milton: Jerri-ellen Sell My House!!! Halton Homes listen to this before you sell!! holton listings .com Milton, Acton , Georgetown - 06/17/10 08:47 AM
When stars come out for a movie premiere it's always a big event and everyone dresses and acts accordingly (most of the time...).
When your house goes on the market, you should think of it as your big night. Remove as many pieces of furniture and knick-nacks; this will give rooms and counters a feeling of spaciousness, make your home sparkle and don't forget to remove the skateboard from the front walk! Some of my clients have even baked goodies or brewed coffee before a showing because it makes the house feel like a home.
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milton: Remodeling Do's and Don'ts ( tips and more at Halton Listings . com) Jerri-ellen Fraser - 06/16/10 06:42 AM
It's common for homeowners to begin a remodeling job expecting to receive a return in excess of the cost of the remodel. Most homeowners view remodeling as an "improvement", but the reality is that such projects often only bring the home up to current standards. It's important to go into a remodeling project with realistic expectations. A home that meets current standards will be easier to sell when compared with other homes that haven't been updated, but the increase in value might be less than you expect.
Before you start your big project, call me and let's talk about it. As … (2 comments)

milton: Long term rates vrs. Short term rates. Jerri-ellen Fraser ( Real Estate) Johnson Associates Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage - 02/18/10 01:09 PM
The options for mortgages available can be very confusing for most mortgage shoppers. Terms for mortgages vary between variable and fixed rate, 6-month terms to 10 year terms. Taking a variable or floating rate mortgage can have savings. Typically the shorter the term or guarantee of the rate, the lower the rate will be. This does not always happen, depending on the market place and the economy, but history has shown that short-term rates tend to be lower than long-term rates. The up side of variable rate is the strong potential for interest rate savings. The down side is the fact … (1 comments)

milton: Why Pay Twice??? Don't go it alone Buyin' or Sellin' Call Jerri-ellen - 01/13/10 01:38 PM
Developing A Back Up PlanMany independent sellers often have a backup plan...Just call in a real estate agent if they can't do it themselves. However, many people neglect to consider that much of the cost and effort of selling a home happens up front. Signs, ads, feature sheets and open houses are costs that add up very quickly.If you're thinking of using a Realtor© as your backup plan, why pay twice? I can manage the sale of your house from start to sold and beyond, saving you both money and frustration. Call or email me today and let's get started selling … (2 comments)

milton: Let me introduce myself. - 08/26/09 06:20 AM
This is just a quick note to introduce myself. My name is Jerri-Ellen Fraser and I am your neighbourhood real estate specialist.I would very much like for you to consider me your real estate resource. I can provide you with valuable information about recent sales, tax assessments and other information about your neighbourhood you may not have known. I'm even able to tell you what buyers are currently looking for in homes around your area.Don't be shy! If you have any questions at all, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. Just drop me a line or send … (0 comments)

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milton: Buying A Home? (If you are buying a home in Georgeton,Acton,Brampton,Mississauga Read article and visit - 11/26/08 10:26 PM
If you're thinking of purchasing your first home, you probably have a lot of great ideas about what you'd like - such as several thousand square feet of living space, a two-car garage, large fenced-in lot, one or two fireplaces and a panoramic view. But it may be time for a reality check. 
Most first-time buyers want their dream home right away. However, that dream home likely sells for several hundred thousand dollars and the down payment is more than you earn in two years. Not to mention the mortgage payments - which are three times your monthly take-home salary!
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milton: Winter Staging ( Jerri-ellen Johnson Associates Serving Gerogetown, Acton, Mississauga, Erin,Brampton, Milton,& More - 09/25/08 03:43 PM
Staging in winter
Out door lighting
If you have flood lights say white... one or two on the front lawn (if you don't have pot lighting)It is getting darker earlier and in November, when people have time to drive through the streets, to check out the listings it will be dark. Having the lights  will make your home stand out from the rest of the homes that are for sale in the area and will  make it look welcoming.
Put a wreath on the door. fresh cut flowers , plus I have a bread maker  baking some bread...nice feeling for buys in the home … (0 comments)

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