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Minneapolis, MN:  A sharp spike in mortgage rates since the Presidential election is showing minor signs of hurting home sales.Mortgage interest rates have jumped from around 3.625% for the weeks leading up to the election, and now are averaging about 4.125% for the best clients on a standard 30-...
Just 3% DOWN PAYMENT MORTGAGES for First Time Home Buyers. Minneapolis, MN: Lack of down payment money is the biggest hurdle for most first time home buyers.  We eliminate that hurdle here at Mortgages Unlimited for low and moderate income buyers in MN, WI, and SD with the HomeReady Mortgage from...
How long does credit repair take?Minneapolis, MN:  As a mortgage loan officer, how long does credit repair take is a question I receive multiple times a week. The fast answer is that it depends.No two credit profiles are the same, therefore for one person, it can be pretty quick, while the next p...
FIRST TIME HOME BUYER PROGRAMS in MNLet us help you pick the best mortgage loan from our many options Our first time home buyer programs are designed to assist those buying a home for the first time. Our loan specialist will walk you through the entire home buying process to insure that you never...
WHAT IS YOUR INTEREST RATE is a question I hear everyday, right along with "WHAT ARE YOUR CLOSING COSTS? But it's NOT about rate or cost, it's about the best deal for you. So why does every homebuyer focus on rate? Because they have been socially conditioned to do so by: Every commercial Every fr...
What is a Lender Credit on my mortgage estimate?Minneapolis, MN:  Face it, when buying a home, getting a mortgage loan and understanding all the fees and closing costs can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.Many of the items are pretty easy and straight-forward to understand; an appraisal for exam...
What is the Lender Criteria for Approving Home Mortgage Loans?   Buying a home is a dream for most Americans.  The process is time consuming, paperwork intensive, and can seem overwhelming to many people. The reality is that the process, like anything other unknown in your life, really isn't as ...
Mortgage Interest Rates are AWESOMEIn terms of standard conventional 30-yr fixed mortgage rates, the BEST we've ever seen was for just a few days in 2012, when the best clients could get 3.125% - 3.25%.Mortgage interest rates dipped back to 3.25% for a brief time back in July 2016, but since then...
Why free credit report scores are not accurate Minneapolis, MN:  As a mortgage loan officer, every single day, someone tells me their credit score they received from Credit Karma, some "free credit report" web site, their Discover Card statement, or even directly from the actual credit reporting ...
Can You Have Multiple VA oans at One Time? Minneapolis, MN:  It is potentially possible to have more than one VA home loan at the same time.  It all depends on your VA Entitlements, if they are used, and how much is used.A great example situation might be that a military person had a VA home loan...

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