ranches for sale: Boundaries, or Roam Free? - 03/03/11 05:37 AM
"Boundaries are just lines on a map to help you find the place that lets you ignore them. Roam Free in Wyoming. Forever West" -Wyoming Travel and Tourism
Check out the powerful and beautiful video referenced above at our ChaseBrothersProperties Facebook page. "Like" us if you want more captivating reasons to become part of Wyoming's unique culture and lifestyle. We have frequent updates. See for yourself how you can take a "mental break" from winter with some of our own videos recently posted. We are blessed to live here. Wanna see why?
We have ranches for sale so you can roam free … (1 comments)

ranches for sale: Fly Fishing in the Sheridan WY Area - 02/10/11 05:08 AM
The Sheridan area has some very good fly fishing. Our rivers and streams in the Big Horn Mountains and in the valleys below offer the angler some excellent variety of terrain, streams and scenery. See the following link for more info and video: Sheridan Area Fly Fishing
We feature streams in the Big Horn Mountains, The Powder Horn golf community, and the fertile valleys beyond the mountains where the rivers run north.

We know the rivers and steams in this area and we know land and ranches.  We can help you invest in land or a ranch for long-term … (3 comments)

ranches for sale: Riding for the Brand - 02/01/11 03:38 AM
At Chase Brothers Properties, LLC, we understand the meaning of riding for the brand. Our brand is our reputation.
We have a healthy respect for ranching and all that goes with this uniquely American tradition.  Values too many to mention here are taught and learned with this great industry.  Call us to learn more about what makes it so great and how you too can own and create your legacy. We have ranches for sale and we can help you find the ranch that suits your style. We can also help with start up and management. For a small taste of … (2 comments)

ranches for sale: Red Dirt Roads - 01/17/11 07:59 AM
Ever driven down a country road and wished you could live there? Sometimes they're rutted and sometimes they're dusty, but they're always beautiful and run through land full of great ranches, great people and great legacies.

In Wyoming, we have lots of back roads and scenic byways. Many are on the maps, but some of the best are off the beaten track.  Many are just the route from the ranch to town.  We know those red dirt roads very well.  We grew up driving on them and we know the people at the end and along the way.

 We … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: Looking for a place where you can run free? - 01/12/11 07:27 AM

Not only are we a little bit freer in Wyoming with lower population and lower taxes, we enjoy amazing scenery, a better lifestyle and a great place to invest in land.  This photo is actually pretty fitting, as cattle prices are high right now and the forecast looks good for the future too, so people are re-realizing the value of land and its productive capacity.  At Chase Brothers Properties, we can help with ranches, if you decide land and cattle might be in your future. We have ranches for sale and land for sale, plus we know of several special … (4 comments)

ranches for sale: Ranch real estate specialists to help you make smart investments. - 08/24/10 05:48 AM
Thinking about making a smart investment into land or ranches?  This could be a good time for many reasons. We'd be happy to discuss if you're serious about having an investment that will give you enjoyment. When you own land, you essentially own an "office building" from which you can develop business enterprises limited only by your creativity and vision. We can help. We know of ranches for sale with minerals, water, wildlife and recreation, etc. Don't forget about the good ol' cattle and livestock enterprises too. 

John and Galen Chase have made a move to open their own real … (1 comments)

ranches for sale: Ahhh....Soothing, relaxing, fun, beautiful, friendly, safe- Sheridan, Wyoming - 02/04/10 03:49 AM

Want some of this?  This is what we get to enjoy in Sheridan Wyoming.  We have many beautiful ranches for sale that help protect the views and lifestyle for all of us.  This is a lifestyle that stands the test of time.  For over 120 years, people have found the lifestyle in Sheridan Wyoming and the surrounding Big Horn Mountains to be one of the best. For more information about how you can be a part of this, contact me.  Even in today's world, The Sheridan Lifestyle is a welcome retreat.

ranches for sale: Now is the time to start thinking about Wyoming for summer time! - 12/14/09 09:58 AM
Yes, it's cold most everywhere right now, but doesn't it make you think about things you can do next summer? 
Does this get you thinking about thinking about beautiful outdoor summer activities?  How about Sheridan Wyoming? If you want to live here and own a piece of paradise, we have ranches for sale and land for sale in beautiful Sheridan Wyoming.  There are many reasons to live here- low taxes, beautiful scenery, friendly people, fun activities.....see for yourself at www.chasebrothersproperties.com

ranches for sale: Sheridan Wyoming Ranches for Sale - 10/05/09 06:53 AM
If you're looking for a place to invest your money, consider the legacy ranches for sale in Sheridan Wyoming.

We have great commercial cattle ranches for sale,

equestrian ranches for sale,

hunting ranches for sale

and other ranches for sale that will suit any goals you might have.  Galen and John are seasoned ranch professionals who have spent their entire lives with ranching and ranches in the Sheridan Wyoming area. This is a great area to live, work and play, and it's a great place in which to invest personally and financially.

ranches for sale: 1st Winter Storm for Fall of 2009 in Sheridan, WY - 10/05/09 05:59 AM
I wasn't quite ready for winter yet, but we're getting a little reminder today that it's not far off.  The poor trees are all bent over with heavy wet snow today.  The moisture is great for all the ranches in the Sheridan area and should provide some good sub-surface reserves for next Spring for a start to the growing season.  I'm a "glass half full" type when it comes to moisture, cause it always helps keep our area of the world one of the best and prettiest!  For more about Sheridan ranches for sale, contact us.  We know of lots of … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: A land of legacy- The Big Horn Mountain Foothills - 08/13/09 10:20 AM
The Big Horn Mountain Foothills are a land of legacy (see video).  They were home to the Sioux and the Cheyenne as well as the Crow Indians, and Chief Crazy Horse was born here.  His mother was buried in Little Goose Canyon and he lived and spend most of his life trying to defend his home land.  It's a land of plenty: plenty of wildlife, scenery and great people.  The character of the people who live here is perhaps a reflection of this great and beautiful land or perhaps the character has been shaped by the land.  For whatever reason, this land … (3 comments)

ranches for sale: Mountain views, trees, water....Horse Ranches in Big Horn Wyoming - 08/04/09 03:46 PM
Sheridan Wyoming is ranch country and though it may not be well known to the masses, for over 100 years a few discriminating people who love horses and wide open spaces, beautiful mountains and friendly people have discovered the last best place. Big Horn was at one time perhaps the most significant equestrian capital in the country, if not the world with the Circle V Polo Company and many other breeders selling thousands of horses to England and to the racing and polo regions of America.
If you share these same passions, you might find that you'd like one of the ranches for sale … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: Looking for a great investment, even in this economy? - 07/31/09 04:02 AM
Are you looking for truly great investment opportunities?  Don't bet on the stock market, 'cause that isn't sustainable.  There's no way it can be.  There's a total disconnect between the stock market and the truth about the economy.  However, if you believe in land as an investment, we have some really great opportunities and some motivated sellers.  Land and ranches near Sheridan Wyoming offer the investor something solid for the future.  Of the ranches for sale in Sheridan Wyoming, we have some of the best listed but there are others that could be purchased but aren't officially listed.  You'll need to … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: Fishing near Sheridan Wyoming - 07/30/09 05:47 AM
There are many reasons to live in the Sheridan Wyoming area, like low taxes, low crime, low population, and great outdoor recreation.  Within one to two hours of Sheridan, anglers can find some excellent fishing. 
The world-famous Bighorn River is just north of Sheridan and is really great this year.  A little closer to home, one can find outstanding fishing (see video) in the Big Horn Mountains.  If you're thinking about moving to this awesome area, we can help you locate here and we'd be happy to show you some of the great fishing holes. If you're looking for ranches for … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: I Want a Ranch in Wyoming! - 07/25/09 11:06 AM
How my heart longs for the wide open spaces, the peace and quiet, and the beautiful Big Horn Mountains. I want a ranch investment that I can enjoy. Below are some ranches for sale around the Sheridan Wyoming and Big Horn Wyoming area, plus some ranches for sale across the border in Montana.
68 Hanna Creek Big Goose Ranch Diamond Creek Ranch Beaver Creek Ranch Berry Hammer Land Breen Ranch  Fallis Ranch Little Bear Creek Ranch Polo Ranch Shell Creek Reservoir Ranch
There are other secrets too and we know where they are.  There are some really great ranch investments, big working ranches with real ROI that are unlisted, but "for sale".  … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: Wyoming Ranches for Sale - 07/15/09 03:36 AM
If you're looking for a rewarding lifestyle, have you ever considered owning a Wyoming Ranch?  Get up early, work hard, see the fruits of your labor and sleep hard at night with a clear conscience from clean living all day long.  Well, that about sums it up.  Having grown up on a ranch in northeastern Sheridan County, I understand well what ranching is all about. I have managed large working ranches too, so I know my stuff. Now that I'm in real estate sales in Sheridan WY, I have the opportunity to link people to the ranches that they've always dreamed of owning.  … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: Best in the West- The Polo Ranch in Big Horn, WY - 07/14/09 04:59 AM

This ranch for sale in Wyoming can now be purchased in parcels. Are you looking for value in these distressed economic times?  If so, do not dismiss this property.  The Polo Ranch is truly one of the finest ranches in the country, but what makes it better is that it's in Big Horn Wyoming.  Not only is Big Horn one of the most coveted zip codes in Wyoming, it's a place that holds all the values that people still hold dear. This is a unique offering, as ranches for sale in Big Horn Wyoming don't come along every day.  One … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: Wyoming Spring Snow Storm - 03/23/09 05:23 AM
Well, unfortunately we're having a bit of a Spring storm today here in Sheridan WY, but hey- it's March and it's WY.  It isn't quite bad enough to cancel school for the kids though, but my horses were sure unhappy this morning.  They're waiting for better days ahead, maybe to try to buck me off when they get a few mouth-fulls of green grass in their bellies! 

Since it's Spring, brighter days are coming.  The ranches around the Sheridan area will once again radiate green and the Sandhill Cranes (in the picture) that are already back will relish in the wonders … (0 comments)

ranches for sale: One of the most exquisite offerings in the West! - 04/09/08 08:17 AM
Exquisite!  That word porbably caome as close to describing this property as anything can. You really need to actuall walk upon this land to appreciate it, but short of paralleling Chief Crazy Horse's footsteps, this will have to suffice until you get here to see it.
This could be one of the most unique offerings anywhere in the West. When you think of prime, spectacular western properties, you'd probably imagine an end-of-the-road masterpiece where you're in your own paradise that has a sense of exclusivity yet it's inviting, relaxing and beautiful. It would be far enough away from civilization to have quiet … (3 comments)

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