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OK Cali We Know We're In A Drought & Have To Cut Back.  But Now What?  In my post earlier today, "Some Neighborhoods Being Inundated With Over Crowded Rental Tenancy", I was blaming a lot of San Diego County's blighted areas with over occupied dwellings and greedy landlords/property owners. This ...
Some Neighborhoods Being Inundated With Over Crowded Rental Tenancy How are things going in your neighborhood today? Have you been noticing anything peculiar or different going on lately?  Like a half a dozen cars crammed into one driveway for months even years on end? Or old clunkers being aband...
Active Rain Summertime Meet-Up Rescheduled By Popular Demand. Due to I-5 North and South bound traffic during the popular tourism months of summer we will be rescheduling the time to Wednesday, July 27th from 11:30-1:30 We hope this will make it easier and more inviting for those planning to atte...
It seem like I get more blowback from reblogs than I do my own material sometimes so here goes. please join us on July 26th from 4:30-6:30 at the "Lighthouse Bar & Grill" Oceanside  July 27th from 4:30-6"30Oceanside Harbor Villageon the water262 Harbor Drive, Oceanside ActiveRain Summer 2016 Meet...
Active Rain's Summertime Meet Up! "Lighthouse Bar & Grill" Oceanside  Come spend a casual early evening with a group of real estate industry folks at our "Summertime Active Rain Meet Up.  Be you a real estate agent, broker, lender, investor, property manager, developer, title, escrow, interior de...
 I got a real kick out of this post this morning. It was the first one I read and had to reblog it as I'm a lifelong lover of nice juicy D A W G S.      In fact I'm going to be hosting a BBQ this weekend for the fam and a few friends and I fully intend to offer up several variaties myself. Do You...
  Finding an unusual amount of foreign cash buyers in your market?    Personally when I hear folks say they think the "Worlds going to Hell in a hand basket" I take pause with a slight whence then a smile and a gleam in my eyes.   Not that I think it's a good thing to see the World in such turmoi...
I must admit I've been remiss in attending to our group  MANUFACTURED HOME SALES AND LENDING INDUSTRY .   But I'm certainly glad I checked in for the first time in awhile. Donald Hester contributes some of the best ever Home Inspection topics on the Active Rain forum.  As a General Contractor, Ma...
Looking For A Great Resource For Manufactured Home Issues?  We realize that most members/contributors that belong to Active Rain, Facebook and Linkedin may not deal much in the Manufactured Housing industry.  However, for those that do or perhaps will there are a lot of changes that have taken pl...
Can Anyone Guess Why GrassIs Growing On These Rooftops? OK, You're on your honor not to Google or research the answer. You either know or you don't. Just want gut feelings, guesses or truthful and actual answers if you know.         

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