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  Any meet up investment groups or clubs  in the North San Diego area?    Looking for investor networking groups (cash only) in the North San Diego area for residential, commercial and light industrial RE Investing.   Wiling to consider other San Diego, South OC and South Riverside areas includin...
Investing in passive income RE out of your immediate farm? Out of State?I'm transitioning out of contracting and Manufactured Home development and into RE investing. I'm curious about building and out of State passive income portfolio with RE rental investing and would like some opinions on the s...
Do you think politics will impact RE in your farm this year? How?  
May The Members of active rain Have A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2016 My New Year's resolution to my lovely wife of 41 years is to finally allow her to make all the decisions regarding everything on the inside of our home while hers is to allow me to make all the decisions on the outside as long...
   Are There Really More Distressed   Properties Rearing Their Ugly Heads?     Is it my imagination or are there really more distressed properties rearing their ugly heads once again in the San Diego market? Could it possibly be time once again to start reving up the short sale and foreclosure f...
 Kudus to you for your sincere passion and concern towards the men and women who make it possible for us to continue enjoying the freedoms we take so much for granted. I will definitely share this very worthy post with others. Thanks for such a positive wake up message.  My client asked me, "Has ...
How Do You Think Legalizing Marijuana Will Impact Agro and Comm RE?  Anyone have any thoughts on the legalization of Marijuana and how it might impact or influence the agricultural and commercial real estate market?    I know this is a very sensitive, legal, economic and in many cases moral issue...
Albeit our particular business model is not retail driven as we work exclusively with Title Companies, Law Firms, Lenders and RE Professionals (in that order) communication is a two way street nonetheless. I'm glad you shared this post on an open platform as it is very important that the consumer...
 I find this all very facinating. But of course I'm no techie and don't even understand most of the language i.e.  "indexing", "organic reach", "video integration", "hashtagging for categorization", "natively publish on Facebook".  That's all GREEK to me. But then that's why I've insulated myself...
 Ha! I love the metaphor! Always love reading your contributions.  What a way to bring a little humor to a very serious and real subject.  Love the Terro plug as well. Will it take a bite out of our termite swarms in San Diego? Never remember such a summer with sooooo many pestulants. Is the End ...

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