photos by joni staples: Friday's Foto: The Caterpillar - 11/11/11 10:32 AM

She's going to make a BEAUTIFUL butterfly when God get's through with her! He can do the same thing for us! :) ♥

photos by joni staples: Thankful Thursday - Zoë Girl (AGAIN!) I know, I can't help it! She's so CUTE! - 12/16/10 03:34 PM

I really am trying NOT to post so many photos of Zoë. Really! I am! But she's so dang cute! I just can't help myself! EVERY single day we fall a little more in love with this little angel. Even Zsa Zsa is enchanted with her! Today is Thankful Thursday and I am especially Thankful for God's little gift of joy to our family! :O)

photos by joni staples: Huntsville Lions Club Christmas Parade - Photos of December 4, 2010 - 12/09/10 01:54 PM
Huntsville Lions Club Christmas Parade was a great success. Folks lined up along the streets as the Huntsville Hornet Band marched ahead of the wonderful floats! There were semi's turned into floats, classic cars, little mini cars driven by the Shriners.... even a tractor and a 4 wheeler -- This is East TEXAS!! ☺
The county emergency responders were well represented with fire trucks from Huntsville, Riverside and New Waverly; the Sheriff's department; Walker County Citizens on Patrol; and C.E.R.T.S 
If you missed this year's Huntsville Lions Club Christmas Parade, you really missed a good one! This is just a small … (5 comments)

photos by joni staples: Christmas Photo Challenge: Huntsville Lions Club Parade 2010 Stay Tuned for more! - 12/05/10 03:42 PM

Stay tuned for more. I have to get to bed because I have to leave EARLY for RainCamp Houston TOMORROW!! Sweet Dreams!!

photos by joni staples: Christmas Photo Challenge: The Magic of LIGHTS! - 12/02/10 08:42 AM

Don't you just ♥ LOVE ♥ the magic that Christmas Lights bring. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved Christmas lights. We did not put up outdoor lights. Mom was always afraid that we would burn down the house. LOL. So, from the moment I moved out, I put up lights! My first apartment had lights going up the stairs to the front door and all around. 
When we moved to Carolina Cove, we put up so many lights that it looked like a landing strip! It was just beautiful! We were the talk of the … (13 comments)

photos by joni staples: Wordless Wednesday: Pets are People Too and They POUT Just Like US! - 12/01/10 12:20 AM


photos by joni staples: Christmas Photo Challenge: Silent Night for Speechless Sunday - 11/28/10 12:39 PM


photos by joni staples: Christmas Photo Challenge: Black Friday Elf with an ATTITUDE! - 11/27/10 02:23 PM

This must have been one of the Black Friday Elves! I suppose I might have a little attitude problem if I had to deal with all those crazy shoppers yesterday, too....
But "Take a NUMBER"....
I don't think so!
That's too much!
Put down that iPhone and get back to work, Elfie!
(Unless of  course, you're texting me!) ☺
I can talk to him that way....
I'm his momma!

photos by joni staples: Christmas Photo Challenge: Granny Loo Who - 11/26/10 03:56 PM

This is the Princess Mama in her Christmas best! The photo was taken last year! I can hardly wait to see all of the great shots that we get this year! If you like this... stay tuned for more as we take the Christmas Photo Challenge! The goal is to post a photo of something Christmas every day from today until Christmas! The prize... A Cheerful Christmas Heart!
Merry Christmas from Granny Loo Who and Joni Loo Who in beautiful Riverside, Texas!

photos by joni staples: Christmas Photo Challenge! - 11/26/10 03:51 AM
Hello there ActivRainer's! Let's do something FUN for the Christmas Holidays! We had the Be Thankful Challenge for Thanksgiving. Hopefully that taught us to count our blessings and to have a grateful heart!
For Christmas, get out your camera's and lets share a Photo Post a day of some sort of Christmas Cheer! There are no rules. You can write something or let the picture speak for itself. 
Since our hearts are grateful, we should be ready to spread some Christmas Cheer.
No points... no prizes... but a CHEERFUL heart! I have created a Christmas Photo Challenge group for you to … (38 comments)

photos by joni staples: Friday's Fotos: Beautiful Baby Girl! - 11/26/10 02:24 AM

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3                      
This is my girlfriends grand baby. She was out walking her in the stroller and Zsa Zsa let me know that they were walking by. I waved at them through the window and she brought her over so that I could take her picture. Isn't she precious! I'm so glad that they are instilling that TEXAS thang in this child early. Too Big? Too Much? Too Anything! Nawww! Not in Texas!! LOVE the headband! LOL 
Have … (9 comments)

photos by joni staples: Speechless Sundays: The Circle of Life! - 11/14/10 03:56 PM


photos by joni staples: Good Night Active Rain: - 11/12/10 03:29 PM

"Each golden sunrise ushers in new opportunities for those who retain faith in themselves, and keep their chins up.... Meet the sunrise with confidence. Fill every golden minute with right thinking and worthwhile endeavor. Do this and there will be joy for you in each golden sunset."
- Alonzo Newton Benn I really like the quote, but prefer to replace the word THEMSELVES with Christ Jesus! Getting rid of self and putting on Christ will bring you joy in each golden sunrise AND sunset! Good Night Active Rain!  Blessings!

photos by joni staples: Be Thankful Challenge - I am Thankful to be able to Travel! - 11/12/10 02:45 AM
I love to travel and, fortunately for me, I live in an area where the neighbors get together and plan trips together. This year we went on a Cruise to Jamaica, the Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

In August, a small group from our church got together and took our RVs to Colorado and hung out together for a week in Gunnison County. We had a blast!!

And in October, we had a mini family reunion in Keys, Oklahoma when our beautiful niece got married!

Today I am thankful for neighbors, friends, and family that we love so much … (19 comments)

photos by joni staples: I have a feeling that it's gonna be ONE OF THOSE DAYS! - 11/02/10 09:52 AM
I have a feeling that it's gonna be ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

When I look at the photo of the fish, that is what I imagine him to be thinking. To be honest, when I am caught outside of my comfort zone, I pretty much feel the same way! Yet I know that being uncomfortable is what causes us to grow. If everything is hunky dory for too long, pride sneaks in and we begin to think that it is because we are so great at what we do. About that time.... the bait is thrown and before we know it, we've … (10 comments)

photos by joni staples: Sort of Silent Saturday: A Dog's Life! - 10/23/10 04:35 AM

This is a four week old rottweiler puppy. He is so cute. Look at his little tongue poking out of his mouth. He was dreaming and kept doing those sweet little under the breath puppy barks while he slept. It doesn't appear to have been a nightmare. He snoozed through about 4 of us taking his picture and 12 of us talking! A dog's life! Not too shabby for this little puppy!

photos by joni staples: Good Morning Active Rain! It's Fabulous Friday! - 10/22/10 03:00 AM

Is this spectacular, or what?! I have  been waiting for a good "Good Morning" Active Rain shot and I believe that it was worth the wait! I have finally found it in beautiful Keys, Oklahoma!
Here's a verse to go with it to start the day off right!
Oh Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Psalm 8:9
Have a Fabulous Friday!

photos by joni staples: Good Night Active Rain - 10/21/10 12:13 PM

I took about five shots of this flower but this one is my favorite because I love the way the vines from the plant resemble the Christian fish symbol, ICHTHUS, also known as "The Jesus Fish". This is a moon plant and the flower typically only opens up like this at night. This was one of those odd times that it was open during the day.

photos by joni staples: You have to kiss a bunch of frogs.... - 10/18/10 04:05 AM

Have you ever heard someone say that you have to kiss a bunch of frogs before you will find your prince? I've been thinking about it and have decided that saying is totally wrong. There was a prince inside all of those frogs! We just didn't see him for who he was.
Real estate is no different. How many frogs have you listed? Did you do your very best on those listings? If I were a seller, I would look at potential listing agent's work. I would see how they treat their "frog" listings. If they treat them like they … (19 comments)

photos by joni staples: Friday's Fotos: A Lake, A Picnic Table and a Guitar! - 10/15/10 05:12 AM
Sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring you the most joy. 
A Lake.
A Picnic Table.
A Guitar.
It doesn't sound like much, but it was all he needed that day... Not only to bring joy to himself, but to others.
If you find yourself looking for joy today...
find a quiet spot...
sit down...
and make music with the Heavens!
For your listening pleasure, just click on     the video below!

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