best thing about making a decision is that if you don't like … (5 comments)

boston: New Listing coming very soon..... - 11/12/17 09:50 AM
Another SOC success story.....amazing how some agents just don't get it!

Super New Price Ready for Holidays


boston: Happy Halloween here in New England - 10/19/17 01:03 PM
Halloween season is in full swing in New England. It's time to shop for candy, carve pumpkins, and brew up some mulled cider.  If you love Halloween as much as we do at LAER Realty Partners, then you are probably looking for the best haunted attractions to get your scare on.  There are a handful of haunted happenings across New England and we polled our agents for the best ones. So, if you are looking to get your pants scared off this weekend, we have compiled our list of the six best haunted attractions in New England: 
Spooky World – Nightmare New … (3 comments)

boston: The Monday Morning Memo October 9th - 10/09/17 04:14 AM
 Welcome to this edition of The Monday Memo Message.... I hope you had a wonderful weekend and found the time to relax and have some fun.  I also hope that you enjoy reading these messages as much as I enjoy sending them to you.  We all need to find a little inspiration in our lives and more importantly we need to pass it on to others.  If you really want to make yourself feel better help other people feel better.  If you really want to smile and laugh make other people smile and laugh.  If you really want to be loved make … (5 comments)

boston: Calling on all my Contractors out there - 10/07/17 03:49 AM
Great two family to buyer; work on all winter and profit 2018 this Spring...thanks for sharing....

boston: The Monday Morning Memo October 2nd - 10/02/17 04:22 AM
Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I trust you had a splendid weekend filled with a lot of fun and relaxation.  We all know how tough some days can be and we all know that our attitude is what makes those days better or worse.  We all tend to complicate things sometimes and the challenge is to remember why we are doing what we are doing every day.  Think about a child's lemonade stand.  We have all seen them dozens of times and just drove right by.  I challenge you never to do that again.  Always Stop!  Think about life … (1 comments)

boston: The Monday Morning Memo August 21st - 08/21/17 04:33 AM
Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.....I trust you had a fabulous weekend filled with fun and relaxation. This week as we continue to make each and every opportunity the very best, we need to ensure that we have the right perspective on life. It is not about what we have to do - it is about what we get to do. Let us change our mindset from I HAVE to do to I GET to do. You don't have to get up early - you get to get up early. You don't have to write 5 note cards today - you get … (2 comments)

boston: The Monday Morning Memo June 12, 2017 - 06/12/17 07:44 AM
Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message. I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and enjoyment. I wanted to talk with you this week about Fairness and Understanding.  Many of us heard as children that "Life just is not fair".  Well I don't think that is so.  I think that life is all of what you make of it and fairness is a level of degrees.  I would suggest that all of us know people that are deliberate, thoughtful, and fair.  I would also suggest that all of us know people that are non-deliberate, non-thoughtful, and not very fair.  Those people are … (1 comments)

boston: Preparing Kids for a Move this Year - 06/11/17 04:11 AM

boston: Gift to my Active Rain Friends - 06/06/17 04:02 AM

I love sharing great quotes with others; inspiring; and learning......
Check out my invite and feel free to use .....
I would like to send you a gift to brighten your day. My gift is an invitation to receive QuoteActions. These short email messages contain an interesting or inspirational quote followed by a recommended action to help brighten your day. I've found QuoteActions give me a welcome break from my everyday routine -- it's like refreshing your web browser!An example..."You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you."John Wooden, Legendary Basketball CoachYour action … (2 comments)

boston: The Monday Morning Memo May 22nd - 05/22/17 03:26 AM
    Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo.... I trust you had a fabulous weekend.  I certainly did with my daughter Oshyn and helping out with a Leomonad stand.  Today, I am reminded regularly that life is not about how many hours we put in or how much money we may make, but rather the true difference we have on peoples lives.  We must always remember the "Why".  We must always remember every time we choose to do something we are giving up the chance to do something else.  We must always remember that time will pass regardless of what … (2 comments)

boston: Lemonade Stand today to fight Childhood Cancer May 21st - 05/21/17 06:05 AM
Stop by today at 30 Currier Farm Road from 1-3 and meet my Boss Oshyn Catherine McHugh who will be helping fight Childhood Cancer with the help of Alex's Lemonade Stand!
30 Currier Farm Road here in Westwood is where we will be located conducting our Open House!
thanks for sharing and creating awareness to this great Charity
Have a great Sunday...cheers....the McHughs

boston: I need your HELP! - 05/18/17 11:54 AM

Yes...I said that ...I need your help...
This home is awesome and we still cannot find a buyer...
But with my ActiveRain friends I am sure you can generate a buyer referral that I will pay 35%!!
Thanks for viewing and sharing...
Click here to view more and thanks for sharing on your social walls

boston: The Monday Morning Memo May 15th - 05/15/17 07:03 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Memo....As we continue on the journey of life this week, keep in mind all the progress you have made and the great opportunities ahead. We must learn to cut out time for ourselves to re-charge our batteries.  We must play as hard as we work.  We must not get through the day, but rather make the day what we want. All of us have challenges and things we need to work on and improve.  That will always be the case for those that care.  Joy and happiness is all around we just need the … (6 comments)

boston: The Monday Morning Memo May 8th - 05/08/17 04:54 AM
    Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I know that some days are much harder than others.  I know that some days we wish we had them back so we could either do a little more or do things a little differently.  I know that some days we wish they would just end.  Please keep in mind that we only have so many days. We can not give ourselves more, but what we do with them is completely up to us. You will face challenges and obstacles, but you can also face success and happiness.  Most of the time they are … (3 comments)

boston: The Monday Morning Memo May 1st - 05/01/17 04:50 AM

Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I you had a fantastic weekend and found a time to have some fun and relax.  We all know that when the going gets tough the tough get going.  We are the tough ones.  We are the ones that can handle everything that comes our way.  We are the ones that have the determination and focus to get through the storm and enjoy the sun.  Let us keep in mind what really matters and let us remember that sometimes before it gets better it gets a little harder.  Jay, live on and keep working … (3 comments)

boston: The Art of Appreciation in today's business - 08/02/16 10:59 PM
The landscape in real estate has changed considerably.  We no longer are the owners of the information like it was 20 years ago.  With 3rd party sites providing information to buyers and sellers the agent must realzie how to combat that lost feature in their value proposition.
Click here to learn more
Above check out some of my tips I provide to Grant Cardone.  A titan in the real estate space, his associate Robert and I converse on the need of appreciating more and more often.  This is one nugget that Zillow and Goolge may not have on us .. and certainly I … (0 comments)

boston: My Latest and Greatest - 08/01/16 10:58 PM
I love to share great experiences to my real estate and SendOutCards audiences.
Feel free to read and comment.
The real estate market is always changing and with birth of search engines and 3rd party businesses, one must be mindful of where your business and margins will be in the next 5 years .... 
I have been watching a compression of profit margins and suggest strongly that a second or third income stream is necessary to sustain your lifestyle going forward.

boston: Appreciation - What is your system currently? - 01/27/16 10:32 PM

There...I said it....what many don't like to talk about because they don't have one in go build your article Jay.  
Recently, I returned from Houston after speaking to a great group of business professionals.  The excitement in the room was contagious.  Much of the same subjects came up.  How do you do it Jay?  How do you compete with Google; Zillow; Trulia etc. How do we get started.  And many others.  Now what does this all mean?  If you are not appreciating your clients; your business is doomed to be gobbled up by an on line experience in the future. … (9 comments)

boston: Monday Morning Message February 2 - Jay McHugh - 02/01/15 10:57 PM
    Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message.....I trust you had a great weekend filled with fun.  This week would be a great week to start taking the bull by the horns.  Are there things in your life that you have consistently put off?  Are there things in your business that you know you should do, but you keep telling yourself you can do them later?  Well, this week is it.  Let us get some of those things done and off the list.  You will feel a great sense of satisfaction when you take something that has been on your mind … (0 comments)

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