internet leads: Do you need a bigger/better/faster website? - 05/11/09 09:36 AM
Last week, I had two conversations with two different Realtors about systems they should use because their current website just isn't doing it for them.  Both agents seemed to think that the grass was greener on the other side of the web, and after a bit of discussion - I suggested that they both try an experiment for a month, and then if they still wanted to get a better website, I'd help them figure out if they really need an upgrade.
The experiment: Call Leads ASAP. Yup. That's it... According to most sources, less than half of internet leads ever … (54 comments)

internet leads: Internet Leads are WORTHLESS!!! - 11/17/08 12:02 AM
As the owner of a Colorado real estate company, I end up "talking shop" quite often with other Realtors®, and conversation inevitably ends up around our online business model and how our agents depend almost entirely on internet leads for getting new business.  No cold calls. No farming. No open houses.  Just internet leads.  In response, the Realtors® I'm talking with usually say "How can you do that?  I've always found internet leads to be worthless and a big waste of time."  The funny thing is -- I partly agree with that statement.  At face value, an internet lead not properly … (30 comments)


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