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Minneapolis, MN:  Home mortgage loans are one of the toughest loans you'll ever apply for. The mortgage industry VERIFIES EVERYTHING. Credit, jobs, income, bank statements, tax returns, first born child, blood samples.  OK, maybe not the last two... But we check just about everything else.I've be...
Your house is NOT worth what YOU think.Minneapolis, MN:  We've all had to listen to someone who, regardless of what the professionals tell them, simply belive their house is worth more than everyone else's home.Just because you reclaimed wood from the bottom of the Amazon River, put in a $50,000 ...
Minneapolis, MN: Face it, The super low mortgage interest rates are gone. Higher mortgage rates are here already, and it is very unlikely we will see them go back down anytime soon. Rather, it is anticipated that we should see 30-yr fixed rates into the mid 5% range by the middle of 2018.HIGHER R...
DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS IN MN- Tired of Renting?  Ready to become a homeowner?- Have OK Credit and stable employment?- Have a few thousand in the bank?- Have at least $1,000 of your own money for down payment?  We Can Probably Help You Buy a Home! Mortgages Unlimited has been helping Min...
Is President Trump good for home loans?Minneapolis, MN: Its only been two weeks, but clearly the new Trump Administration is driving a different road from the past administration. Only time will tell what this all means for real estate and home mortgage loans, but here are a few observations, mos...
Minneapolis, MN:  Just 10-years ago, 30-year fixed rates were 6.125%, and the real estate market was hot. With rising interest rates, 2017 may be a bit more challenging for home buyers. But the biggest challenge for most people who wish to buy a home is down payment.You do not need 20% down payme...
Minneapolis, MN: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been receiving a large number of complaints about misleading advertising for VA refinance loans.The Bureau reviewed about 1,800 of these complaints received since record keeping started in 2012, all of them about refinance trans...
Average Credit Scores Up for Mortgage LoansMinneapolis, MN:  The quality of the average home buyer continued to climb in 2016, making for the highert quality of home loans since 2001. Getting better in three categories; credit score, debt ratio, and equity position.The average credit score in 3rd...
The Fed has finally hiked rates. Now what?The Federal reserve hiked the Fed Funds rate yesterday for only the second time in 10-years by 0.25%. The last hike was last December, which was also 0.25%.The hike was well anticipated, and by itself didn't cause any real issues. But what was a big conce...
Minneapolis, MN:  A sharp spike in mortgage rates since the Presidential election is showing minor signs of hurting home sales.Mortgage interest rates have jumped from around 3.625% for the weeks leading up to the election, and now are averaging about 4.125% for the best clients on a standard 30-...

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