advice: imortgage Medford, Ashland and Klamath Falls-- Mortgage Professionals - 05/13/11 08:35 AM
What a Team!!
The Medford, Ashland and Klamath Falls imortgage teams were all represented today as we discussed the current market opportunities and how to best utilize all of our tools to serve today's clients. 
The housing market, loan products and the economy are alot  different than a few years ago and it takes Loan Consultants and Realtors with a forward thinking mindset to lead the way.
****Everyone has to be at the top of their game these days to fully take advantage the housing deals that are available and it was great to share ideas with such a talented and … (2 comments)

advice: imortgage of Medford, Oregon- A Great Mortgage Team in Southern Oregon - 05/12/11 06:47 AM
I will be visiting with the Southern Oregon imortgage team at the Medford Branch Friday morning at 10AM to discuss all the Home Buying opportunites in the current market and how as Mortgage Originators and Realtors we need to do things differently today than a few years ago.
Mike Towery the Branch Manager has established an All Star Team and I look forward to the brainstorming session with some of the area's best and most experienced Loan Originators!
The Southern Oregon Economy, Postive Attitudes, Staying ahead of the Market and Social/Biz Media (AR) will all be addressed and I look forward … (0 comments)

advice: Resolution to be Pretty and Wealthy?? Try again.... - 12/31/10 04:17 AM
Resolution- GET IN SHAPE!--- Is this for health reasons? To see the grand kids grow up? So that you can play more catch with the kids? Come on.... It's to look HOTTER....right? You see the commercials, "I went from a size "X" and now I'm down to a size "X" and look how good I look. (While in a little dress or bikini).
Resolution- MAKE MORE MONEY!--- Is this to sock more money away for your kids college education? Or is it to start living a bit more like 2005?? ;-) , I'll concede this one....maybe a bit of both...

advice: One More Week...Stay at it. - 12/23/10 09:46 AM
We only have a week left this year but it can help set the tone for the upcoming year as well. 
Stay at it!!!
The phone is still ringing, people are still looking, some people even have more time off right now than at any other time of year. 
Make an extra call today or tomorrow and maybe it will help you start off 2011 the right way.
Stay at it!!!
Joe Yates
The Atlas Group
Medford Oregon Real Estate
Distressed Property Specialists- REO / Foreclosure, Short Sales


advice: Do what we CAN do.... - 12/23/10 03:13 AM
In some ways many of us are finding that we can't do the things for others that we could a few years ago and it has a tendency to weigh on us.
The bad news is that it "is what it is" and this year we may feel we came up short. The good news is that even by having these feelings it means that you have a heart the wants to give... and that's REALLY good news. 
We will set our sights on next year if we feel we want to do more of the material giving....
But for now let's "Do … (0 comments)

advice: HUD Owned Homes.... Tips on Purchasing. - 12/14/10 05:59 AM
We just had a great presentation from Diana Yates of Action Realty in Meford, Oregon on HUD Owned Homes and how to go about helping our buyers purchase them.
Until today we were not set up with HUD and wondered how difficult the process was to get set up and also how difficult the bid process would be on making offers...... GOOD NEWS, ....Neither is Difficult.
We are getting set up today and the bid process is a piece of cake. 
There are certain restrictions like an owner occupant first look period, all original docs to be sent in after acceptance, use blue … (2 comments)

advice: Curb Appeal..... On My Dime... - 12/10/10 07:08 AM
I have an owner that lives out of state and after taking the listing and tenants moving out there was a lot of love needed!
Yard was overgrown and out of control both front and back. A few things broken inside, garage full of junk and the filthy carpets smelled of dog.
There was minimal room to move on price and not be a short sale and the seller has no dollars left.
Soooooo.... Curb Appeal On My Dime! 
In this day and age the inventory is full and you have to have both decent price and decent appeal. I could … (4 comments)

advice: Tis the Season... And More! (Unlikely Angels).... - 12/09/10 05:35 AM
Wow.... I walked by our local newspaper on the stand the other day and read a bit of the front page. It showed a picture of a poorer looking couple sitting on their couch and I immediately knew that it was another feel good story about how these unfortunate people were being helped by others...Nope.
They were the "Helper" not the "Helpee" and my obvious assumption had been wrong....Way Wrong.
This just went from a "Feel Good" story, to a "Feel Great" story.
These "Unlikely Angels" as the paper headlined were helping a single mother with four kids... I will openly … (0 comments)

advice: Some Smiling Customers.... - 12/08/10 11:41 AM
Make Them Smile...
We can say what we want about the market and the economy, but we still have the ability to put smiles on some faces.
I left a closing a couple hours ago and the buyer was just beaming... :-)
Couldn't be more excited and talking about all the things he wants to do and when he is moving in. 
If you just sold something then get back out there while that energy (not yours, but theirs) is still fresh in your mind. If it's been a while then think of the last one or go talk to someone that … (1 comments)

advice: Wake' Em Up!! - 12/06/10 12:51 PM
Wake up your buyers!! 
The alarm clock seems to have gone off for some of the sellers that have decided to try ad sell their homes before the end of the year and while rates are still down.
I am seeing nice properties in various price ranges that are "Happy Sales" (not a short sale). Something seems to have finally got the ball rolling and there are even better opportunities to be had than last month.
Wake up your buyers and tell them the news... :-)
Good luck out there and have a great December.
Joe Yates
The Atlas … (0 comments)

advice: No Business this time of year... Take the rest of the year off.... ;-) - 12/01/10 02:37 AM
Shhhh... Don't tell anyone but I was only kidding.
I have always been amazed by those that either truly think that people don't buy this time of year or that like to convince themselves of this (and their spouse) so that they can't take a month off.
I have been in the Lending/Real Estate biz for quite some time and I know "darn" good and well that there is plenty of business this time of year and I usually prove it by having one of my highest dollar months of the year every December.
I know for a fact that a … (2 comments)

advice: Attitude of Gratitude - 11/26/10 04:49 AM
Nothing better than Thanksgiving to remind us of all that we have to be grateful for. Not a day for gifts or anything like that. Simply a day to get together and be thankful for the simple blessings we enjoy. 
They say that a positive attitude is what it takes to be successful, but I think in some respects it is more simple than that....It is an Attitude of Gratitude.
It is hard not to be in a positive frame of mind when we are being thankful for that which we have. The more thankful we are, the more positive we are … (4 comments)

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