pension plans: Government Contract without Hassles? - 02/20/13 07:14 AM
Enter the World of Government Contracts Without the Hassles If you own a small business, chances are you have heard about how lucrative government contracts can be in today's market. But you probably also know that to win a government contract you must show that your workers are offered wages and benefits that compare to the prevailing market. For many people, that seems to be a deal breaker. But it shouldn't be. The Davis-Bacon Act provisions can benefit both you and your workers.
Consider this: your employees stand to realize a true tax benefit when you successfully win a government contract. … (3 comments)

pension plans: How to Keep Your Workers by Presenting Benefit Packages - 11/27/12 06:25 AM
Keep Your Best Workers by Creatively Presenting Benefit Packages
(Article for Davis by Tammy Emineth)
If you hire contract workers for your business, you know how difficult it is to keep the best workers year after year. Davis Bacon Benefit laws allow you to cut a better deal for both your business and your workforce.
There are many advantages that using contract labor gives you, but it can be daunting to keep up with changing laws and mandates. And many times, workers fail to realize that they will do better with the benefits your company provides. It’s much … (3 comments)

pension plans: If You're a Contractor - How to Keep Your Costs Low When Bidding for Government Projects - 05/02/12 09:57 AM
For Contractors and those bidding on government contract jobs and projects: 
Winning more government bids and staying profitable is not easy, especially when you’re paying 100% of the local prevailing wage rate in wages. It drives up your other costs, and requires you to make riskier bids. If you bid more you lose jobs and if you bid less you lose money. You need to be more proactive and competitive.
Davis-Bacon Pension Plans Inc. helps you boost your bottom line so you can win more bids. The way they do it is simple; instead of paying 100% of the local prevailing … (5 comments)

pension plans: SUB Plans for Davis Bacon Pension Plans - 02/29/12 01:54 AM
If you are in business, you already know these are complicated times. It can really take some real planning to get ahead and stay ahead, especially if your company specializes in season services.  Davis-Bacon Pension Plans, Inc. understands your business needs. That’s why we offer special programs that are ideally suited for companies that are seasonal or where you work under 2000 hours per year. 
It’s called a SUB Plan.  If your employees are compensated for a prevailing wage job, your business  can make a deposit to the trust in accordance with your wage policies and the prevailing wage contract that applies. It’s the … (0 comments)

pension plans: Information for New Construction Contractors on Government Contracts - 01/03/12 03:20 AM

Davis Bacon is a government instated law that protects workers from receiving unfair wages for government jobs in certain areas of the country. This provides a prevailing wage to workers for their area so they no longer have to be concerned about not getting paid what they are worth for the current wages in the area.
Contractors too need protection when bidding for these jobs so they can protect their workers and the job as a whole. Using a Davis Bacon professional you can be sure you will lower your liability insurance, workers compensation and labor burden all the while … (2 comments)

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