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Daily Real Estate News | December 29, 2008 Home Buyer Tax Credit: How It Works First-time homebuyers in 2008 can take an income-tax credit on their purchase, thanks to passage in Congress earlier this year of the first-time home buyer tax credit. The definition of first-time homebuyer is generous...
View Full Album   There’s no denying that this home is amazing.  Everyone who see’s it agrees!  From the original hardwood floors to the height of the 3rd floor ceilings.  The 2 staircases, sunroom, parlor, 5.5 bathrooms, 3 of them with whirlpool tubs!  This home is definitely someone’s dream co...
Absolutely exciting!  I've been planning to blog for close to a year, probably longer if I put my pencil to the calendar.  Now that I've stepped in the door, I know I've arrived to the internet.  While I have always felt computer savvy, the idea of giving & posting information rather than just us...

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