2009 Housing Stimulus bill: $8000 Home buyer tax credit for home buyers If you were ever thinking of BUYING or SELLING a home, now is the time.  Please read this email in its entirety and see how you can get your share of this $8000 FREE money just for buying a home.  This is not a gimmick.  This...
Now thats a loaded question.  The quick answer is, if you have good credit and money to put down on the home.  Now there are still 100% LTV (loan to value) loans available, however you will need to meet the requirements of those loans.  Most 100% LTV's are outside the city limits so be prepared t...
If you were ever thinking about buying or selling your home, NOW is the time!!  Interest rates are at an all time low which directly effects your payment.  You can buy more of a home now for less money monthly vs waiting for interest rates to go back up.  NOW is the time. For example: $200,000 ho...

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