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On The Level General & Manufactured Home Contractors Inc, MH Processing LLC, Crest Homes Manufactured Home Dealer & Developer, TAG Real Estate Sales & Investments, Property Manager, Investor, Manufactured Home Industry Expert, Expert Witness, consultant, troubleshooter, Manufactured Home consumer advocate. Curative Title Experts.
Love your attitude on this John. You're a man after my own heart. My 5 kids, 3 of which are M's and 2 Xer's only communicate via text and email when it's biz related.  They know Pops (Me) only communicates via phone conversation or better yet...........eyeball to eyeball. It used to frustrate the...
Boy you hit a nerve on this one Anna. Formaldehyde and Asbestos have been plaguing the Mobile/Manufactured home industry for decades. From the 60's through '79 particle board flooring, counter tops, various insulation and even popcorn ceilings have been a constant concern in this industry.   I wo...
Wow!   This is difinietly worth a re blog not to mention it adds fodder for a post I must now write. I will send you a link to the post. This kind of stuff really disturbes me. Painting an entire industry with such an unfounded bristly brush is    PURE YUK!     I recognize that it's sometimes fun...
Great post. I'm all about Feng Shui as my daughter, and World class award winning interior design daughter introduced that concept to me whence helping her Mother and me re design our half circa '50's and half circa '90's family home of 35 years. She's succeded in making this the most fun and com...
Thanks for directing me to this post. Things are changing as rapidly in online RE as they are in the World scene. PHEW! It's hard to keep up with all that's going on in the World today.   ListHub VS   Zillow Group. So I'm reading that the fight between Listhub and Zillow has spread to Trulia. Bec...
Reading this post made me smile. So are you for sale? LOL! Great way to start the morning. Definitely warrents a re blog, a like and a follow.   Buy What Makes You Smile   Long Island is aptly named. With so many neighborhoods to choose from - an estimated 198 divided between two counties - Nassa...
"Ya gotta just suck it up and come out swinging twice as hard when your forced into a corner" as my high school football coach used to say.   Or as my wife always tells me "Why not step out on a limb? Isn't that where all the fruit is?" I really like that one.    Good fodder to jump start the mor...
Lot's of good ole commonsensical info here. Always nice to stick your pinky into a 110v for an occasional reboot. Thanks!   Listing agents have long pleaded with sellers to vacate the premises during showings.  Agents have agreed to accompany all showings in an effort to placate their seller clie...
Warning   Unless You Trust The Sender     Don't Click Links Or Reply.   I just received this email this morning. First I've ever heard of or seen this. Thought I should pass it along to the AR community. Unfortunately I didn't get the Warning message below before I answered the email. It just cam...
You've hit the nail right on the head on this post. The worst thing that newbie  flippers can do is over improve/over build a fixer. If it's in a 250k  neighborhood you'd better be at that price point when you've done your fixing or be  in a cash position to hold instead of flip.   The second wor...

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