round rock real estate: How to Figure a Mortgage Payment for Your New Home - 07/28/11 05:18 AM
It is just about every adult’s dream to own his very own home. However, due to many practical constraints, the only way for a regular earner to own a home is by obtaining a home loan or mortgage. A home mortgage is a loan you apply for in order to pay for your house and/or the land it stands on. The same property is considered as the collateral for the loan, which means that your lender can take away your home if, for any reason, you become unable to pay for the monthly repayments due you.In order to own and keep … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: Lake Travis Independent School District - 04/18/11 08:28 PM
Only twenty short miles away from Austin Texas is the Lake Travis Independent School District (LTISD). This is an autonomous educational community which provides a stark contrast to Austin’s busy city life. Despite its closeness to the metro, everything inside the Lake Travis district is serene. Nature is well-protected in this area and you’ll feel like you were still living in the Texas of thirty years ago but among the most intelligent people you’ve ever had the chance to encounter. The LTISD is lauded for its excellent educational services in the Lake Travis district. It was originally included in the region … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: Protect Your Home From Winter Damage - 04/26/10 09:01 PM
If you will be leaving your home for any length of time during the winter, it is extremely important that you take precautions to protect your home from winter damage. Do not be fooled by mild temperatures on your departure date. Even if it is fifty degrees when you leave, prepare for a cold snap. I once returned to a house full of water because of a frozen pipe that broke, and it took four months before my house was fully repaired. Cold weather damage to your home can be expensive and aggravating, even if you have home owners insurance. 1. … (1 comments)

round rock real estate: Staying Safe on the Construction Site - 04/20/10 12:09 AM
Construction is a dangerous industry, and many accidents happen every day on construction sites around the world. Whether you are working on a large scale construction site or simply doing simple repairs at home there are some basic safety precautions you can take that will lower the risk of a dangerous accident dramatically. With a few simple precautions and safe practices, doing construction work can be much safer for everyone involved.Wear The Right EquipmentWearing the right safety equipment can mean the difference between safely completing a project and ending up in the hospital. If a construction site requires a hard hat … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: Tips For Public Speaking - 03/29/10 12:32 AM
Public speaking can be fun when your mind is it ease and you perform well. However, most people view their public speaking engagement as the hot seat, and work themselves up into a frenzy with fear and anticipation. The key to performing well is to be exceptionally prepared and really know your stuff. In addition, remember that your audience is not the enemy, and for the most part, you will be received well. And to take the burden off your next speaking engagement, try these five helpful hints to keep it all in perspective: 1. Outline. To ensure your public speaking … (4 comments)

round rock real estate: Is a ventless fireplace right for you? - 03/23/10 12:03 AM
The ventless fireplace is an economical approach to hearth heating and ambience and they are adaptable to almost any room. With no chimney or flue to install, the ventless fireplace adds a warmth and charm to your decor, making them a popular choice for home or office. The ventless fireplace relies on the room's oxygen to burn a gas fire, therefore, special consideration must be given to the size of the room where you install the ventless unit. Having no chimney or external ventilation, the ventless fireplace emits its vapors into the living space and should have plenty of "breathing" room … (2 comments)

round rock real estate: How to appeal your property tax bill - 03/22/10 11:56 PM
The responsible homeowner will want to do a thorough check of their property tax bill to ensure they have not been over charged or remain passive when a property tax adjustment is due them. In most cases, the home owner with a discrepancy will find the property tax bill to be in excess, however, it is just as important to be sure there are no under billing errors that you will be responsible to cover at a later time. To ensure that you are treated fairly and are paying the minimal amount required by your state or municipality, you will want … (1 comments)

round rock real estate: How To Start A Community Garden - 03/22/10 11:54 PM
Starting a community garden is a rewarding project that benefits a lot of lives. Some people have a knack with the green thumb, but scant resources to begin a garden of their own. However, in the tradition of community spirit and some wise planning, you may be the first to launch a community garden center and reap the rewards of freshly grown fruits and vegetables and a sense of accomplishment of a job well done. Someone has to get the ball rolling and it might as well be you. To launch your community garden project, follow these 10 easy steps: 1. … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: Woodburning Fireplace Safety Tips - 03/14/10 06:23 PM
One thing we all look forward to when the chilly weather sets in is a nice roaring fire to light up the room. Your fireplace is not only a great source of natural heating, but brings a crackling snap to the ambience with that distinctive fireplace aroma. Enjoy your fireplace, but be sure to follow the basic rules for a safe and happy hearth. 1. Be sure you have your chimney inspected if you have not used your fireplace in a while. There may be a dangerous blockage from debris lodged in the chimney, and small animals may have found shelter … (1 comments)

round rock real estate: Consider Auction Options For Selling Your Home - 03/14/10 06:13 PM
Selling your house on the auction block may not always be the best way to move a property, but it is one of the fastest means of sale. The accelerated sale at auction is ideal for motivated sellers who need to relocate to another area or persons who need the money without delay. The absolute auction is a sales vehicle that puts the property before the bidders with no reserve price attached. An experienced auctioneer will generate a frenzy of excitement as the bidding wars begin. A qualified auction house will have spent their advertising money well and accumulated a large … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: 10 Tips For Auctioning Your Home - 03/14/10 06:10 PM
Selling your home should be an exciting time, but in some cases, might not be the experience you had hoped for. From the moment the property hits the open market, the clock starts ticking as to how many days before it is sold. However, auction sales are a growing trend to move the properties swiftly, albeit there are pros and cons attached. Selling a home on the auction block has been a successful strategy for homeowners who need to have a quick sale and are somewhat flexible with the final sale price. And although selling at auction can move a property … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: Getting Creative with a Twilight Open House - 03/07/10 09:03 PM
The concept of a twilight open house is used to show and sell your properties to those who find weekend open houses too difficult to attend. Busy lifestyles and hectic schedules may prevent qualified buyers from spending their weekend hours house hunting, and the weekday twilight open house idea can be the solution. A twilight open house should be just that, opened at twilight. Although there are no set rules of operation, you want to have your property ready to go just before sunset and start locking the doors no later than 8pm. Effective twilight open housees should therefore run about … (2 comments)

round rock real estate: Tips To Grow Your Best Tomatoes - 03/07/10 08:42 PM
Tending a garden is a favorite hobby for many people, not only for the relaxation, but for the tasty harvest in due season. Tomatoes are a versatile plant with many varieties to sample and are one of the easiest garden treats to grow. Whether you opt for starting your plants from scratch with the seedlings or buying your plants in a semi mature stage, tomato gardens don't ask for much: just a little sunlight, water and TLC. And to help you get started and give your plants a boost, try these 10 easy tips to help your garden thrive.1. To increase … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: Austin Tex Mex: Seven Restaurants that Can't be Missed - 02/18/10 08:39 PM
Tex Mex cuisine is something that can't be missed if you're visiting Austin. If you live in this diverse and exciting city, you've probably found some great spots to enjoy this unique form of cuisine. For those not in the know, Tex Mex food takes the best of Mexican food with the best of Southern-American food for a tasty blend of flavors. If you need to find some new spots in Austin to get your Tex Mex fix, try these restaurants on for size. 1. Baby Acapulco This restaurant located in the Barton Springs district is well known for its margaritas … (2 comments)

round rock real estate: The Texas State Dinosaur Gets a New Name - 02/04/10 08:00 PM
For about a decade, the Texas state dinosaur has been designated as the Pleurocoelus, an enormous sauropod that reportedly roamed the Texas Hill Country millions of years ago, leaving behind an extensive fossil record in the central Texas area. Recent paleontological research, however, indicates that the dinosaur bones previously identified as belonging to Pleurocoelus may actually be the fossilized remains of an entirely new species of dinosaur. The new species, dubbed Paluxysaurus jonesi after the owner on whose land the new fossil evidence was discovered, is apparently unique to Texas and is of equal mass with the Pleurocoelus, which was originally … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: The Probate Process Explained - 02/04/10 07:57 PM
Probate is one of the most common and least understood legal proceedings. It basically comprises the settlement of all financial matters pertaining to the estate of an individual after their death. This includes paying any outstanding debts or tax liability, collecting any amounts due to the estate and, where necessary, determining the validity of the decedent’s last will and testament. If no will is found, the probate process typically includes a fair and equitable division of assets among the heirs of the deceased person; in community property states, the entirety of the estate passes to the spouse and no probate proceedings … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: How to Compost - 12/28/09 10:28 PM
Fall is composting season and that means it’s time to make the most of the garden waste and food waste that you normally get rid of. Composting not only helps your garden the next spring but it also reduces the amount of organic waste that you send to the landfill, thereby lessening your impact on the environment. If you’ve never composted before, the process might seem intimidating. With a few simple steps you can have your very own backyard composting station. To start composting, you need to have a location in your backyard where it will take place. Ideally, you’ll have … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: How to Get Through Your Escrow as Painlessly as Possible - 12/28/09 10:10 PM
Buying a home is such a wonderful occasion, but it is easy to underestimate the stress and strain that can be involved. Many first time homebuyers are surprised by the complicated and often lengthy process that they must go through in order to fulfill their lifetime dreams. The good news is that there is a way to get through this process with as little stress and pain as possible. From choosing the best person to represent you as home buyers to knowing what to expect, you can be prepared for what’s to come in the weeks ahead. The following are a … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: How to Read Real Estate listings like a pro - 12/28/09 10:08 PM
If you’re in the market for a home, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time pouring over real estate listings online or in newspapers. As a buyer, it’s very important to understand the lingo involved in listing a home so you know exactly what you are looking at. Instead of being surprised on the walkthrough, you can know the situation ahead of time. Closing costs – This is an important term for all buyers to know. The closing costs are various expenses that need to be paid by the buyer and seller when the home comes out of escrow. These … (0 comments)

round rock real estate: Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - 12/16/09 09:26 PM
Perhaps one of the best parts of Christmas is choosing a beautiful tree, stringing lights on it and then decorating it with ornaments and ribbon. Some families have a traditional way they decorate their tree, while others like to play around a little and change it up each year. There are many different ways to decorate a tree, as you can plainly see by viewing the many artificial tree setups at department stores this time of year. While there are unlimited choices as far as adornments and color choices, there seems to be a few popular themes that people choose when … (3 comments)