downspout: It's 12:45 and Where is Your Downspout - 08/18/11 06:57 PM

When a Home Inspector writes a report or takes notes for a report he usually begins the same way each time.  I know I do.  I start outside with the roof and work my way down and around the house. Taking everything in stride no matter what you may find.  Oh, you might look at something and shake your head, snap a couple extra photos, and even write a cute (using the term loosely) little anecdote in the margins.  But all in all home inspectors that have been doing it for a while take most things in stride.

downspout: See this too often. - 05/12/10 09:14 AM
I do.  I see this much too often in one form or another.
It doesn't take long for this to happen.  All you need is a situation like the one above and Spring Rain. If the house isn't too old then you might need a few seasons without repair, but eventually you'll see it too.  Unfortunately, the damage in the above picture is severe enough that it isn't going to be an easy, cheap fix.  Unlike the fix the prevention is much cheaper and easier.  For every downspout one $10 purchase will do the job of redirecting the water away from … (11 comments)

downspout: Water Intrusion - 11/12/08 03:42 PM
There are so many ways water can get into a house it is almost impossible to list them all.  When I do a home inspection this is one of the issues I look for the most.  Water is one of the worst enemies a home can have.
Below are some extreme cases. 
 Water here has come out of the downspout onto this area for so long that it has undermined the brick and begun working on the basement wall.  Before long this will cause the entire brick wall to deteriorate and eventually come down.
 Let's forget about the obvious electric issue … (8 comments)

downspout: Think they may have a problem II. - 08/27/08 04:54 PM
My last attempt at this didn't turn out so well due to the picture quality.  In my defense a home inspector has to take pictures during the time he is there. 
This time everyone should be able to see.  Picture 1 was initially of the air conditioning unit, but turned out to expose a problem that was like an iceberg, most of it was hidden. 

There are several smaller problems here and some of them even contribute to the larger problem.  Remember all of the pictures are only seeing what I saw.  There are no magic red arrows on the house … (14 comments)

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