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It is my belief that until a profit can be made from it, there will never be an energy source we can use to get away from oil-based fuels.  Existing technologies, such as fuel cells, wind, solar, ethanol, and bio-diesel have not the ability or potential to replace gasoline as a fuel source en mas...
Traditional brokerage, Online, Discount or Hybrid?  Which Business Model will you choose?  How will you know? I've spent five years studying the different models for a book I'm writing. Here's a general breakdown to help you choose. Traditional Brokerage: Generally you pay a monthly office fee, a...
Active Rain is one of the big players in the blogging world, and I see many realtor ads, and lots of information being posted, but I don't know what value it is to the people we, as real estate professionals serve. I'd like to know what the general home buying and selling public wants from the si...
For years, I struggled with up and down incomes, spending money on listings that I couldn't afford to spend, and frustration over hours and hours of cold-calling, door knocking, networking meetings and more.  I actually paid for leads with Real Estate.com and Homegain.com and still struggled. Thi...

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