joe cline: Sometimes Lawyers Can Be Your Best Friend: Reviewing Mortgage Documents - 08/25/09 08:34 AM
 It is, however, a really good idea to hire one when you're ready to take the mortgage plunge. A mortgage is a serious commitment that requires serious study. You're putting your whole credit rating on the line for 15 or 30 years and you'd best know what you're getting into.
One of the causes of today's horrific real estate crisis is an unfortunate combination of home buyers unable or unwilling to read the documents they're signing and sleazy operators taking advantage of this. On the other hand, oftentimes the unwillingness of the home buyer to read these legal documents results in … (0 comments)

joe cline: Before You Buy a Home: Financial Planning is Key - 08/25/09 08:24 AM
When you prepared to buy a home, you made a plan. You plotted out an ideal time frame, considered when to list your own house and with whom, and determined what types of properties you wanted to purchase. You determined the right neighborhoods, the right price and the right size. By the time you took action, you were ready for anything and capable of handling any unforeseen (or foreseen) bumps along the way. It was a beautiful thing. So why wouldn't you do the same for your finances?
A financial plan will help you determine what investments you should make, how … (0 comments)

joe cline: Quit Quitclaims - 05/30/08 09:41 AM
The real estate world is full of mysterious jargon that only select few understand. Realtors often seem like they are speaking a language all their own, a fact that can make dealing with them and their clients intimidating, overwhelming and seemingly not worth a fight. But that kind of attitude can hurt you, especially if you get talked into something as risky as a Quitclaim. 
A Quitclaim Deed, often mistakenly called a Quick Claim Deed, is a deed in which the landowner does not promise he has no interest in the land but says he will surrender any that may exist. … (0 comments)