real estate agents: Home Sellers Should Forget the Headlines and Call a Local Real Estate Agent - 02/16/12 12:17 PM
Homeowners get it; the U.S. housing market is still far from “normal,” with new horror stories beig reported daily. Many wonder if they’ll be stuck in their homes forever. However, the reality is that the real estate statistics reported nationally are meaningless to the average homeowner. Yes, real estate is local, and has always been that way.    
Home sellers should forget the headlines and call a local real estate agent, the best one they can find. Local agents are the experts on local markets; they know what’s happening locally, the only statistics that truly matter to those wishing … (6 comments)

real estate agents: The Changes in Housing Aren’t Just Revolutionary, They’re Evolutionary - 08/24/11 08:43 AM
There’s nothing typical about the current housing market, but the changes in housing aren’t just revolutionary, they’re evolutionary too.  And it’s not limited to housing; the broader economy is being transformed almost daily.  The stock market is volatile.  Home prices are falling.  Foreclosures continue.  Financial markets are struggling.  How will the real estate and construction industries survive?
The answer is simple, and has been evolving for several years.  In many ways the era of business as usual has ended.  Techniques and methods that worked five years ago may not cut it today.  We’re experiencing what might be called a … (29 comments)

real estate agents: Will Getting Rid of Realtors® Restore the Housing Market? - 07/29/11 04:49 AM
“Want to Jump-Start the Housing Market?  Get Rid of the Realtors®”  The waggish title of a recent post on “Freakonomics,” immediately caught my attention.  The website, which offers money-saving and investment advice, sometimes does so with clever and quick-witted banter.  And while the title did exactly as intended, driving me to click on the post, the content proved to be far short of particulars.  Worse, what it did was play to those who somehow believe that real estate agents have become an unnecessary and expensive appendage to the homebuying process.
The article references a paper, “The Costs of Free Entry: … (135 comments)

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