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How detailed do you get in relation to your communication with sellers that you represent?  Do you let them know every last detail of how you are promoting their property?  For example: "Hello John, Today I went out to your property and took interior and exterior photos.  I wrote up several varia...
I've spent a considerable amount of time finding different Twitter Services, Tools & Articles.  I've read the articles and tried the services and tools.  All of these or many in conjunction with one another can help improve your Twitter usage and marketing efforts. Services Twitter - This is a no...
Five ways to utilize Twitter in order to connect with others and promote your business. Announce a new blog post - When people opt to follow your Twitter stream they are telling you that they want to be kept up to date about what it is you are doing.  This includes a certain level of promotional ...
I thought I'd write a blog post wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and to say thank you all for making 2008 one of my best blogging years.  Active Rain is truly a wonderful community where people canc ome and connect with one another and share their experiences openly. In your time of Holida...
Yesterday, Vicki Pedersen provided market statistics for Riverside California during the period of 11/20/08 to 12/20/08.  This is data that I don't have direct access to but since I live in Riverside and am a recent home owner I sure wouldn't mind getting regular reports like this. Vicki's data d...
Video blogging and video home tours are so easy to do these days that there are really no excuses as to why you shouldn't be doing it.  Here are my top 10 reasons why you should be carrying a digital camera / video recorder around with you AT ALL TIMES! It was announced that YouTube searches now ...
Today I found out through a reliable source that the Metropolitan Regional Information Systems Inc. (MRIS) is predicting that 30% - 33% of their current membership base of roughly 55,000 members (1) will not renew their memberships.  This equates out to 16,500 - 18,150 Realtors® that wont be rene...
My primary profession is that of a search engine optimization specialist. It is my soul responsibility to pay close attention to new technologies and services that could further help improve the rankings within Google and other search engines.  This often takes a great deal of time both on the cl...
We live in Southern California and are being gifted my wife's father's home to save us the hassle of inheritance issues should any arrise with her brothers. I've asked this question on Trulia Voices as well but thought I'd ask the question here as well... What are the differences between a grant ...
Last night I asked when a buyer or seller should consider hiring a Realtor.  I also asked at what point is the Realtor no longer needed.  Both of these questions were asked via Trulia Voices and I picked up a few great answers.  The answers also vary in a few ways so I thought I'd share the answe...

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