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Credit cards are in the news of late.  Defaults and charge-offs (when card company treats debt as uncollectible) are at record highs.  Card companies are responding by raising interest rates, cutting limits and increasing fees.  Politicians are responding to that by drafting legislation to keep t...
Last week I was the business “expert” on a television program.  One of the other guests was Kathy Ireland, former supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl. After her modeling career, Ireland decided to start a home furnishings business.  Like many entrepreneurs, she was told she was crazy and...
In last week’s blog post and e-letter I wrote about the need for each of us to think and act like an entrepreneur, the point being that one’s only safety net is the value proposition he or she offers to the marketplace.  More on that next week. But today, given the growth in the number of people ...
There was a time when having a job meant having a job.  Today, having a job is more like a temporary assignment. I’m not saying this is good or bad.  My point is that in order to buttress your ability to make a living you need to see yourself as an entrepreneur - YOU, INC. - an entity that is sel...

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