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Are you are real estate broker seeing the power that individual agents possess through blogging, thinking, we could own the search engines for this area if we could just harness the efforts of our agents? …Then suddenly, you realize that you have the following challenges holding you back? - Can'...
As I attempted to bring clarity to the commonly asked question:How many hits should I expect to my real estate blog? the theme that has percolated to the top of the discussion both here and on ActiveRain was all too clear."It's business, not hits that I want from my blogging."  "What correlation...
Blog Visitor Statistics - Don't Drink The Kool-Aid At Bloggers Connect 2007, a woman from the audience during the panel I spoke on (Show Me The Leads) asked a great question.  A question that I hear everyday.  A question that I know every new and soon to be blogger is asking: “How many hits shou...
Many bloggers are under the false impression that it is what their posts contain that will attract readers.   Although this is true to some degree, it is really the headline that is most effective in the search engines and in the minds of your next visitor. Bloggers are in the business of headli...
I am here in San Francisco at the Inman Bloggers Connect Conference, about to go on stage to discuss the topic of lead generation through real estate blogging.  The most important question, that I know we are about to be asked is: What makes a real estate blog generated lead different from a web...

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