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You'll delight in this exceptional offering only 15 minutes from one of the West's premier lifestyle attractions - Sheridan, Wyoming.In the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains and  along the Bozeman Trail, you'll find one of the best kept secrets in the American West.  It's a place where people f...
Looking for a place to invest your capital gains?  Whether you want to pay your taxes now or do a 1031 exchange, there are many investment opportunities in the Sheridan, WY area.  We have a pretty strong economy, which can be attributed to energy development and great land.  We have some great op...
It's 20 below outside right now and the snow squeaks when you walk in it.  In the full moon, you can see the mountains almost like daylight and the breath coming from our horses noses looks like dragon smole in the night.  There really is a silver lining to every cloud.  Hey, you've gotta look fo...
Today, I read with interest a post about whether agents should farm their churches or not.  It caused me some reflection about our church lives and our work lives.  Personally, I never even think about farming my church.  People know what I do, so if they want to work with me, they can, but I'll ...
Are we living in a state of fear?  I think that generally, we are.  "Global warming".  It's not PC to even question somebody whe they speak about global warming as if it is fact.  Never mind the inconvenient, cold, hard facts.  The news media appoints themselves takes it upon themselves to creat ...
We are offering some great prices on 2-acre building sites for your future home in Sheridan, WY.  If you already live in Sheridan, or are thinking about moving here, consider Indian Paintbrush Estates for your future home.  This wonderfully designed subdivision is just a few minutes south of Sher...
With winter's grip on much of the country, many people are thinking about skiing and snowmobiling.  That's understandable.  I try to make the most of each and every day and live for the moment.  I enjoy winter activities and I love to ski with my family.  But summer in Sheridan, Wyoming is awesom...
If you could pick the perfect place to live, work and play, what would it "feel" like?  Would the people be friendly and wave to you while you're driving (you may or may not know them)?  Could you leave your house unlocked?  Could your kids run around and play and still be kids.  Would you feel l...
In Sheridan and Big Horn, Wyoming, we brought in 2008 with a nice touch of winter, followed by a bluebird day that was crisp and cold, despite all the hype about "global warming".  One of the reasons I love it here so much is that it is a 4-season climate and every 3 months or so, we get a nice c...

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