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Wow!! We Were Bombed On Our First Night In New York I know it's not unusual to go out and get bombed in New York after a long flight from the Cali. But this type of BOMB was a little more than we bargained for.    This was the scene that greeted us literally steps from our hotel entrance. Indeed ...
What's Your Idea of ThePerfect Executive Office? What's your idea of the perfect EXECUTIVE OFFICE? Well, as a Father of 5 and a Grandfather of 14 I must admit that Chad's a chip off the ole block.   Yesterday Janis and I were taking our daily walk on one of North San Diego County's most beautiful...
Remember Where You Were & What You Were Doing 15 Yrs Ago Today? I know we'll be getting a lot of questions like this throughout the day on various media platforms and especially right here on AR. and with good cause. There are certain things that happen in our life that stop us dead in our tracks...
Do We Have A Failure To Communicate? This is a hoot and was my Thursday morning wake up call as I awoke to a very irate so called REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL who blasted me with one of the most UN PROFESSIONAL yelling fests I have ever received from a colleague.   She started out the conversation by...
$Buying A Manufactured Home & Paying Rent vs Renting An Apartment-Home.$ There has no doubt been lots of controversy over the years about investing in a $Manufactured Home in a Rent/Lease Park Community$ vs. buying or renting an apartmentcondo, townhome or Single Family home (SFH).  There is also...
Great post Sam and I sorta agree because my youngest brother, 16 years my jr and a couple of my kids are direct recipients of this situation.My youngest brother just purchased his first home at 56. While some of my children are investing in coastal manufactured home purchases for the quality of l...
This is right up my alley Praful Thakkar and thanks for hosting this meet up right in my backyard. Let me know where else you'll be going and perhaps we can have you over to Casita de Aire y Sol for a desert and/or a glass of wine should you so desire. I should be back in town by noon or so. If t...
Boy oh Boy! All these wonderful Meet Ups all over the Country. Wish I had more me's to go around or a Bonanza like Anna Banana Kruchten  Have fun and I wish I could be a part of your wonderful group.   It's Networking Time in Phoenix!   Phoenix Metro ActiveRain Meetup Tuesday August 2 @ 5:00 pm  ...
Wow! Beautiful venue. Wish I could join you. But I'll try to help get the word out as much as I can.       Join us Thursday August 4th at Wakulla Springs Lodge for the 2016 Summer ActiveRain Meetup for Northwest Florida.      Wakulla Springs (Tallahassee) is an easy day trip by car, or a short fl...
OK Cali We Know We're In A Drought & Have To Cut Back.  But Now What?  In my post earlier today, "Some Neighborhoods Being Inundated With Over Crowded Rental Tenancy", I was blaming a lot of San Diego County's blighted areas with over occupied dwellings and greedy landlords/property owners. This ...

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