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Let's Meet Up At Chandlers Restaurant & Lounge In Beautiful Carlsbad  Ok folks, this is  an opportunity to enjoy an early afternoon or possibly a weekend beach experience on the blue Pacific in beautiful Carlsbad with old and new friends. Jeff Dowler and I will once again be co hosting this fun c...
Please Join Our'GRANNY FLAT' aka'ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT' (ADU) Panel Discussion Please add your name to the interest list if you would like to attend a limited seating panel discussion regarding the addition of a 'GRANNY FLAT' aka 'ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT' (ADU) on your property.  We are receivi...
 The DifferenceBetween An"RV", "Park Model", & "HUD Manufactured Home" Having expanded into the "Accessory Dwelling Unit" ("ADU") aka 'GRANNY FLAT',  design, build & consulting business we've received many inquiries regarding the placement of an RV or a Park Model on ones private property/home wi...
  There Is Difference Between A HUD MANUFACTURED HOME & A MODULAR HOME    Part 4    Just to clear the air for those unwary folks that aren't quite sure how to differentiate between a "HUD MANUFACTURED HOME & A MODULAR HOME I thought it might be time to dig through some of my archives and offer u...
Who Says The French Aren't Innovative? Just couldn't help sharing this. One of the cutest and creative things I've seen in a long time. May I introduce  "Le PetitChef"        
"Granny Flats" Are Not A New Thing On The "ADU" Housing Horizon  It's interesting to see how this "Cottage Industry" (pun intended) has morphed into a full blown Growth Industry almost Nationwide during the past several years. And it's just the beginning.   Our biggest impediment still remains se...
A Tiny House Is A Tiny House Is A Tiny House and An ADU Is An ADU!  This post was inspired by a question on the Q/A forum that I answered from another AR member. The question here is to discern between a "TINY HOUSE" and an "ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT" (ADU). Many folks are of the opinion that a Tin...
Best Parents & True American Patriots A Son Could Ever Be Blessed With I will love you forever Dad and I miss you dearly My Dad was my hero of all time. He served proudly in the Navy during WWI as a Chief Radio Gunman in the turret of a B-25 bomber. He was shot down twice but was rescued and live...
Is Your City Or Community In The PATH of PROGRESS Or CONDEMNATION?   This post was inspired by a question I answered on Bigger Pockets; another RE social media platform I contribute to. It was about the acquisition of an old half empty or half full (depending on how you interpret your glass of ic...
 Think It's To Expensive To Live At The Beach? Check our progress. PART TWO  In Part One we previewed a circa 1978 singlewide mobilehome located in the quaint little beach community of Leucadia, Cali. Truth be known we purchased it with the intention of rebuilding it from the frame up right from ...

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