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There have been lots of articles lately that have been published related to unclaimed money and that it is a scam. The largest scam involving unclaimed money recently is a rash of emails that have you call an overseas phone number to which they try to keep you on the phone as long as possible so ...
Treasurer Steve Grossman wants to concentrate on helping out the residents and former residents of Massachesetts to get their rightful part of the $2 Billion that the state has in its treasury. With the storms that have ravaged parts of the state, it couldn't come at a better time.  These unclaim...
Good Wednesday to you, Many times when you concentrate and focus on a course of action, it takes awhile for any results to be seen. That is what's been happening to me over the past few weeks, however, I will continue to forge ahead and continue on the marketing efforts that I have been doing.  I...
Good Thursday to you, Focus seems to be the word lately.  Especially with what's been happening on the East Coast.  First the earthquake (which is not that big a deal to those who live out west) to the present hurricane, Irene that will hit in the next few days. Focus on your family and yourself,...
Good Wednesday to you, It's amazing what I actually accomplished by focusing on what Stephen Covey says is First Things First.  For me, it was focusing on business and working on getting deals done.  I was able to accomplish quite a few things since I've put my mind to it. It is very easy to get ...
Good Tuesday to you, There are many days when you wake up and go through the daily grind of your day doing what you do.  That's what I've been doing the last few weeks.  The difference is that I have been sidetracked and doing many other things involving my buusiness except what matters - making ...
Illinois wants to give back more than $1.5 billion in cash that it is holding.  This is money form numerous sources including, but not limited to bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, ucashed checks,  savings accounts, unclaimed deposits from utilities and properties and more. The state has papers...
Good Monday to you, It's amazing how fast time goes by.  Sometimes you are working on a project that is important and yet, it is very simple to lose site and focus on what is important to keep things moving forward on a daily basis. Here is the inspiration for the day. Have a great Monday. "Busi...
Rickey Beard's hard luck started eight years ago when his wife died of cancer. Then, in 2008, he lost his three-bedroom home in a tax foreclosure. Now undergoing kidney dialysis, the 61-year-old grandfather and Air Force veteran thought he'd finally caught a break when he learned Shelby County Ch...
Massachusetts Treasurer Steven Grossman is working on a more aggressive approach to reunite his constituents with their unclaimed money.  Grossman said that he would circulate to government and other groups lists of those who are owed the money, thus giving the rightful owners their chance to get...

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