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Belle Creek Halloween Magic:  Come to the Family Center this Sunday, October 31st at 1 p.m.  Bring your Goblins and Ghouls to the Belle Creek Central Park to trick or treat around the square!  Locals Witches and Warlocks will be opening their enchanted chariots to distribute an abundance of trick...
OR: "Tips for Door Knocking Without Feeling Like a Doorknob" When I first got into the biz, I remember interviewing with a small firm with just a few independent-minded agents.  (Read: Barely Working Agents)  The head cheese was a veteran agent of about 40 years and his advice for getting started...
Sometimes I get caught up in things.  You know when you start to re-evaluate and something catches your attention and throws you into a new direction?  Sometimes, it just makes your journey that much longer and bumpier. Sometimes that leads someplace wonderful. I really enjoy listening to Real Es...
On a run in the late summer, I noticed something new in Belle Creek.  A football team!  Boys of many different ages groups were gathered with their coach, running plays, doing pushups, and learning the fundamentals. Soon after, when the Belle Creek Playground was being installed, neighbors volun...
I found it under the sink.  Well, not my kitchen sink.  That one was cleaned out a couple of weeks ago when I had a small plumbing issue. Funny, the last time I had a kitchen sink plumbing issue was in about 1996, and I learned a little something about what not to keep there.  Like phone books.  ...
As I sit here in my office overlooking Belle Creek's expansive central park, the rain is whipping at my window in gusts.  Lighting is flashing with thunder not far behind, and my dog has positioned herself under my desk, atop my feet. It reminds me that Fall is here and Winter is on the way! Upc...
I went to my leads group yesterday and heard Gary Barnes talk.  If you haven't hear of Gary, you should look him up- and try to go to one of his talks. He is a pretty amazing guy and his story would probably take all day to tell.  Not that I know his whole story, but what I did hear was very intr...
Ok, I've said it before.  In fact I may have said it too much this week, but here's my final installment on Political-ness.  After that I will resume my usual meanderings and witicisms. Proposition 101- Provisions and Potential Impacts: Cuts annual vehicle registration fee to a flat $10/vehicle. ...
I promised I would do it.  And I will.  In fact I am right now! Ok, but first, my disclaimer: I don't give a rat's whisker whom you vote for, just INFORM YOURSELF and vote for (or AGAINST)  something you truly believe in! Now, to the meat of the issue- why I don't support Amendments 60 and 61, an...
But I just cannot help myself.  Here we go again with muckraking, finger pointing, and back stabbing.   I am, of course, talking about my family reunion.  Or maybe I'm talking about elections.  Who can say anymore? Frankly, I don't give a rat's ...uhhh... whisker whom you vote for, just inform yo...

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