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We're just into 2012 and already there's talk from Washington of a new program to "fix" the housing problem, with today's papers carrying a story about a modification of the Home Affordable Modification Act. While I've read conflicting reports its contents, it seems to focus on a refinancing plan...
2011was a challenge for the real estate market in Muncie and Delaware Co., IN. Terrible weather depressed business in the first quarter of the year. Second quarter results were also quite disappointing with nearly every measurement at or near all-time lows. However, there was a turn-around in the...
Muncie and Delaware Co, IN is a small market and I do both residential and commercial brokerage. On the commercial side we're usually dealing with business professionals and attorneys who have broad experience in these transactions. "Due Dilligance" is done prior to entering into the process of n...
As we come to the end of 2011 I want to look forward to 2012 and make some predictions about the real estate market in Muncie and Delaware Co, IN.  2011 was a very difficult year and when the final tallies are in, we're probably going to see unit sales down about 10% from 2010 and average sale pr...
The following article was posted by CNBC on Yahoo Finance last Fri. Those of you who read me regularly know that I usually ignore national market information because all real estate is local. This time, however, our Muncie-Delaware Co. market data seems to be reflecting many of the characteristic...
One of the negative characteristics attributed to Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart was that he liked to read about his daring exploits in the newspapers. Many believe that attribute led to his "joy-ride" and absence from Lee's army just prior to and during the first 2 days of the Battle ...
The failure of the congressional "Super Committee" to reach a compromise on reducing the national deficit came as no surprise to many. The committee of distinguished, experienced congressional people divided along party lines, failed to compromise and therefore, set the stage for mandated, steep ...
I read a recent post decrying the over-reliance on numbers in our real estate businesses. The post was well written and received a number of agreeable comments. While I know you can take anything too far, I think it's very necessary to use numbers in our business. Here's why. First and foremost, ...
It's been interesting to read the back and forth discussion about the NAR's $40 dues increase to support "critically needed lobbying for the housing industry." After watching the Jack Abramoff interview on 60 Minutes this past Sun, I was appalled at the extent of his corruption of Congress and si...
“A country that doesn’t build things is in trouble.” – David Cole, chairman, Center for Automotive Research.  The Auto Industry Is Back! For the past few years, the automotive belt states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana have struggled through the industry’s woes, with closed plants, bankrupt compan...

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