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No surprise at all. When you're good at something and have a track record it's not always easy to slip away without a hitch. As a retired general contractor and developer I continue getting calls even after 5 years. But I just dish them off to my successful sons who are also successful contractor...
This is definitely worth a re blog. Roof's are nothing to mess around with and no insurance companies do not pay for pre existing conditions. They only pay when it's an abrubt weather i.e. wind and/or wind driven rain, fire, etc. That agent/broker should be ashamed of themself.As a General Contra...
Definitely worth a re blog. So many folks look towards RE as an easy, clean and fun way to make a living. But say it ain't so Joe. It's like anything else in this ole Capitalist Free Market system we have in America. If you think you can just hanG your licensed on a wall in back of your desk and ...
North San Diego Coastal RE ProfessionalsDon't Forget The Meet Up!    Surf's Up! Just a reminder to all North County RE Professionals, Stakeholders and Guests to join us on Monday, May 11th from 4:30-7pm.  Want to make a day of it? Come and stay for the day and into the evening.  If you surf, want...
Anyone Dealing With A Blighted Manufactured Home Having A Title Issue?   If you are a buyer, seller, RE professional, Lender, Escrow or Title Company or Attorney has been dealing with title issues on Manufactured Home's in resident owned park communities or on private lots/parcels please contact...
                           JOIN US for the  North San Diego County '15   Spring Meet Up  presented by                                                                                   Jeff Dowler  &  John Arendsen We are proud to announce that we will once again be coordinating this Spring's Meet...
You echo my sentiments to a T Valorie L. Ford . This is a topic I have written a lot about as well. In the 70's I read a book called "Megatrends" by John Naisbitt. In it was a chapter called "High Tech High Touch".  He subsequently wrote a sequel to that called "High Tech High Touch" which addres...
Ha! Had to respond to and reblog this post. What grabbed me was your comment....    "Start at the septic and check the town it a cesspool or a current septic system?"Beleive it or not we were working on a deal whence the RE Professional spent almost $1000 trying to test the dried up ...
Spot on my friend. This is well worthy of a reblog. If RE professionals are so head strong about having folks use an E X P E R T.  Why then are so many of them so hard pressed to hire a P R O F E S S I O N A L   P H O T O G R A P H E R? Why are there so many terrible pictures on the MLS? It's not...
Tough choices but my heart and moral turpitude as a Father of 5 and Grandfather of 14 would naturally and inherently have to lean towards the family with children vs the young single living at home. Here a Rush, There a Rush, Everywhere a Rush, Rush          Volume is up.  That means turntimes ar...

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