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Back around 1994 I knew it was time to up my game in real estate. I had gone from selling foreclosures and joined RE/MAX for the shift to listings and buyers. Two things were changing for me, one I needed to get better organized. For this is searching from the ultimate CRM I came upon Prep Softwa...
Back in 2012 my wife and I made a decision that probably should have been made earlier, we dumped PCs and went all Apple. For years we fought glitchy programs, viruses and malware, and updates that really didn't update. Most of all we pad thousands of dollars every year for both technicians fixin...
I started in real estate in 1989 when you were totally mobile even then if mobile meant getting into your car. Business was tedious and the number of friction points were many. 6 pages of NCR paper, running offers around, fax machines that gave you illegible copies, sitting at all loan apps, goin...
When I entered the real estate industry in October of 1989 I was flat broke. I had had retail electronic stores for 16 years but 7 years into the energy bubble bursting and paying back everyone I owed I was exhausted. A friend of mine said you would be great in real estate and I have two people w...
This one was prompted by a Debe Maxwell post who wrote about thankfulness for fur babies. My first post was about my wife but I think it is time to talk about the rest of our family. We do not have kids in the traditional sense but our dogs are family and what they do for my peace of mind is a pr...
I see on a regular basis here or in forums on Facebook what is the ultimate and best closing gift for our clients? Regardless of what you choose it should be something personal that shows you put some effort into it and truly appreciate you clients. This can also go for anyone in the transaction ...
I would not be who I am today without Charlene. In fact I might not be here if it wasn't for Charlene, so it's no wonder my thankfulness starts with her. IN 2008 when she was my girlfriend she noticed something wrong with me when i spoke to investors in San Francisco. She commented on my extreme ...
That used to be me in the upper picture, give me enough liquid stimulation and I could speed through any day. The two problems with that is that you speed right by opportunity in a mad dash to be busy accomplishing very little and also you become a disorganized mess. Even when you approach time m...
I am still a great believer that single image photos can often do more than 3D tours and other new and cool ways to present a property. The use of drone photography enhances the desirability of a property if it shows off significant features and intrigues the buyer or renter enough to inquire abo...
We returned to Jupiter last Friday and took our first ocean walk on Saturday morning. We had left the Wednesday before Irma and wanted to see what everything looked like. We saw a lot of wind damage and in combination with the Harvest moon the tide was bringing in powerful waves to a beach that w...

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