technology: Real Estate Tech: Windows With A View - 03/28/12 12:10 PM
“Remember back in the day when real estate was valued based upon the views that they came with?”  That is what we will all contemplate in the very near future.
Whether you are of the modern minimalist mind set or into the quaint throws of sweet Pari you may soon have the ability to have it all depending on how your current mood suits you.  They are called Virtual Windows and will be coming to a home or office near you soon!
The technology that makes this possible is called Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode or (AMOLED) for … (0 comments)

technology: Life Computing Part III – Social Media Evolution - 12/15/11 11:40 AM

Is this the next step in Darwin’s  Evolution??
Recap:  In my previous post (link:  ), I talked about the future evolution of our homes and the effects that internet accessibility (in the form of social media) has had in the world around us.  The last part of my series will touch on some of the negative aspects of social media.
With sharing made so accessible today many are finding it difficult to resist sharing too much personal information with the public.  Some of the unsavory members of our society are taking advantage of the fact that humans are social creatures … (0 comments)

technology: Life Computing Part II - Cause & Effect - 12/07/11 07:49 AM

Life Computing Part II - Cause & Effect: As Defined by the Apps that Follow Us

Recap:  In my previous post (link ), I commented on the trending of large capital investments from private and government sectors flowing into building more intelligent hardware systems and software programs and some may be wondering how will this eventually affect me?
I think it is now safe to say that we have all seen or felt the dramatic effect that ubiquitous internet connectivity has had on society.  The systems that make this possible started out as large private and government funded projects which have … (0 comments)

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