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Facebook has new new social applications, and it will show what you are reading, what videos you watch – lots of cool stuff, if you WANT everyone to know. But sometimes, you might not want to broadcast to the world that you watched a silly video!  Great news!  You can adjust the settings accordin...
If you have been contributing to your Real Estate Blog for several months, it might be time to check your rankings, look at the Analytics and see if you are still focusing on the keyword phrases that people are generally searching for.  Certainly, terms that include your Geo-specific targets are ...
Today – more than ever, Real Estate Agents are expected to be great at Marketing! Not just “selling” a house, you need to know how to Market the Property – especially when it comes to marketing via the Internet.  Because many agents got into the business years ago with no real “Marketing” Educati...
If you are trying to create more interaction with your Real Estate Blog Readers, you might be offering a free ebook, or doing surveys, quizzes or compliant competitions.  These work great on your Facebook Fan Gate page too! We have an eBook available on Fathom Cafe, and we received this question...
Google-bots do not speak Real Estate, and they can’t read the words on Images. This is especially important to remember as you are creating information for your Real Estate Blog.  I’ve recently seen many agents who were in such a rush to just “put something out there” that they were publishing p...
If you are looking at your Google+ Profile and you are wondering how people are getting those cool picture banners across the top, I found a couple of new FREE tools that are easy to use! G Plus Pic works well for creating a banner on your profile, but it’s also nice if you want to do something f...
We are doing pay-per-click campaigns, creating content, optimizing that content on Social networks – and HOPING that someone will actually follow where we are leading them… and CALL! If you are not generating the number of leads you want to, maybe it’s time to look at what you are asking visitor...
Many Real Estate Agents are taking advantage of the Power of Free. That might mean that they are posting information on Craigslist, Kijiji or Backpage – or it could be that they are promoting a property, or “Sign Up To Get A Free List Of Foreclosed Homes” in our area.  No matter what you are prom...
Earlier this year, Google made some not so subtle changes to the way it ranks pages and calculates where you are going to be found on the first page.  Some of the basic, initial  reports back confirmed that Google was looking for Consistently Interesting, Unique and Relevant Content… and for the ...
It’s interesting how we all find updated info, isn’t it? I love TEDx Conference Info, and so as I was looking through some of the Video Presentations, I was taken with the Video from Jacob Cass, rock star level Graphic Artist. I’d never heard of him before, but the more I listened, the more I wan...

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