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Speed limits we understand, or at least I hope we do, why they are put in place on each stretch of road. Exceeding a certain speed increases the chance for bad things to happen. I learned this simple principle when in manufacturing. Speed was always the first priority. The faster you went, the mo...
I find as a home inspector people look to me to provide them with information on the condition of the house they are in the process of purchasing. By its very nature a home inspection is based on both facts and opinion. During a home inspection, and after when writing the report, the inspector wi...
My two girls enjoyed reading the I Spy and Can You See What I See series of books by Walter Wick when they were younger. I admit I kind of enjoyed them too. The cool thing about Walter Wick, at least for us, is that he is a Connecticut native. In the books there are cleverly staged photos. Next t...
During the Viet Nam War, draft dodging was a hot topic among the countries youth. Avoiding conscription was encouraged in some circles, with those that refused to serve looked upon as counter culture heroes. Certainly a divisive and emotional time in American history. Being a home inspector, the ...
When I take my kids to the amusement park there is one important sign they pay close attention to, the height gauge. You know the ones that are at the entrance of all the rides usually with the exception of the kiddie rides. The sign will say something like, you must X inches tall to ride. If you...
Words are unique in that they can cause understanding or create confusion. The English language is peppered with words that sound exactly alike, are spelled differently, with often entirely dissimilar meanings. Coarse and course, wait and weight, heel and heal. To add a little more spice, the mea...
Watching a good movie, reading a good book or engaged in a passion, one can become immersed. All peripheral distractions fade as your attention becomes focused with laser like precision. When inspecting a house I can become deeply engrossed in my task. This not a detriment. Being focused is how t...
When one thinks of fireproof materials, metal, stone and brick readily come to mind. Wood definitely would not. So one has to wonder, why would anyone build part of a fireplace using wood. There is no doubt wood belongs in the fireplace. But as a part of the structure? While inspecting a not very...
Poking and snooping through houses, all in the course of my job, I happen upon some interesting stuff from time to time. No, not the wacky "fixes" or installs by Harry homeowner or his infamous Uncle Bob. There is plenty of that Yankee ingenuity to be discovered on most of the houses I visit. I s...
Hansel and Gretel out in the woods left a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back home. Unfortunately, being children they did not realize, all though I would suspect a few adults would not have seen the error, bread was a bad choice for a trail marker. Without their doughy clues to follow, the child...

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