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Information and opinion on Real Estate in Stanislaus , Merced and San Joaquin counties mixed with why I love living in this part of the world.



Stanislaus County Short Sales - Or Anywhere Else in the Country! You may be thinking, "Jim Patton - Stanislaus County Short Sale Specialist sounds like a great agent but I live in Washington."  "He can't help me."  Actually I probably can. I am a member of a couple of organizations with members a...
Stanislaus County Short Sales with Wachovia Bank - Now that was Easy! If you are behind on your World Savings or Wachovia Bank I have great news.  World/Wachovia is most likely the easiest bank to work with when doing a short sale.  I have done many Stanislaus County Short Sales and Wachovia is B...
Stanislaus County Short Sales and Baseball The sun is shining today.  After what seemed like a hundred straight days of rain it looks like spring outside.  Another sure sign of spring is that Major League Baseball will be starting up this week.  Finally some games that count. As I start another b...
Stanislaus County Short Sales - I need my car running its best! Being a Stanislaus County Short Sale Specialist I do a lot of driving.  In fact I also list and sell Short Sales in Merced and San Joaquin Counties.  I put on a lot of miles driving up and down the Central Valley. Since I am in my ca...
Stanislaus County Short Sales - A Big Thank You!   I just closed a sale with two brothers that I have been working with for about 8  months.  They are first time buyers and both pretty young.  They had made a couple offers that didn't go through.  One the home was foreclosed on and the other they...
Stanislaus County Short Sales -  Award Winning Year Pretty much anyone that knows me well, knows that I don't get too excited about awards in this business.   It's not that I am against them it's just that it's not awards that motivates me in this business.  Well last week I was awarded the Centu...
Stanislaus County Short Sales - Rattlesnakes, Squirrels and Rabbits, Oh my! On the drive home from my new listing today I decided to take the long way back to the office.  I was driving south down Interstate 5 (one of the two major freeways running through the Central Valley) when the rain stoppe...
Stanislaus County Short Sales - Will There Be a new California Gold Rush? Will there be a new gold rush in California?  A Nevada County man found a 100 ounce gold nugget on his property last year.  It could be the largest known California gold nugget in existence.  Yesterday , March 15,2011 the n...
Stanislaus County Short Sales - Is that Email Really from the IRS? We are about one month away from that favorite day of the year for a lot of people. (He says sarcastically)  Tax day, April 15th is coming up soon.  As if having your taxes done (if you already haven't) and mailing that check to U...
Stanislaus County Short Sales - What's Happening Now! I don't want to bore everyone with statistics so I try to dole them out in little bites.  They even bore me sometimes too.  I don't do a lot of posts with statistics but I got to thinking today about what is going on here in Stanislaus County....

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