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THE HUMPBACKS HAVE RETURNED--FIRST SIGHTING OF THE 2011-12 SEASON The Pacific Whale Foundation reported today that the first confirmed sighting of a humpback whale occurred in Hawaiian waters on September 26.  The whale was seen in Honaunau Bay off the coast of The Big Island.  With that the 2011...
"A PERFECTLY KEPT HOUSE IS THE SIGN OF A MISSPENT LIFE" AND THE ANTITHESIS OF HOME STAGING You have to love the title--well, not of the post.  The part in quotes is actually the title of a book by Mary Randolph Carter.  Even better is the byline:  "How to Live Creatively with Collections, Clutter...
HAS STAGING GONE TO THE DOGS? Maybe not the dogs, but to the dog shelters for sure. What does professional pet photographer, Teresa Berg, have in common with professional home stagers? She says, "It's all about the marketing". Believing that many dogs were not being adopted because of the photos ...
Change Your Wall Color Without Using a Brush How many times have you been standing in a client's house trying to have them visualize the room painted in a different color--or without the wallpaper border?  Too many times is my answer.  Don't you just love getting that, "I'm-not-too-sure-that-I-ag...
THE SOLUTION FOR DESIGNING AROUND A FLAT SCREEN TV? Could it be any more simple--hiding it in plain sight?  An "invisible" TV.  Actually a piece of glass attached to a contemporary metal base.  Designed by Michael Friebe who explains:  "As the first of its kind, the Loewe Invisio introduces techn...
FACEBOOK OR A FLUSHING TOILET? An odd question?  Apparently not according to the London Science Museum.  They conducted a study recently and found that Brits would be more willing to live without a flushing toilet then give up Facebook.  They only thing they preferred over Facebook was sunshine. ...
THE NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL Today marks the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  This afternoon in New York City The National September 11 Memorial will be dedicated. Today's dedication will be limited to the families of the victims only, but we can join each of them in heart and mind.  Following i...
SHOULD VACATION RENTALS BE STAGED? Is your vacation rental unit up for sale?  Has your unit accumulated additional furnishings and accessories over the years leaving it a bit "overstuffed"?  Or are there some under furnished areas that leave buyers confused?  I provided a consultation recently fo...
Redesign--Budget-Friendly Home Office I think my favorite projects are budget-stretching redesigns for clients.  They push my creativity and I love the challenge of how to achieve the design with limited resources.  This project was a redesign of a home office, located in the smallest bedroom of ...
Happy Labor Day Weekend When I started writing this blog I began wondering about the first Labor Day.  I Googled it and instead of writing the blog I intended, I thought I would share the events of this first day, courteous of the U. S. Department of Labor website.  I also found an illustration f...

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