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Jenn the Realtor shares tips, news, data and musings about Adams County, Colorado and the Denver Metro area. Neighborhood specific data that you can really use to buy and sell at the right time!



The Perils of Hyper-Localism Being a Hyper-localist is a lot of things.  It's fun.  It's informative.  It's gas efficient. It can also be eye-opening and a little freaky.... I try to be "in the know" about the happenings in my neighborhood.  It helps me get a clear picture of what is going on in ...
Today's Daily Drop arrived inconspicuously as it always does.  As I scrolled down I wasn't surprised to see Alan May among the line-up.  Once again, he has reminded us about protecting our online reputation.   Thank you, Alan, for the timely reminder!   Newbies and Old-bies alike take heed.  Tha...
The Encyclopedia Brown of Real Estate in Belle Creek? This weekend, I was showing properties to buyers in Belle Creek and they asked me about one home in particular.  I have been working very diligently at being the hyper-local expert of Belle Creek, so I was surprised that I didn't recognize the...
SEO?  We don't need no steenking SEO! (place tongue firmly in cheek.... and GO!) It would seem that I don't need to worry about SEO.  I know that all of you other folks out there DO, it's just that I don't.  Really. Because how else would you explain the sudden explosion in comments to my blog?  ...
When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade.  When Life Gives You Cicadas, Make..... Ice Cream? We all have heard the old adage about lemons and lemonade.  But, how many of you out there have had to deal with cicadas?   These periodical locusts come out every 13 or 17 years, depending on the specie...
Rainy Days and Mondays...... It hardly seems like a summer day when it starts like this.  Woke up to rain and 50 degrees.  In June.  In Colorado! Us Coloradans love to brag about our 300+ days of sunshine per year.  But 2011 is just not cooperating!   Instead, I'm going to "make lemonade"... 3 Gr...
Stat Shot- Belle Creek by Jennifer Prestwich your Belle Creek and Dunes Park Real Estate Resource The summer is heating up!  Longer days and balmy nights mean people are out and about.  What better place than your Belle Creek porch to enjoy those summer nights? Relax with a cool drink on your Be...
Tuesday Take-Away Interestingly, I was asked to be a speaker on a panel discussing social media and its uses for business for this morning.  While I enjoy social media thoroughly, I am no spring chicken, so when I was asked to do this, I was a bit hesitant.   The panel consisted of 4 women who ar...
This Week in Belle Creek- by Jennifer Prestwich your Belle Creek and Dunes Park REALTOR®   There are a lot of activities to keep us all on our toes this summer in Henderson!   This Week: Got Junque?  Come on, admit it.  You haven't used that fondue set or the Chicago Pan Pizza maker since you got...
Stat Shot: Dunes Park- by Jennifer Prestwich your Belle Creek and Dunes Park REALTOR® The summer is starting to fly by!  The heat has finally made it back to our state, after late snow in the mountains has kept even Aspen mountain open well past its usual season. Down on the plains, the real est...

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