santa paula real estate: Getting Lets????? Maybe! - 11/04/09 01:29 AM
It is too early to say that the trend in real estate is up.  Since March, 2009 it has been basically sideways.  The October uptick may suggest that despite the local and national economic woes real estate may do its own thing.
The September, 2009 down tick may have been a hic-cup in the overall trend but it does suggest that one be cautious before reading anything into the market.  It may have been a warning.  
Even with the warning one would expect that with high unemployment; lack of new job creation; new taxes on the horizon both Federal and State; the increase in State … (0 comments)

santa paula real estate: ABRACADABRA! - 10/04/09 04:32 AM
Today when this term is used it is hoped that something will be created out of nothing.  This ancient Aramaic roots (Avrah KaDabra) means "I create as I speak".
Well over the last week the real estate market in Ventura County did an "Abracadabra" and the down trend that had been in place for two months reversed itself and start upward with some conviction I might add.
As can be noted in the table below the market had been laboring over the last two months showing significant downside build up. 
For complete article go to:

santa paula real estate: Real Estate Contraction....Ventura County. - 09/20/09 03:27 AM
Listings continue to decrease (1932 last week; 1859 this week); sales however climbed and it is probably due to the paper work being delayed in recording sales therefore the prices which had been going down now appears to have stabilized over the last  week.
The chart below summarizes the last weeks statistical numbers.  However events that truly move the market are headed in the opposite direction.
The County's high unemployment of 11+% certainly is a driving force impacting the real estate market.  Lack of new jobs creation is another impact source.  Consumer confidence is at a low point.
The media is … (0 comments)

santa paula real estate: Impact Is Starting To Take Hold.... Or Is It? - 09/07/09 06:24 AM
Again job creation (high paying), a decrease in unemployment are the necessary ingredients to propel the market upward.
Political double talk aside job creation and reduction of unemployment in California is taking on a monster stance.  Historically tax decreases helped to right the ship faster.  Today that does not appear to be tack being undertaken .....  all one hears or sees is that taxes have to increase across the board.  This option simply reduces the odds of getting the economy headed upward. 
As Donald Trump has stated on a number of occasions, we have to hand out pink slips to the … (0 comments)

santa paula real estate: Something Doesn't Feel Right..... - 08/02/09 05:27 AM
After awhile statistical information being just numbers becomes mesmerizing and some common sense has to come into play.
The numbers do what numbers are supposed to do....lay out what is happening and it is up to the individual to wade through and make sense of what that happening is.
This week for some reason the numbers are saying one thing but my gut instincts are telling me something else.
The real estate market has been going up and that is GOOD news.  And as expected it is going up in a saw tooth configuration.  BUT it appears that we may be … (4 comments)

santa paula real estate: Things Might Be Better Then........ - 06/21/09 05:20 AM
Ventura County.
One word:  SLOW.  But prices are edging upward.  Overall sales in Ventura County are 28% higher (comparing periods Jan. 1 thru June 20 for the years 2008 and 2009).  Overall Ventura County is a seller's market but there are areas such as Santa Rosa Valley, Ventura and Oxnard Beaches that still remain buyer markets.
The Conejo Valley and Ojai/Oak View remain neutral while the areas of Simi Valley/Moorpark, Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Santa Paula and Fillmore are seller markets.  In fact there were no recorded sales in Fillmore over the last week which I find interesting (but not unusual).
Unemployment … (2 comments)

santa paula real estate: There Are Bigger Things To.... - 06/07/09 08:35 AM
Every once in awhile it is time to get some perspective.  This photo from MSN puts things into some context.
There are bigger things for us to see, investigate and challenge.  Life here on Earth is great; out there who knows!  But we will go and find out.  Why?  We are humans and it is in our bones (oops! our DNA) to face up to challenges.
My musing for the week.  Lao-tzu who lived 2,500 years ago wrote "Every human being's essential nature is perfect and faultless, but after years of immersion in the world we easily forget our roots and take on a … (2 comments)

santa paula real estate: We Got What We Wished For....It Isn't Very Nice! - 05/24/09 06:57 AM
Things are looking brighter and the market is getting stronger.
Mentioned a number of times is the jack-in-the-box scenario that is forming now.
Listings have decreased significantly over the last 18 months (from 5,250 in November 10,2007 down to 2,069 as of May 23, 2009:  approximately a 50% decrease).
Sales in Ventura County have increased 32% in 2009 compared to the same comparable period of 2008.
This year there have been 2,852 sales for the period January 1 through May 23, 2009; for the same period in 2008, there were 2,161 sales.
There is a squeeze occurring.  We have a commodity (homes) and there is a … (2 comments)

santa paula real estate: The Housing Package A Summary/ - 02/20/09 06:43 AM
This is a summary article of the stimulus package and it's impact on real estate and it's intent to keep families in their home.  This as everyone knows is a very expensive legislation and it is reasonable to assume that it will not be a quick cure for the real estate market.  Time will tell if it works.
Go to for the complete article.

santa paula real estate: The Enemy Becomes An Ally. WithChange There Is Hope! - 01/19/09 07:44 AM

Summary comments of the possible turn around of the credit market and its impact on real estate and the general econom.  With a new President (Obama) many hope he will resolve many if not all of our problems.  Hope is hope.  He he is just one person and he should be treated with respect by Congress, the media and people.
For complete article go to: 

santa paula real estate: Digging In. - 01/04/09 05:38 AM
Summary commentary of bail out funding taking place in the United States and the impact to real estate.  States have now entered into the fray of asking Uncle Sam for bail out funds.  It is expected that individual cities and communities will not be far behind in seeking such funds.
The impact to real estate may be small.  There is evidence that the bottom has been set and in general real estate Nationally as well as locally will show increases.
For complete article go to:

santa paula real estate: Out With The Old; In With The New. - 01/03/09 06:35 AM
Author summarizes Ventura County real estate activities and shows forecast for the county for 2009 and beyond.  Charts and tables are used to show growth rate in the County for the last 15 years and what can be expected going into the year 2022.
For investors a number of cities are cited as possible good investment areas.  Likewise within the State of California, listed are some cities that appear to be good investment areas. 
To see total article go to:

santa paula real estate: Year 2009 Fearless Forecast for Ventura County Real Estate. - 12/14/08 06:23 AM
Review of 2008 and 2009 real estate forecast for Ventura County.  This article summarizes the 2008 real estate activity in Ventura County by major areas.  A forecast for the period of 2009 through 2012 is included by these same major areas.
For the year 2009 it is being estimated that the County appreciation rate will approximate 8+%; 2010 the rate will be about 12.5%; and in 2011 it will approximate 26%. 
Other California areas are noted and a comparison is made of appreciation rates for the period of 2009 through 2022.

santa paula real estate: 40%/60%. - 12/07/08 06:39 AM
Summary and commentary of national activities and impact on local real estate.

santa paula real estate: quiet-before-the-storm - 11/30/08 06:20 AM
Summary of national real estate market and Ventura County market for the week ending Nov. 29, 2008.

santa paula real estate: Its Not Pretty. Picture Review of the National Real Estate Market/ - 11/26/08 05:52 AM
Summary of 3rd quarter, 2008 national and local real estate activity.

santa paula real estate: Desk Top Appraisals. - 11/22/08 03:30 AM
I got caught in this statistical vodoo science that distorts property valuation.  Read article at

santa paula real estate: Get In Line. - 11/16/08 03:37 AM
Summary of national and local real estate activities and commentary.  Side bars discuss IRS audit areas; Conforming loan limits as issued by Fannie Mae and Freddit Mac for the year 2009.

santa paula real estate: Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop. - 11/09/08 03:52 AM
Summary of national and local real estate activity for week ending Nov. 8, 2008.

santa paula real estate: Title Representation Changes (Law SB 133) - 11/05/08 05:07 AM
Summary of changes in ways a Title Marketing Representative can solicit title business in California.


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