professional conduct: Don’t Worry, Be Proactive - 03/14/18 02:57 PM
Don’t Worry About it, Be Proactive
While a well-know song may proclaim Don't Worry Be Happy, I like being proactive whenever I can be, rather than worrying. I suppose that makes me happy.
While I’m not really the worrying sort in my real estate transactions, as far as dwelling on issues particularly those I have no control over, there are plenty of times when I get concerned.
In order to appropriately perform our fiduciary duties for our clients we have to be proactive, don’t you think?
I want to make sure things are moving along the way they should in terms of what’s required, … (46 comments)

professional conduct: I Loved, Loved, Loved This Transaction - 02/27/18 04:27 PM
I Loved, Loved, Loved This Transaction
For her February challenge Lisa Von Domek  encouraged us to write about 1, 2 or 3 transactions that we really loved, and to share our reasons, and learnings. There have been so many it’s hard to choose. This transaction stood out for several reasons.
We were on our flight to Kauai for an 8-day vacation, and upon landing I had a voice mail from an agent wanting to refer a buyer couple to me. They are interested in buying a beach home, and had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and needed, including an ocean view. … (10 comments)

professional conduct: The Day Ended Beautifully but the Start Was Not So Great! - 02/23/18 12:32 PM
Starting the Day Delivering Bad News is Not Fun!
I had a really busy day yesterday in real estate, along with work being done by our plumber, and a number of projects being tackled by our handyman Alan Kier (who leads a double life as the Bubble Man – check out the CBS/KFMB Channel 8 lifestyle segment from the other evening - it's very cool!) most of the day. The photo to the right is a bubble Alan made in Carlsbad when we were visiting with him a couple years ago.
I took a break and hit Carlsbad Village late in the day … (15 comments)

professional conduct: Are You Memorable? - 12/12/17 08:33 AM
Are You Memorable?
A marketing email I got yesterday, and still haven’t read, asked this question. It started me thinking.
Of course I want to be memorable, don’t you? And in a positive way, not because of doing a bad job during the transaction. There are abundant opportunities to become memorable before and during transaction, as well as after.
Communication – even before you meet in person your communication can start you on the way to being memorable, simply by being an effective and consistent communicator.
Why? Because so many people aren’t.
You don’t want a lack of … (43 comments)

professional conduct: How to Show Your Clients You Care - 02/15/17 08:47 AM
Show Your Buyers and Sellers You Care
I just returned from Phoenix for the 2017 CRS Sellabration convention. It was 2 very full days of intense learning from top producing agents from around the country on a wide range of topics focused on systems, marketing, operations and leadership, and performance and development.
I’ll share my top takeaways in a future post.
I had dinner my last night there with 2 good friends who are part of my mastermind group, and the question came up - what was your biggest takeaway?
I only had to think for a few seconds. My immediate thought, from all … (89 comments)

professional conduct: 8 Tips to Inspire Repeat Business - 09/27/16 09:16 AM
I’d Love to do Another Transaction with You!
Having a terrific experience with another agent in a transaction that inspires you to wish, or say to them, that you’d like to work together again is such a great feeling. Even when there are challenges or differences of opinion, working with some agents can be a real pleasure, while others not so much.
The same applies to vendors you work with during a given transaction - a lender, escrow officer, title officer, inspector, staging professional, or someone else.
So what are those things these individuals do that make the working relationship such a positive one, … (20 comments)

professional conduct: Are You Sending Mixed Messages? - 06/22/16 07:13 AM
Are You Sending Mixed Messages?
We were having breakfast one Saturday morning at our favorite eatery in Carlsbad Village, and I happened to notice this signage.
Given the laws here about smoking, it was rather ironic that it was even posted. And then I noticed the mixed message.
Thinking back on that, it occurred to me that mixed messages may be something we are sending, perhaps inadvertently, but which cause confusion to those who receive them, create a bad impression, and possibly even send them running in the other direction…certainly not the intent of the message. We've probably all done it, and perhaps not realized … (86 comments)

professional conduct: Lesson Learned – It’s Mine and I Own It! - 06/07/16 01:12 PM
Listing Presentation + Goof = No Listing
Debbie Reynolds challenged us to share a lesson we have learned in our career for the June contest.
For me, like you I imagine, there have been lots of lessons learned. Despite the occasional embarrassment of making a mistake, or not knowing something, learning new things is good, and I expect it will continue.
It’s embarrassing, and not fun, to admit you’ve made a mistake or a goof of some sort, said something you shouldn’t have, or somehow got egg on your face. But it happens, and you learn from these mistakes, hopefully, and move on.
I had … (100 comments)

professional conduct: I was Rude at Dinner Last Night But I made Someone’s Day Today - 05/07/16 11:21 AM
I was Rude Last Night so I could Make Someone’s Day Today
Ah, the life of a busy real estate professional, especially in our crazy market.
We were at dinner last night with 2 other couples, both very good friends, as sort of a going away since one couple is relocating to NorCal for his job. They just closed on their new house but are keeping the one here for renting.
As I normally do I turned the phone to silent, and stuck it in my sportcoat pocket, and pretty much forgot about it for over an hour.
Great food, terrific conversation and good friends … (53 comments)

professional conduct: We are Looking to You for Guidance - 04/13/16 01:10 AM
It's Nice to be Asked for Help
I’ve had 2 buyer clients tell me this in the last several days, both when we were submitting offers in a competitive market on different properties, with some critical decisions to be made, especially around offer price, terms and conditions.
We assume our buyer and seller clients want, and need, our guidance, don’t we?  After all, it’s a big part of our job and includes a wide range of tasks, information sharing, analysis and problem solving from start to finish in a transaction.
Usually we know when they need guidance, even if they don’t - trying to … (14 comments)

professional conduct: How to Deliver Bad News to Your Client - 04/08/16 07:03 AM
Passing along bad news to a client is never easy, but it's an essential part of what we do in our business, and it should not be delayed.
Gail outlines an excellent process and some important things to consider BEFORE picking up that phone and blurting out the bad news. Take some time to prepare so you can do it well.
And put yourself in their shoes - they deserve more than "sorry it didn't work out" or some other quick delivery of bad news.
I hope you will stop by Gail's post to share your thoughts there, too!
FRAMING IS IMPORTANT, SO … (13 comments)

professional conduct: Are You the Kind of Agent Other Agents Want to Do Business With? - 02/22/16 06:55 AM
Are You the Kind of Agent
Other Agents Want to Do Business With?
We hear lots of rants about some agents in our business who are not a pleasure to work with, for a host of reasons. But there are many who are and I bet you know who those people are, don’t you?!
So what are the things you should be doing,
if by chance you aren’t,
to be this type of agent?
Know your job and do it – competence in real estate is no small thing, but we all recognize it, or the lack of it, don’t we? It takes time to … (12 comments)

professional conduct: There’s a Time to Text and a Time to Talk - 11/14/15 03:23 AM
There’s a Time to Text and a Time to Talk
No doubt communication has changed in recent years. There was a time when your choice was pretty much face to face or on the phone.
Then along came email, followed by smartphones and the advent of texting.
Like it or love it, texting is a popular of sharing information, connecting, asking questions, providing help, and so much more. For some it’s the way they want to communicate with others, whether it’s a friend, family member or their real estate agent.
Those individuals growing up surrounded by technology may be the heartiest of texters, with many … (112 comments)

professional conduct: When They Know You and Trust You, They Come Back to You - 10/13/15 11:50 PM
When They Know You and Trust You, They Come Back to You
It was a Facebook message that once again confirmed what we all know about past clients, that when they like you and trust you, they come back to you.
Of course they have to remember you, but if that first transaction was a winner (even if there were some problems along the way), and you stay in touch somehow, they will no doubt remember and they will come back. And probably refer you along the way.
In this case 6 years after helping a buyer purchase an REO the decision has been … (43 comments)

professional conduct: Would You Please Stop Hovering? - 07/16/15 02:14 AM
Would You Please Stop Hovering?
I didn't say it, but I wanted to. The listing agent just would not stop.
Not only was she continually staying within about 3 feet of us as we toured her 4300 SF listing, but we were subjected to non-stop banter about the wonderful features, the money spent on remodeling, blah blah blah.
My clients were outwardly cool about it, but eyes rolling skyward and a few well timed whispers at opportune moments said it all.
One of them commented that "she was in my personal space too many times!"
Many of our listings are unaccompanied until you get … (70 comments)

professional conduct: I like the “No Problem” Response to a Customer Service Request - 06/01/15 11:07 AM
I like the “No Problem” Response to a Customer Service Request
I really like getting the response “no problem” or “It’s not a problem” in response to a request, at least most of the time.
Seems there were ample opportunities for this response in the last 4 days with a sudden change in vacation plans Wednesday evening (and a few moments of panic!), an unexpected and quick trip to San Francisco for a new but premature grandbaby, dining out, issues at the hospital, travel, plus some ongoing business issues including finding last minute coverage while away, a pending closing, challenges in an … (14 comments)

professional conduct: Don't Make Your Clients Feel Stupid - 05/24/15 04:55 AM
Don't Make Your Clients Feel Stupid
I recently read a terrific post by Elizabeth Weintraub, “Never Say I Told You So About Choosing the Wrong Lender.” It’s well worth a read and raises a significant issue – how saying “I told you so” could certainly set the wrong tone with your client. That could apply to other transaction issues (e.g., inspections), too. True in life as well.
But Elizabeth’s post reminded me of something I was told at a seminar some time ago:
It’s important to not make your clients feel stupid!!
I suspect we have all been made to feel this way at … (57 comments)

professional conduct: Are You on the “List of Agents I Want to do Business With?” - 01/04/15 12:08 AM

Are You on the “List of Agents I Want to do Business With?”
My last transaction of 2014 went very smoothly. While there was a fair amount of negotiating until we got agreement on the price – indeed it seemed at one point that no agreement was forthcoming – once we were in escrow things proceeded smoothly.
We had a number of visits to the home for inspection purposes, which was complicated due to the work schedules for the seller, but the other agent was terrific to work with from start to finish. There was a … (64 comments)

professional conduct: Choosing Someone to Cover You While on Vacation - 10/14/14 12:53 AM
 Choosing Someone to Cover You While on Vacation
So often when I have taken vacation I have simply continued to tackle issues back home via email, phone and text, and my absence appears seamless. I have a transaction coordinator who manages much of the paperwork flow and process, and count on her help whether I am around or not. Since she is also a licensed REALTOR there are things she can do than an unlicensed administrator or TC could not.
Taking a longer vacation where distance, multiple time zones, and simply trying to truly get away might interfere means … (63 comments)

professional conduct: Knowing is Good, Not Knowing is Bad - 09/12/14 09:49 AM

Knowing is Good, Not Knowing is Bad
In our business there is a ton of information to share, questions to be asked, tasks to be accomplished.
Buyers and sellers often want or need to know certain things, as we do in order to properly represent them, and to appropriately guide them through the transaction from start to finish.
There are numerous tasks to accomplish for success to occur, and many other people involved in the process – the other agent(s), escrow, title, mortgage professionals, inspectors, movers and the list goes on.  There are 13 people involved … (18 comments)

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