cedar city: To Have Government Incentives Or Not To Have Government Incentives? - 09/22/09 09:28 AM
That is the question!  So many in this real estate market believe that we need the incentives to keep the real estate market moving.  I'm thinking it moved before, why can't it move again?  Did the population stop growing?  Are people living in tents and RV's?  If there is an incentive and then suddenly there is no incentive, what then?  What is on the other side of the incentive?  Think!  Can incentives go on for ever?  Where is the ATM that will provide all this money?
What are your thoughts on this question?  Please email naisbitt@infowest.com to discuss.  i'd love to … (4 comments)

cedar city: Breaking News! $4,000 free Utah money @ Equestrian Pt. & Hidden Hills Cove - 09/04/09 08:17 AM
Call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 for details of the $4,000 available for new construction in Utah if you meet the criteria!  Some restrictions apply!  More details later!
Tour Equestrian Pt. and Hidden Hills Cove models during the Festival of Homes weekends!  Call Janet's team at 435-559-7772 for details and help with every home and with all your real estate needs.

cedar city: Have a Peaceful Sunday! - 08/29/09 12:22 PM
Let's all take a rest from the world and meditate!  Have a fabulous day!  Have a great week!

cedar city: Enjoy Searching For Homes In One of Southern Utah's Country Settings! - 07/20/09 03:31 PM
Sunday was spent in Milford, Utah, where our great-granddaughter, Jaidyn Marie, was blessed.  It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze.  I enjoyed the peace and relaxation away from the stress of the world beginning with the drive through the hills, trees & greenery between Cedar City and Milford.  It seemed like a page out of time.  We had a great picnic at the Pavillion!  Smell the hamburgers?  It just doesn't get any better than spending time with husband, children, their spouses, grandchildren, family and friends.
Being a REALTOR, however, it is difficult to do anything without at least thinking about real estate.  I thought what … (0 comments)

cedar city: Have A Great Weekend--Hopefully Buying Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate! - 06/19/09 06:29 PM
I spoke to an appraiser yesterday that believes the market may have bottomed out in March for Cedar City, Utah real estate.  My assistant Matt and I are working with 3 buyers tomorrow.  We are certainly seeing more accepted offers on properties and are very busy working with buyers and making offers and negotiating contracts.  It's too soon to tell if the market may be turning around, but I believe it is definitely more active.  I hope the appraiser is correct and that it is not just a spurt.  It's tough to guess the bottom, so I believe you should buy now.  … (0 comments)

cedar city: Cedar City, UT, Homes For Sale Are Turning Into Homes Sold! - 06/08/09 04:00 PM
We're seeing a good kind of busy in the Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate market.  I love it when we are busy presenting offers, negotiating contracts, going to closings, faxing contracts, faxing instructions to title company, setting up sales in progress and so on. 
Of course, we love to list properties, and we love to show properties.  There's no way to succeed without buyers and sellers, and we always do our best to give them top service.  However, the most exciting part of real estate sales is seeing people happy in their new homes or seeing them make money on their real … (0 comments)

cedar city: Cedar City Real Estate Sales Must Be Up! - 05/28/09 06:44 PM
I am "burning the midnight oil" as my mom used to say.  Another of her favorite sayings is, "You're burning the candle at both ends."  I guess working late hours must come naturally in my family!  It's important to realize, however, that I wouldn't be working these late hours if there wasn't a lot of real estate work to do this late!  It's most exciting to see the real estate market buzzing with buyers, offers and even multiple offers on the bargain-priced & foreclosure properties!  What a busy day!
Why am I still here?  After a very busy day, I got an offer on one … (0 comments)

cedar city: Saturday Is Here--Let's look At Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate & Then Rest - 05/23/09 04:09 AM
Hi Everyone!  I hope you are having a productive and fun Saturday and that you've had a great week!  If you want to spend next week looking at homes,  you may want to click on search MLS at www.homesincedarcity.com and make a list of MLS numbers for the homes you want us to show you.  Then give us a call or email the list with the date and time you'd like to tour homes.  We'll try to meet your schedule.
We can show you every home no matter which office has the listing thanks to our Multiple Listing Service  that advertises the houses and … (0 comments)

cedar city: Are More Buyer Grants Coming to Benefit Cedar City, Utah Real Estate? - 05/22/09 10:08 AM
I hear there is a legislative session being called to evaluate a new Utah grant  for new construction real estate that may apply to homes not completed yet!  Since the current grant money is more than half gone, that would be incredibly good news!  Don't you agree?  What have you heard?
There is so much to benefit buyers right now!  Please call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 or 800-934-3742 or email naisbitt@infowest.com for your free list of foreclosures, short sales, distress sales and all bargains including new construction with warranties.  You can also search the MLS for all homes for sale on www.homesincedarcity.com.  … (0 comments)

cedar city: To Blog Or Not To Blog? Does It Really Help Clients With Real Estate ?s? - 05/21/09 07:58 AM
I'm new to the blogging world!  My goal with writing my blogs is to be either informative or helpful.  How do I know if I'm succeeding?  I'd like to get more comments, so I'd know if anyone is reading the blog.  How do I do that? 
Since I spend lots of time on each blog, it would be really nice to know if people read it even though they don't comment.  Please let meknow if you have any idea whether blogging gets out there or if it just sits on Active Rain.
I haven't got a clue what twitter is.  Do … (1 comments)

cedar city: Moving Right Along With Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate - 05/20/09 05:33 AM
It's delightful watching the increased activity in buyers searching for Cedar City, Utah, homes for sale.  It's good to see excited buyers finding homes and properties that make them happy and are affordable thanks to the many buyer benefits in this strong buyer's market. 
Click on search MLS to find the home of your dreams at www.homesincedarcity.com.  You'll find attractive bargain priced homes that include foreclosures, short sales, distress sales, bargains, and new construction with warranties
Then call Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-865-1019 or 800-934-3742 and her team of licensed REALTORS for help with every home.  You can also email naisbitt@infowest.com.  We'd … (0 comments)

cedar city: Selling Cedar City, UT, Homes Is Fun From Minnesota With Grandbaby Miriam!! - 05/16/09 08:24 AM
I'm never happier than when I'm with grandchildren!  Miriam Naisbitt is 12 days old today, and I've been holding her in my arms and eating oatmeal with tons of fresh fruit & nuts in it prepared by my wonderful son, Scott, and his beautiful wife, Nancy! 
Yes, I'm still answering phones, blogging and negotiating contracts--all of which are infinately more fun with an adorable baby to coo at and adore!  What a gorgeous baby, and she's the firstborn daughter of my firstborn son finally here after his 42 years of life!
Not to worry!  My team and I are still giving top service even though … (0 comments)

cedar city: Happy 93rd Birthday, Mom; I'm still selling Real Estate! - 05/08/09 03:23 PM
Time to think back 25 years to my parents loaning me the money to get my real estate license!  Time flies, and it's been a very rewarding and successful career!  Time to think back over 50 years to the time that I used to help Dad and Mom send out real estate flyers! 
My dad, Allen H. Barber, was a real estate broker, developer, subdivider, contractor and sold Preferred Risk Insurance in Bountiful, Utah.  Mom helped him in the office and wrote down stuff that he'd think of in the middle of the night.  He told me to be successful I'd need to think, … (1 comments)

cedar city: BE AWARE: There's More To Real Estate Bargains Than Foreclosures! - 05/04/09 05:11 AM
I continue to get calls for lists of foreclosures and short sales, which I am happy to provide!  Please understand, however, that buyers are limiting both the quality and number of bargain-priced homes from which to choose if they just see foreclosures and short sales.  There are many sellers who purchased before the hot market that can compete very well with the prices of the foreclosures and short sales.  There are also sellers of new construction such as Hidden Hills Cove and Equestrian Pt. homes that are starting under $200,000 for gorgeous new homes with home warranties that are priced to compete with the … (0 comments)

cedar city: Much To Be Grateful For According To Women's Conference! - 05/01/09 01:30 PM
I just returned from a 2-day Women's Conference where women convened from all over the world!  What amazing positive synergy!  There were women there from all walks of life with all kinds of troubles, problems and trials in their!  They were smiling, happy and ready to learn! 
The consensus of the conference, in my opinion, is that even in troubled times with economic and financial trials, we have much to be grateful for!  The way to happiness is to count your blessings instead of your problems in order to have more energy to be and do whatever it takes to succeed … (2 comments)

cedar city: Back From Disneyland: Cedar City, UT, Real Estate Sales Are Increasing! - 04/28/09 10:14 AM
I just got back from a wonderful trip with children and grandchildren!  It was great riding on rides and keeping grandchildren entertained that were not quite tall enough to ride even with the highest shoes the parents could find!  I brought a fanny pack full of fruit leather and puppets, and we all had a great time--both riders and nonriders!
I arrived back in Cedar City to the hustle and bustle of offers coming in and buyers wanting to view the incredible bargains available in our homes for sale including foreclosures, short sales, new construction and bargains galore!  I've been showing … (0 comments)

I wish you a wonderful EASTER and a very special Sunday!
If there is anything I can do to help with your real estate needs, please contact me Monday at 435-865-1019, 800-934-3742, naisbitt@inforwest.com, www.homesincedarcity.com.

cedar city: Have You Ever Thought About Being A Licensed Real Estate Assistant? - 04/10/09 10:02 AM
I was thinking today that in this market of too many real estate agents for the amount of work available, being a licensed assistant of a well-established REALTOR is a great way to go!  I do have 3 licensed assistants and am wondering if they realize how lucky they are to have a steady influx of cash. 
What do you think?  Is it better to be on your own in a market like this or work with a team? I'd love to hear your opinion. 
If any REALTORS read this that have assistants, would you rather be an assistant in this market … (1 comments)

cedar city: Let's end foreclosures In The Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate Market! - 04/08/09 12:19 PM
How?  There are lots of ways: 
1.  Try refinancing to get a longer term and lower interest if you want to keep your home! 
2.   Ask me about doing a short-sale if you want to sell your home.  If you owe more than you can sell for and you have a hardship type reason that makes you unable to make the payment, many lenders will consider a short-sale.  That means they accept less than what you owe.  Please call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 if you'd like a short-sale package to fill out and submit to your lender including a sample. 
3.  Many lenders … (0 comments)

cedar city: Little Things Really Aren't Big! Instead, Count Your Blessings! - 04/07/09 07:56 AM
Sometimes I find myself stuck on little issues that come up.  Are you that way?  The last few days I have been selling Cedar City, UT, real estate while spending time with my daughter, her husband, Bruce, and my 6 wonderful and practically perfect grandchildren from Syracuse, Utah.  While we were talking, something came up that really was not a big issue at all.  I admit that I was starting to stress.  My daughter reminded me not to worry about little things.  I've heard that before, haven't you?  I believe the phrase that applies here is, "Don't sweat the small stuff."
I believe … (0 comments)

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