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It's that time of year again!  Girl Scout cookie time!  Yes, another temptation to foil that diet plan, but that is totally another subject.  Yesterday, I took my 8 year old twin granddaughters out to sell cookies.  I'm not a big proponent of taking the list and passing it around my office.  They...
First of all, this is not meant to be a political commentary.  I am not here to bash or support either side. I don't care who you vote for, nor am I going to tell you who I support.  This is merely my observation and honest opinion.A week or so ago,  I logged on to Facebook just to check a status...
I know, I checked the calendar.  It's only October.  October, that wonderful month when Texans get to take a breath of crisp air that isn't  98 degrees and 79% water!  That wonderful month when the leaves on only one tree in my yard change color.  County and state fairs open and those wonderful "...
It's a rainy Monday in Sugar Land, TX.  A great day to catch up on paperwork and do all those things on the list that I've put off for "someday".  I have been thinking of trying a new photographer for my listings.  The one that I have used for years still takes awesome photos, but has been laggin...
It's been raining here.  It's been raining for a long time.  It's been raining a REALLY long time.  In the Houston/Sugar Land/Richmond Rosenberg area, we had the tax day flood (April 18th).  And since, it seems like every day there has been rain.  Sometimes a little rain and a lot of thunder.  So...
I read an article in USA today that the millennial generation value a happy workplace over pay. I've never been a big fan of "naming" a whole generation of folk and expecting them all to act alike.  I'm sure I have some things in common with my Boomer Buddies, but I'd be willing to bet we have mo...
I had the privilege of representing a client in a new home purchase earlier this month.  The home is located in a very new subdivision in Richmond, TX.  My clients found a great lot and a floor plan that worked well.  I accompanied the couple to the builder's design center to help them pick out d...
I've read a lot of blogs, email, and Facebook posts about having a "word" for the year.  Some chose joy, some adventure and many added other choices.  I'm doing three.  Let's call them the 3 G's:Graciousness-defined as "very polite in a way that shows respect." What if I try harder to react witho...

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