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Just read the post by Blake Clifford here on AR. I too am always hearing about Facebook. I have a site on Facebook but it certainly is not maximized for business use. Since I already know of some agents that do a great job with the business part of Facebook, I was hoping they would respond to thi...
Fun in Real Estate... "If you want to know exactly where the property line is, just watch the neighbor cut the grass" or ,in Tucson where he stops raking the rocks in his yard. See, we live in the desert and grass requires water!
Many of you read the blog done by a Houston Texas REALTOR mentioning that he had run across a listing with altered photos. Is this happening in YOUR home area? If I wind up with a lot of "YES" answers I am going to speak with the Board here to try to nip the "hidden" comment/advisory trick in the...
Hi, My name is Jon Quist. I am a REALTOR in beautiful Tucson Arizona. I know, that's not really news. Someone in real estate. You all must know at least one of us. There are thousands, after all. So why this post? Well, while there indeed are thousands of REALTORS, there's only one truly like me....

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