low taxes: Real 5.4% ROI on a 27,000-acre investment ranch for sale in WY and MT - 06/14/12 07:06 AM
Want a Wyoming or a Montana Ranch for sale that makes money? How about one that's in both states? View our Fence Creek Ranch for Sale blog at Chase Brothers Properties. Fence Creek Ranch is an extraordinary ranch for sale near Sheridan Wyoming that captures the essence of a western ranch, all the while providing enough platform for economic activity that can produce 5.4% ROI. In today's world, that is very good. Not only will your money give a yield to you, but your quality of life ROI will be excellent too. Can you imagine hunting for giant mule deer like the … (0 comments)

low taxes: Living here just feels right! The best ranch for sale in Sheridan Wyoming. - 02/24/12 02:04 AM
Have you ever been somewhere that just feels right in every way; a place you don't want to leave?
It was probably a place that just felt so inviting, comfortable and reassuring. It was probably beautiful. It might have been a vacation somewhere. I've been to a few places like that in my lifetime- Tuscany was like that. BUt also, I'm lucky enough to live in one of those areas that has several places like that right here. The Beaver Creek Ranch for sale near Big Horn Wyoming is definitely one of them. Read more about it here:Beaver Creek Ranch blog or … (1 comments)

low taxes: Wyoming Again rated in the top tax-friendly states! - 03/02/11 04:06 AM

I can't emphasize this point enough: Wyoming has been and will likely continue to be one of the most tax-friendly states. We have it together out here in "fly-over" country.  Most people might snub their noses at us thinking we're not very sophisticated or smart. Ha! That makes me laugh.  Who's smarter; people who love where they live with low taxes and high quality of life, or those who pay high taxes and wake up angry about something every day?  Just asking....Yep; we'll keep on being unsophisticated and living in a state that "lives within its means" with a budget … (2 comments)

low taxes: Wyoming- a shining example for the rest of the country - 04/14/10 10:12 AM
I've written lots of blogs about why Wyoming is a great place to live, work and play, but this article says what we're all about: Shining example
Sure, we have awesome scenery and low taxes, but the very best of Wyoming is what is within the people here.  We still have values that haven't been lost. Freedom still lives large in Wyoming and we support it and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and us.  

low taxes: Now is the time to start thinking about Wyoming for summer time! - 12/14/09 09:58 AM
Yes, it's cold most everywhere right now, but doesn't it make you think about things you can do next summer? 
Does this get you thinking about thinking about beautiful outdoor summer activities?  How about Sheridan Wyoming? If you want to live here and own a piece of paradise, we have ranches for sale and land for sale in beautiful Sheridan Wyoming.  There are many reasons to live here- low taxes, beautiful scenery, friendly people, fun activities.....see for yourself at www.chasebrothersproperties.com

low taxes: Why Wyoming? - 10/27/09 03:35 AM
Wyoming is just fly-over country, right?  Oh yeah, I think Yellowstone National Park is out there somewhere, and isn't that by Jackson?  Why would anyone want to live there?  Well, admittedly, Wyoming isn't for everyone.  It isn't for people who can't take some weather, 'cause the weather does change and keeps things interesting and we do get 4 seasons.  But for people who like low taxes, rainbows and sunsets, friendly people who wave to you and a wild outdoor playground, maybe Wyoming could be the right place.
Sheridan, Wyoming offers so much.  We have the beautiful landscapes and we're the "garden … (3 comments)

low taxes: Gambling with your investments; how about land? - 07/25/09 10:30 AM
Are you happy with your investments, especially if they're in the stock market?  Are you happy with  the amount of taxes you pay?  Do you really think the stock market can sustain the upward movement despite the sickest economy we've seen in generations?  Do you really think that with businesses shrinking around the country and unemployment rising that your investments are safe in the stock market?  Well I'm no expert and not here to give advice, but I know where my best bet is; it's in Wyoming land and ranches. For years, I've been accumulating land around the Sheridan WY area and … (0 comments)

low taxes: Getting taxed to death???? - 02/19/09 04:09 AM
Well, it looks like it's going to get worse for anyone who actually pays taxes!  We are not included in the big old bag of goodies (our goodies that are going to be given to all those who haven't earned them).  I don't want any goodies, because I've always wanted to produce for myself- I hate being given things!
Well- it sounds like there are 40,000 in New York City who pay the way for all the rest!  Could that be true?  Unbelievable.  Just wait until they get fed up and leave! Who will pay for everything then?  Might I extend a Wyoming … (0 comments)

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