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On The Level General & Manufactured Home Contractors Inc, MH Processing LLC, Crest Homes Manufactured Home Dealer & Developer, TAG Real Estate Sales & Investments, Property Manager, Investor, Manufactured Home Industry Expert, Expert Witness, consultant, troubleshooter, Manufactured Home consumer advocate. Curative Title Experts.
Manufactured Home Solutions. Putting The Pieces of The Puzzle Together There are several moving and potentially very complicated parts of the Manufactured Home Puzzle with respect to the entire Permitting, Foundation Retrofitting and/or Installation and Inspection, Recordation and finally Surrend...
 Manufactured Home FHA Loan Guarentee Checklist What You Need To Know.We field phone calls, emails, texts and snail mail daily from just about every corner of the Manufactured Home Industry.  Be they home buyers or sellers, RE Professionals, Lenders, Title & Escrow Companies, Contractors, Home In...
 LEGAL/REO INFORMATION FOR MANUFACTURED HOMES We realize that not everyone in the Real Estate Industry deals with Manufactured Homes. However, for those that do we would love to work with those Industry professionals and/or stakeholders be you a law firm, title, escrow company or lender dealing w...
  ESCROW/TITLE INFORMATION For The "HUD" Manufacture Housing Industry  CALIFORNIA: CURATIVE TITLE Detitling, Title Conversion, Title Purging, Title Corrections If you are working on an manufactured housing transaction, you may find yourself either dealing with new or past title issues. Whether it...
What Is An Engineer's Certification For A Manufactured Home? One of the requirements of all FHA-insured loans and some VA loans is that an engineer certify that the manufactured home's foundation comply with THE PERMANENT FOUNDATION GUIDE FOR MANUFACTURED HOMES (PFGMH), dated September 1996 with ...
 What is a "433A" For A Manufactured Home In California? In this multiple series of posts regarding Manufactured Home issues another one that we deal with multiple times a day throughout the State of California is the issue of the 433a document.  Albeit we have and still do deal with what's known...
  Finally A Company Has Answers To Resident Owned Mfg Housing Issues.   A few years ago my lovely wife, Janis, took it upon herself to find answers for the many issues pertaining to Manuractured Housing inRESIDENT OWNED COMMUNITIESor ones sited on PRIVATE LOTS or PARCELS.   If you own a manufactu...
 There's a lot of crazy and bad folks lurking about nowadays and this post really hit a nerve and was very well written. Just look at what happened in Chattanooga this past week. We're living in a very dangerous World nowadays and you are very wise to not work alone no matter what you're doing, w...
  The Foundation Puzzle Regarding Manufactured Homes How do you determine if a manufactured home has a Permanent Foundation? Since HUD does not have a blanket foundation approval policy and different manufacturers have different designs, foundation determination can be open for interpretation.   ...
What Does California Consider A Permanent Foundation On A Mfg. Home? The California Puzzle What does California consider a permanent foundation? In California an engineer's opinion alone is not enough to verify a foundation. A recorded "Notice of Installation" aka 433A is the recognized Californi...

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