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This is an excellent post by Donna. I want to add one to the list here - "Handyman Special", when the price is at or near market value. COME ON!1." Owner Says sell!" Really? Thanks for pointing that out. Stating the bleeding obvious may well be the absolute truth of the matter, but it's still com...
It occurred to me that there might be a few folks out there that do not know the difference between using the WordPress system and using WordPress is an open source blogging platform that you can download and install on your own custom server. It enables you to have your install, w...
I never really thought about the main point here, which is to try and price your listing so that it comes up in two different ranges (aka. $150,000 so that the home shows up for a search of $100k-$150k, as well as a search for $150k-$200k), which gives it more exposure, and a better chance for se...
In this short video, I want to give you some basic tips on how to sell, with, of course, an example in real estate. The key thing to focus on here is the client's perception, and the desired benefit they have in mind. It's nothing personal, but the typical client really doesn't care about the age...
Here's a high quality list of things you should definitely keep in mind if you are scurrying around at the last minute to file your income taxes. Enjoy!The tax filing deadline is just around the corner. The IRS offers 10 tips for taxpayers still working on their tax returns: File Electronically I...
Phoebe gives some great tips on getting a home ready to stand out and sell during the spring months. Some of these things are hard for sellers to do, so as an agent, we've got to push them to make sure they do it!As we are in the spring market, there are more homes coming onto the market for sale...
Karen provides a great list of things she's observed about real estate professionals. I really think that good agents, the ones who last, learn about all the aspects of the field, because clients want answers, and they want them immediately, not tomorrow!Are Realtors worth their commission?  I us...
So today I want to give you a quick video outlining the most relevant and high impact things you should be doing to promote the online side of your business. While this is an overview, I think it may help some of you to re-align your thoughts and strategies regarding online marketing, and get bac...
Prayful elightened me with this post, saying that there is a possibility for achieving a "free" rainmaker account, which I was not aware of. So check it out, it's something to look forward to if you are serious!Simple Math Behind ActiveRain Membership! Did you read a recent post from Kerrie about...
Cindy makes a good point here, that referrals should be appreciated, to the point of acknowledgment. However, I do believe there is room for genuine good will, which doesn't require any acknowledgment.Why I might not refer you again. Ever use someones services that you loved and referred them out...

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