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 #1      Email Newsletters with No Heavy-Lifting RequiredStaying in touch with customers and clients can be a challenge, and finding an effective and affordable solution is even more difficult.  Now, with 411 Real Estate Place, it's never been easier to maintain contact and establish lasting rela...
"Decide to be happy, knowing it's an attitude, a habit gained from daily practice, and not a result or payoff."                   Denis WaitleyAttitude is a potent ingredient to success. While you can't determine yourcircumstances, you can always determine your response to them. The energy you pr...
 How are you doing?  A few actions that I have taken to enhance my feeling of competence in this area:1. Writing a will. Perhaps it was the lack of reality around mortality, but we just had never gotten around to it. Both my tax advisor and financial planner asked about this piece one year and I ...
One of my clients asked me if I was going to start recommending tatoos!!!!  No. No. Not that kind of branding, thank goodness !When I listen to my favorite songs and artists, it strikes me how individual each singer sounds. From Nora Jones, Willy Nelson, Jimmy Buffet, each of these artists appeal...
 Do you ever feel you can't make a difference because of the enormity the challenge in front of you. I've found many of feel that way, in our business lives, as well as the difference we can make in the world. I often tell my coaching clients to focus on just three things each day. Take baby step...
Time Marches On.....We either use it or waste it! I'd love to hear some ideas that work for you on being effective.Some of my favorites are:Just Say "No"!Don't Multi-task! Focus on 1 goal!Do, Delegate, Dump or File for the FutureAnything that can be done in 2 minutes or less should be done immedi...
I was reading a story the other day about Lance Armstrong. Pretty amazing guy! How can you not be impressed with the challenges he's overcome? His mental attitude and innate competitiveness present an inspiring example. The story included the studies of how his body is somewhat of an anomaly: bei...
This seems to be a question I am asked all the time. It seems you have plenty to do and blogging looks like a huge investment of time!As a coach, I hear this about lots of different tasks when I work with my clients. We live hectic, time crunched lives for the most part, trying to have it all. An...
85% of FSBOs will list! This is the most motivated group of people you can prospect. Do you have a system? Are you using your expertise to help these people? If not, The FSBO Real Estate Game is for you. It starts on Monday and will be faciliated by France Flynn Thorsen!!!
When you open your inbox, do you get a feeling of overwhelm before you even start? Too many unanswered mails...or things you have to take a look at?Hopefully, YOU do feel comfortable with that delete key or have a really good spam program, (if you don't, my new best friends are the folks at Inter...

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