realtors: CREDIT IS IMPORTANT - 05/25/11 05:30 AM
I have a presentation on Thursday morning to 20-25 business professionals about the importance of maintaining a very good credit score. Your credit score goes well beyond the mortgage rate world. Did you know that only 65% of America have a credit score above  650?  More importantly, only only 40% of America is above a 750, which is considered the new standard for Conventional Lending. Buying a Car and insuring the car are both influenced by your current score.  An excellent FICO score will have a good mix of Installment, Revolving and Mortgage history.  An important part of building and keeping … (2 comments)

realtors: Rates and Realtors - 05/17/11 05:40 AM
Rates are improving this afternoon, but who cares. Rates overall canchange 2 or 3 times daily. It is real important to recognize thatoverall, rates have stayed near historic lows for the last fewmonths.minor rate increases or decreases throughout the day matter verylittle in the big picture.It is the right time to move into home ownership. Home prices are low ingeneral and it is an excellent time to buy.There are many bank ownedproperties ( REO'S )available, allowing folks that have rented all theiradult life the opportunity to become homeowners. Encourage yourassociates,relatives and friends who think they could never be qualifiedto contact me … (1 comments)

These individuals or couples who have a history of credit issues, may just turn out to be "DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH"
Each month, I either meet or speak with many individuals who have or have had issues with their credit. I will often find that what they think is "fair" credit is actually and average credit score.
These POTENTIAL buyers most often only need someone to review their current income and credit scenerio before they can become qualified to purchase.
When a realtor makes a credit referral … (0 comments)

realtors: Rural Development - 04/26/11 07:03 AM
Rural Development
The USDA does have an interesting home loan plan called Rural Development. 
 To qualify for this special loan, the homes location has to be in a qualifying zone. Usually this lies outside
the city boundaries. A 640 minimum credit score is required by the l...ender. Household income can not
exceed 115% of the median income for the county in which the home is located. Income is projected
forward including projected pay raises. Borrowers must lack sufficient resources to secure a conventional
loan. (Generally 20% Down) So if you have a potential buyer who may be a little credit impaired, … (0 comments)

realtors: Looking At Yourself - The task of surrounding yourself with positive people - 04/18/11 04:33 AM
Are you ready to take yourself and your team to the next level?
Are you tired of complacency that seems to have crept into your business and personal life?
Can you take a step back and take an objective, unbiased look at every area of your business (Administrative, operations, sales) to determine where you are versus where you want to be?
Recently, I have made a conscious effort to evaluate every part of my business. I have begun to make small changes that are necessary to grow and improve.
I am looking at myself first and am prepared to make those changes … (4 comments)

realtors: Do you think this is a Stupid RULE? - 04/05/11 08:35 AM
     Recently we had a client who had a wonderful loan. Everything was going rather smoothly to refinance this condo. We were wrong. The underwriter called to say that they could not do this loan, because the FHA will not allow loans where more than 10% of the units are owned by an individual or company. In this case that would have been. 10. This LLC owns 36. Our client did not know this, nor did we, until the end.
     I personally think this is unfair the the persons who indivually own their condos. What difference does it possibly make … (8 comments)

realtors: Back in Time - 03/29/11 06:43 AM
We don't all have a Delorian to take us back in time like Michael J. Fox had in Back to the Future. But, if I did, I would like to go back to the good old days of the mortgage and real estate industry. Where business was booming and there was plenty of it! Where a handshake was a contract and a smile was a deal maker.
Unfortunately, it seems as those days are gone. I don't think so......
Not everyone is about greed and making money 24/7. There are still some people that are about pride, trust and integrity. … (2 comments)

realtors: It's a new day dawning! - 03/24/11 11:29 AM
Social Media Marketing! 6 months ago, I could not have told you what that was. Selling oneself socially, it sound similar to prostitution ha ha ha.  However, since my assistant brought it to my attention and we have be experimenting with different social media, it seems to be working. We have gotten some pretty solid leads with a couple of our strategies. I have also helped a couple of my realtor partners out with free online ads for their listings, that go out in our email notes each month. New and improved and exciting seems to be the consensus about Social … (0 comments)

realtors: Down Time - 03/18/11 09:22 AM
In the mortgage business, there is an up time and a down time, depending on what type of loan that people are looking for. Right now, there is a down time for refinancing, as the rates are going up and anyone who wanted to refinance has already done so. However, right now, homebuyers are the only hope for someone in the mortgage business. A great relationship with a realtor will help you during the down time. So, brokers and loan officers, you should start making friends with your local realtors so that when they have a client that needs financing, they … (1 comments)

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