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CREDIT SCORE TIPSAre you making this credit score mistake?  Many people are.Many people believe that needing to run up credit card balances, then making on time payments or paying it in full each month will build higher credit scores. This is a MYTH!You don’t need to carry a balance or use your c...
Minneapolis, MN: People buy homes all year around, but especially in colder climates, home sales numbers falls in the fall and winter months, then picks up dramatically in the spring.Fall and Winter are great times to buy a home.While coming out of hiding inside from the winter, and feeling the i...
With the latest hack of personal information from Equifax, one of the big three credit bureaus, the topic of freezing your credit report to prevent identity theft is back in the news.Having a credit freeze on while getting a mortgage loan can cause huge headaches.A credit report freeze, does exac...
When buying or refinancing a home, what is best, getting the lowest interest rate, or the lowest closing costs?I know what you are saying - Getting both the lowest interest rate AND the lowest closing costs would be best, but shop till you drop, you can't get both!First, we need to do a little ba...
Face it, lack of down payment money is a huge obsticle for many potential home buyers. But we make dreams come true with our first time home buyer and down payment assistance loansWhat do these loan programs have to offer first time homebuyers in MN? Down payment assistance helps you get into a h...
Minneapolis, MN: No one likes having dings on their credit report, but let's face it, sometimes it is impossible to avoid. When credit dings happen, it is important to work on getting back into the credit good graces, as it effect so many things in your life, from ability to get a mortgage loan, ...
Home buyers, especially first time home buyers, commonly fail to understand all the costs involved in buying a home.  Everyone understands down payment, so no issues there. But mortgage loan closing costs are a whole different story. I often hear potential home buyer comment that they thought the...
There has been a lot of talk that the reasons why millennials are not buying homes is student loan debt. Is this true or a myth?First, while the purchase numbers for millennials are down, millions of people buy homes every year, including millennials who have student loans.Most of the talk about ...
Reasons why you can buy a home with a very small down payment  The lack of down payment money is by far the biggest reason people do not believe they can buy a home. A recent survey even indicated a whopping 44% of non-homeowners thought you needed at least 20% down payment, and that simply isn'...
MINNEAPOLIS, June 26, 2017. — Mortgages Unlimited, Inc, a mortgage company based in Maple Grove, MN, has been named one of the Top 150 Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune.A complete list of those selected is available at StarTribune.com/topworkplaces2017 and was also published in the Star...

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