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The coolest thing happened to my wife this week. She has had two local agents recommend her to their clients. Yup, local agents recommend Colleen to THEIR clients! It's not as if they were passing up bad clients onto her, as it just came down to the marketing skills we have in regards to marketin...
I truly remember those who are currently serving, and who have served our country in the past. I'm a former Marine and am thankful for what the Marine Corps did in my life. The saying, "Once a Marine, always a Marine" rings true with me. I have been out of the Marines for the better part of 30 ye...
I was recently turned on to Yale University's vast archive of images of which Yale has placed into the public domain. From the Yale Daily Bulletin: "The goal of the new policy is to make high quality digital images of Yale's vast cultural heritage collections in the public domain openly and freel...
There comes a point in time when we need to simply say, "F You."  Given tomorrow is Sunday and many of us are going to attend a service of some sort, now is as good a time as any to F-You to anyone needing it. So, fellow ActiveRainers, F-You, especially the ones who haven't suggested any of my po...
Perhaps a small bit real estate related, as this blog entry involves our Virtual Assistant and recently graduated daughter Cassandra. Forgive me for the whining ahead. Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire and our House of Representatives passed the budget this past Tuesday cutting teacher sal...
I recently read this article from AgentGenius regarding the authorized use of Creative Commons images for your own personal or professional use. In the article Lani Rosales describes how some photographers post their images to photo sharing sites like Flickr with full Creative Commons licensing a...
I have a hard time with the ethics behind the guarantee whereby the real estate agent 'guarantees' the home to sell in "x" number of days. If an agent guarantees the home to sell in 30 or 60 days for example, and the average time on the market for the particular price range is let's say, 100 days...
Notable quote from Maureen below: "Go to one of your Drafts.  You can access those, change to today's topic and post." If you are frustrated with not being able to post, then reblog (like I'm doing right now)!Not able to post to ActiveRain this morning?  Are you getting  the "That wasn't meant to...
A notable quote from the reblog below... "People who are instantly available are not always the most experienced people at that business.  There is a reason that the people with the experience and know-how are booked up." Agree 100%!  Read on and enjoy...Sitting at the Updesk, taking calls from p...
A notable quote from the reblog below... "...adding flood lights, pathway lights, accent lights, and other specialty lighting isn't overly expensive, but could have a dramatic effect..." Enjoy... Will Exterior Lighting Help A Home Sell - Originally posted at Cleveland Real Estate Blog     Have yo...

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