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Face it, a person does not move all of the time and they may or may not remember all they need to keep an eye when moving day approaches.  Jerry Newman from Keller Williams in San Antonio has comprised a checklist for a smoother move.Preparing for that Next Move Should Be Stress FreeIf you follow...
One of the benefits of having good friends with boats, it gives you the opportunity to have material for a Wordless Sunday Blog.  Here’s was my seat for yesterday’s Air & Water Show on Lake Michigan.
I know there are few AR members who have been introduced to SendOutCards, know the value they have to any of our businesses, but are on a tight budget and are unable to buy an entire package.  Well I’m here to tell you that SendOutCards recently came up with a way that will fit any business budge...
Every so often I like to take my laptop and pitch it to the side for a game of Chess.  My wife can’t understand for the life of her how I can sit at a table for hours on end with another person and not say a word.  It’s just a relaxing way of unwinding and taking your mind away from the outside ...
Now I don’t want to come across like the Realtor police or Barney Fife but I had an inquiry on one of my listings this weekend from an agent that made me shake my head like a Paul Konerko bobble head doll in a wind storm.  The listing I have is for sale but the agent’s clients don’t want to see ...
After my post yesterday, I ran across Rodgers post today and it seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.  With the dynamics of the market changing daily our professionalism is being challanged daily.  So how do you like your toast.?You know the Old Toaster that nice shining metal one, which loo...
There is never a day that goes by in ActiveRain where you can’t read about the professionalism of this agent or lender.  “He said this”, “she said that”. “They were so rude, I will never show their homes again.”Yesterday an agent in my office overheard a phone conversation of a listing agent dri...
You don’t need a calendar in front of you to let you know that school is almost back in session.  Cruise past Dickinson Field any day this week and you will see the Hinsdale Central Varsity Football team hard at work.The Hinsdale Central Varsity Football team has plenty of history dating as far ...

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Better Than Your Average Joe
Does a Realtor have any value when a buyer is purchasing a home?
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