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SoCal Turf Removal Program RebateCould Earn You Thousands of Dollars I recently found out about this program downloaded the free enrollment package, submitted it and voila...................I'm now qualified to receive in excess of a $10,000  rebate for removing my existing turf/grass and replaci...
 Puzzled About Manufactured Home Lending and Title Requirements?       California: The 433A Curative Title Solution   The Personal vs. Real Property Puzzle: Manufactured homes that are situated on deeded real property may still be classified as personal property (chattel) with the Department of H...
This information needs to get out to as many of we RE Professionsals as possible. TRID the TILA / RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule. Only in the mortgage world would we make an acronym out of acronyms.. For some reason anything bureaucracy can do to stifle an issue they take joy in doing. TRID Del...
A very inspiring message and metaphor. One of the best posts I've read on this platform by far. Definitely deserving of many re blogs on many platforms.  Have you ever been rejected? Has a business deal you were working completely unraveled? Did you set forth goals for yourself that never came to...
In The Overall Scheme of Things Does Generation Title Really Matter? I've recently been reading a lot of fodder on various posts and news articles about "Generation Identification". But In The Overall Scheme of Things Does Generation Title Really Matter?  It seems as though many Real Estate Profe...
I love awakining to messages that inspire me. Just this past weekend my lovely wife of almost 40 years, Janis, and I had the privilage of hosting my very witty and lucid Mother's 93 Birthday Party and this very subject came up with a lot of amusement and humor. All I can say is as a Father of 5 b...
 I too have been hearing the war drums beating in the distance. Common sense has to tell just about anyone with an ounce of sound logic that this whole economy, not just RE, is walking on marbles.In all actuality we've never recovered from the '8 recession no matter what the media, financial guru...
 You are spot on with this Dulcey Schuster . I couldn't agree with you more. In fact any financial adviser worth his/her salt will tell their clients that they shouldn't be more than 10% vested in stock and commodities and to invest in dividend growth stocks for retirement.  My financial advisers...
Inspired By A Post I Just Read This Morning by Steven Hawrylak. Steven Hawrylak What is your idea of a "Dream Home"?  Indeed I have always wanted to live in my dream home so in 1980 I decided to do something about it. I wanted a large home with an ideal climate on a flat hilltop with an ocean vie...
Estate Sale? Or Garage Sale? I had the opportunity of meeting with, Will Fuller, the Owner of the Caring Transitions Franchise for San Diego a few years back and really liked what he was doing and how he was going about it.  What with 77 million Baby Boomers currently retiring everyday for about ...

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