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  The Foundation Puzzle Regarding Manufactured Homes How do you determine if a manufactured home has a Permanent Foundation? Since HUD does not have a blanket foundation approval policy and different manufacturers have different designs, foundation determination can be open for interpretation.   ...
What Does California Consider A Permanent Foundation On A Mfg. Home? The California Puzzle What does California consider a permanent foundation? In California an engineer's opinion alone is not enough to verify a foundation. A recorded "Notice of Installation" aka 433A is the recognized Californi...
SoCal Turf Removal Rebate Program Has Come To An End As of Last Thur. On July 8th I submitted a post Titled  "SoCal Turf Removal Program Rebate Could Earn You Thousands of Dollars". As of this past Thursday the Southern California Water District has halted this program has come to an end I felt t...
I've been wondering when things like this would start cropping up and kinking deals. A clouded title is a clouded title no matter what the sales person pitches you.  Even scarier I think will be the fall out of the new deal in town that's been hitting the streets like a win fanned fire. A leased ...
Couldn't agree with you more and this comes from the husband of a used to be very successful ghost writer. If folks can't take the time to write and publish their own work they just shouldn't do it. It's tantamount to an NFL QB hiring someone to throw passes for him.  The purpose of blogging is o...
 Besides "location, location, location", Z does not have the ability to evaluate local, local, local which is the credo RE is built on. Z does not have the physical ability to be everywhere at one time.  Their valuations or lack thereof are not Zestimates at all. They're merely Guestimates which ...
SoCal Turf Removal Program RebateCould Earn You Thousands of Dollars I recently found out about this program downloaded the free enrollment package, submitted it and voila...................I'm now qualified to receive in excess of a $10,000  rebate for removing my existing turf/grass and replaci...
 Puzzled About Manufactured Home Lending and Title Requirements?       California: The 433A Curative Title Solution   The Personal vs. Real Property Puzzle: Manufactured homes that are situated on deeded real property may still be classified as personal property (chattel) with the Department of H...
This information needs to get out to as many of we RE Professionsals as possible. TRID the TILA / RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule. Only in the mortgage world would we make an acronym out of acronyms.. For some reason anything bureaucracy can do to stifle an issue they take joy in doing. TRID Del...
A very inspiring message and metaphor. One of the best posts I've read on this platform by far. Definitely deserving of many re blogs on many platforms.  Have you ever been rejected? Has a business deal you were working completely unraveled? Did you set forth goals for yourself that never came to...

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