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   While news stories and politicians continue to tout the “recovery,” those on Main Street remain confused. Here are just a few of the news stories that minimize the economic crisis:  Reports of a recession have been greatly exaggerated Don't Fear the Double-Dip Recession   US Economy Remains in...
  Selling your home in today’s housing market may seem an impossible task, and for those who fail to approach the issue with knowledge and determination, it may well be. Many experts now agree that the housing market has experienced structural changes and predict that a return to pre-crisis sales...
Home Owners, Home Prices, Retirement and Inflation     While opinions vary on where home prices are headed during the next couple of years, most agree that we’ve begun to see the stabilization we’ve hoped for during the past five years. But stabilization is far from a return to the heady days of ...
Let’s be realistic, regardless of the political party in power, there is no plan to get the U. S. out of debt. Neither party has the guts nor the intention to significantly reduce the deficit, and as the deficit increases the debt burden on both taxpayers and the economy grows to unmanageable pro...
  As a homebuilder for four decades I’ve always been aware that when it comes to building, buying or selling homes, clean isn’t just nice, it’s essential. A clean house under construction acts as an incentive to subcontractors to keep their work areas clean and seems to encourage them to pay atte...
Is the focus on high gas prices just a political distraction? The President blames the speculators; Republicans blame the President; environmentalists blame the oil companies.  Regardless of where the fault lies, the folks on Main Street suffer the consequences, and most just want relief. Many ag...
 Okay, so the housing crash has left you trapped in a home that no longer meets your needs. The kitchen is outdated, the bathrooms too small and you’d like a nice outdoor space. What do you do? The obvious choice is to remodel, but you’ve heard horror stories about the mess, the costs and the has...
  With many economists claiming that the real estate market is stabilizing, some are asking, “Is the housing recovery real or imagined?” While there is some data to support an affirmative reply, a careful analysis shows us that the U.S. housing market may still be on life support. I believe it’s ...
Homeowners get it; the U.S. housing market is still far from “normal,” with new horror stories beig reported daily. Many wonder if they’ll be stuck in their homes forever. However, the reality is that the real estate statistics reported nationally are meaningless to the average homeowner. Yes, re...
Housing, the force that has lifted the economy from almost all previous recessions, now appears to have become the little engine that can’t, as the nation seeks to find another means of raising the U.S. from economic stagnation. One only has to look at the graphs (courtesy of Calculated Risk Blog...

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