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As I meet with clients, It is my job to bring to light the need for good liability coverage.  Whether this liability is extending from your auto or your home.  It is truely mind boggling the amount of people that think they have nothing to lose if they are found liable for someone else's injuries...
I have had a few phone calls about this card.  It seems very few people have even heard of this. Your insurance company has to sign an agreement with Canada.  The agreement in short says they will pay claims in Canada and that they will meet Canada's minimum liability laws.  I have attached a lin...
As of the first of this year 2008,  when traveling to Canada you must provide proof of US citizenship to cross the border. This can be a passport or government-issued photo ID, plus a birth certificate.  The big change is to get back across the border to come home you need the same documents.  I ...

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